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Celebrate Chuck's 10th Anniversary With Chuck and Sarah's Best Moments

  It's been 10 years since Chuck premiered on NBC and wormed its geeky hilarious way into our hearts. The spy-comedy-slash-charming-jack-of-all-trades-drama was so many things. It was awesome and touching and smart. It was adventurous and sensitive. It was funny . At its core though, it was a heartfelt   ...Read More...   //

Chuck's Series Finale: 5 Years Later, Does That Kiss Still Make You Weak?

Five years ago this Friday, on Jan. 27, 2012, NBCs Chuckleft viewers with a goodbye kiss but was it magical, or a miss? To recap, on this Throwback Thursday: Sarah entered the two-hour series ender (titled Chuck Versus Sarah and Chuck Versus the Goodbye) with amnesia, having briefly hosted the Intersect. And her husbands [] //

Chuck Reunion! Zachary Levi & Yvonne Strahovski Are Hanging Out, Reunite at Dodgers-Mets Game 5See Pics!

It's aChuck reunion! Former co-starsZachary Levi, 35, and Yvonne Strahovski, 33, hung out together this week. They spent Thursday evening sitting together at Dodger...   Read More... //

Zachary Levi, Missy Peregrym to Divorce After Less Than 1 Year of Marriage

It started fast and it ended fast: Zachary Levi, 34 and MissPeregrym, 32, have split after less than a year of marriage. TheHeroes and Rookie Blue actress filed for divorce from the Chuckactor last week in L.A., TMZ noted, and papers listed the date ofseparation as December 3. (Which is slightly odd, since onDecember 21 she tweeted, "Check out my stud @ZacharyLevi in thesong "Left Side Of The Moon"!!") //

'Heroes' Reboot Taps Zachary Levi to Star

The 'Chuck' alum joins original star Jack Coleman in the Tim Kring follow-up.    Read More... //

Chuck's Zachary Levi Secretly Marries Rookie Blue Star Missy Peregrym

  Call them secret agent man and wife. Former Chuck star Zachary Levi secretly married Rookie Blue 's Missy Peregrym , the actress revealed on her Twitter account Monday...       //

A 'Chuck' return? Josh Schwartz is open to a movie idea

"Chuck" has been off the air for two years, but fans still haven't let go of the spy-nerd comedy. Could "Chuck" ever return, "Veronica Mars"-style?The series' co-creator Josh Schwartz doesn't say no in a recent interview. Still, the question remains: Should there be more to Chuck and Sarah's story?While there certainly could be more spy stories -- and the Buy More isn't going anywhere -- it's arguable that "Chuck" already had a great ending. How could it not? After all, Chuck (Zachary Levi) managed to defuse a bomb (with porn, just like in the series pilot), Jeffster! hit it big after an incredible rendition of "Take on Me," Ellie and Awesome moved to Chicago ... and of course Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) had their "tell me our story" reunion on that beach.Sure, people might want to know what happened after that final kiss, but is it really necessary?Schwartz, for one, isn't convinced that... //

'Chuck' Alum to Guest Star on CBS' 'The Crazy Ones' (Exclusive)

The Crazy Ones is adding a Chuck grad to the mix. Joshua Gomez will guest star on the CBS freshman comedy led by Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. In the 16th episode of the season, the actor -- best known for playing Morgan on Chuck -- will portray George, a copywriter at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts who gets the chance to work with Andrew ( Hamish Linklater ).  Read More...   //

Zachary Levi on a 'Chuck' movie: 'I'm working on it'

Zachary Levi has been talking about a "Chuck" movie since the beginning of this year, but it's going to take a minute, as the rest of the watching world reaches the end of the series for themselves.  Read More... //

The best comedy TV episodes of 2012: 'New Girl,' 'Chuck' and 'Community'

2012 was a good year for comedy. The explosion of sitcoms over the past couple of years made it virtually impossible to narrow down the very best of the best, even if it I ignored the hilarity of shows like "Parks and Recreation," "Raising Hope" and "The Neighbors." (Yes, "The Neighbors." It's way funnier than people have told you.)Still, there were three episodes -- from such shows as "New Girl," "Chuck" and "Community" -- that really stood out from the sea of funny in this past year."New Girl": "Eggs"There aren't many comedies that speak to thirty-something singles. While I do find many comedies hilarious, it's tough to identify with slackers in their 20s or married couples joking their way into middle age. This isn't the case with "New Girl." As a single, not-so-young-anymore woman who hasn't totally grown up yet, I recognize these people.That's why I completely identified with everything that happened in the... //