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Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 22 - Shattered

We pick up where we left off in episode #21 with Rush entering a trashed motel room hoping to find her sister Christina who’s been missing. Rush’s service weapon is taken after she’s hit and knocked unconscious. She enlist the help of Valens to help her find Christina, but not before they stop at Rush’s house to pick up her unregistered gun Saccardo gave to her. They track down the unsavory doctor who prescribed Christina Oxycodone and uncover a string of pharmacies who have been supplying drugs to addicts in exchange for cash. Christina and her thug of a boyfriend, Cliff, were frequents at some of these pharmacies. In the end Rush and Valens track down a badly beaten Christina in a Jersey apartment but not before Cliff shows up. Rush does to Cliff what he did to Christina. It turns out Christina has baby and was reaching out to Rush in an attempt to get her life back in order. New evidence on a young girl’s murder that’s been haunting Jeffries for the past 17 years gives him reason to open up the case. Wanda Johnson, a smart and vibrant teenager was shot and dumped and her murderer was never found. Shocking new evidence reveals that an eye witness saw her in Mercury Sable that we learn to be owned by Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty. It turns out that Doherty’s son, Matt, and his buddy Ronnie offered Wanda a ride home from school back in 83. They made a detour and decided to settle a score with a drug dealer that ripped them off. Matt pulls his father’s .38 out of the glove compartment spooking Ronnie who yells at him to put it back. Ronnie tries to take the gun away from Matt and it accidentally goes off killing Wanda. In a panic they dump the body in the Badlands. Patrick Doherty covered for his son all these years. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 21 - Almost Paradise

Our team investigates the unsolved hit and run of 17 year old prom queen, Felicia Grant, when photos from prom night resurface providing evidence that she may have been murdered. Principal Burke and a teacher find the photos that indicate that Felicia was driven somewhere and then dropped off on the side of the road before she was hit. Her boyfriend and prom king, Cole, was too drunk to remember anything and apparently caught a ride with friends to an after party. Being popular also meant that Felicia was envied by the not so popular students. Her best friend Suzie loved Felicia but always lived in her shadow. Suzie’s date, Lee, is discovered to be Felicia’s childhood friend who Felicia stopped hanging out with once she became popular. Was Lee angry that she abandoned him for a different crowd? Through the course of the night Felicia begins to realize how petty and superficial high school can be and breaks up with Cole as he tries to have sex with her in his backseat. In the end we discover that Principal Burke, who always saw something special in Felicia, was the one who offered to drive her home after the prom. When he makes a pass at her she demands to be let out of the car and in a moment of panic he hits her. Valens spreads the word to an inmate gang leader friend, that Jimmy Mota (assaulted Valen’s mother in ep. 16) is a snitch. We find Jimmy stabbed to death in the prison shower at the end of the episode. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 20 - Free Love

While still in NY, Rush agrees to help FBI Agent Cavanaugh investigate the murder of an Army recruit, David Quinn, when he was found shot to death at Woodstock in 1969. Cavanaugh’s Director wants them to them to take a closer look at this cold case even though no new evidence warranted it being opened. Back from a break from his first tour of duty, Quinn shows up at Woodstock to track down Annabelle, a young lady he met and fell in love with while on a train to Fort Dix. Quinn unsuccessfully tries to convince Annabelle to run away with him to Canada. Annabelle, it turns out, was an informant for the FBI and was working undercover at Woodstock to weed out any extremist trying to bomb recruiting facilities. Rush and Cavanaugh track her down and realize that she is now a NY congressman. Cavanaugh’s Director wanted them to re-open the case hoping that if Quinn’s murder is solved Annabelle will sign off on funding a FBI Cold Case division. Every anti-war protester becomes a suspect as Quinn stood for everything they were protesting against. In the end our doer turns out to be Howard Wasserlauf, a local farmer and injured vet who unsuccessfully attempted to re-enlist for duty for the past 11 years. Quinn and Annabelle snuck into his barn to spend the night and Wasserlauf caught them. Realizing that Quinn was a soldier, Wasserlauf befriended him up until he discovered that Quinn was going to run away to Canada and ignore his second call to duty. Vera ex-girlfriend, Megan, comes to Vera desperate for answers after her house is broken into and sentimental jewelry is stolen. It turns out Megan’s husband, Rick, staged the robbery when his mistress shows up at his house. Yates takes some personal time off to be with her mom who is ill. Stillman shows up to support her. Rush contemplates working for the FBI. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 19 - Bullet

