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Recap Cold Case: Season 7, Episode 21 - Almost Paradise

Our team investigates the unsolved hit and run of 17 year old prom queen, Felicia Grant, when photos from prom night resurface providing evidence that she may have been murdered. Principal Burke and a teacher find the photos that indicate that Felicia was driven somewhere and then dropped off on the side of the road before she was hit. Her boyfriend and prom king, Cole, was too drunk to remember anything and apparently caught a ride with friends to an after party. Being popular also meant that Felicia was envied by the not so popular students. Her best friend Suzie loved Felicia but always lived in her shadow. Suzie’s date, Lee, is discovered to be Felicia’s childhood friend who Felicia stopped hanging out with once she became popular. Was Lee angry that she abandoned him for a different crowd? Through the course of the night Felicia begins to realize how petty and superficial high school can be and breaks up with Cole as he tries to have sex with her in his backseat. In the end we discover that Principal Burke, who always saw something special in Felicia, was the one who offered to drive her home after the prom. When he makes a pass at her she demands to be let out of the car and in a moment of panic he hits her. Valens spreads the word to an inmate gang leader friend, that Jimmy Mota (assaulted Valen’s mother in ep. 16) is a snitch. We find Jimmy stabbed to death in the prison shower at the end of the episode. Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now