We pick up where we left on in episode 18 with Rush and Yates taking the lead on tracking down our serial killer who turns out to be Paul Shepard, son of the first serial killer Bill Shepard, who killed himself 30 years ago. Apparently Paul was with his father on that fateful day when he killed himself and Bill left his son a suicide letter. In the letter it identified all the people in Bill’s life whom he felt let him down or mistreated him that he ultimately silenced. Rush learns why Yates has been pursuing this case so aggressively, she was the girl at the drive-in and her date, Barry, was Paul’s first victim. Barry died in Yate’s lap. Our team discovers a pattern in the recent killings and realizes that Paul was following his father’s killing pattern, silence everyone who let him down. In a race against the clock, Rush and Yates try to decipher all the people in Paul’s life that may have let him down and track them down before it’s too late. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 18 - The Last Drive-In

We open with a two teenagers at a local drive-in making out and out of nowhere shots ring out killing the male teenager in the car. Stillman introduces Rush to FBI Agent Diane Yates, a personal friend and colleague of his, who needs our teams help in investigating a recent murder case of Mel Shaver who was shot dead while walking his dog. Yates, a no nonsense aggressive agent shares nothing with our team in terms of why the FBI wants in on this case. Yates does tell Rush that she’s the reason Stillman’s marriage ended. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 17 - Flashover

Vera finds himself drunk and in a ditch after his car runs off the road and he calls Rush to come pick him up. However, when she gets there he’s nowhere to be found. In an effort to find Vera our team uncovers an arson case that Vera has been secretly investigating. Apparently, in 2006 Vera put a father away for killing his two kids by setting his house on fire. This guy recently shows up murdered in prison and new evidence surface which suggest that our cops covered up evidence that prove our guy didn’t intentionally set the place on fire. ­ Source Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 16 - One Fall

When a gun for groceries program yields a .44 Colt that was involved in the murder of a dock worker turned wrestler for the indy-circuit Mike Malone, our team re-opens his murder investigation. In an attempt to salvage his relationship with his nine year old son Tim, Mick joined the wrestling circuit to impress his son who happened to be a big wrestling fan. We enter the seedy world of indy-wrestling where we discover the extreme measure that our not so savory characters would take in order to make a quick buck. Mick's quick rise to fame revealed an ugly reality to him and walking away from it costs him his life.­ Source Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 15 - Two Weddings

While at a wedding of one of their colleagues, Louie, our team discovers that Louie’s soon to be wife, Anna, was engaged once before to Dan Palson. Dan called it off the night before the wedding and was found dead a few hours later. The fall from his hotel balcony was ruled a homicide but the doer was never identified. They branch out and start chatting up various family members, and what initially seems like a fun way to kill time at the wedding turns into a full blown murder investigation. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 14 - Metamorphosis

Our team investigates the death of young aerialist, Mia Romonoff, when she falls out of her silk cocoon while performing a death defying headline act for the Jones Brothers Circus. In a photo of her fall it looks as if she failed to brace for impact suggesting she was already dead or unconscious before the act. Mia’s was adopted by Cleo, the circus clown after both her parents, both died in attempting death defying stunts. Once Mia became the headline act with her cocoon number she became the envy of the other performers. We travel into the world of this traveling circus and we uncover some not so savory people would do everything to protect its secrets, including the most unlikely character who had an ultimate motive to wanting her dead. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 12 - The Runaway Bunny

Our team investigates the death of one time cop turned private investigator, Harry Denton, when his remains show up at a construction site. Right before Harry was murdered, he was working a case that his lawyer friend Wilson Katz hooked him up with. Caroline Hargreave, a wealthy widow who demanded discretion, needed Harry to track down her runaway daughter, Bunny. Harry soon discovers that Caroline was really Bunny’s step-mom and she killed Bunny’s father, as she did her previous husband, in order to collect the inheritance. Bunny knew this and wanted to escape from Caroline who threatened to put her in an institution. Harry tells Bunny to run away and fakes her death by staging a terrible car accident. When Harry confronts Caroline he ends up paying the ultimate price for it. The doer turns out to be Wilson Katz, Caroline’s attorney, who knew Caroline killed her two former husbands, but was still in love with her anyway. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now