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Comanche Moon: The Wild, Wild West Returns

If you're a Lonesome Dove fan, the CBS mini-series, Comanche Moon has come to make your day. But, considering the Lonesome Dove glory days were back in 1989, it's a bit of a wonder why the prequel section of Lonesome Dove is now coming to television. While this mini-series wasn't meant to be a strike-time filler, it works out well, taking up 2-hour segments for three nights on CBS. The first of segment came last night, bringing big stars playing cowboys and the good ol' loose women of the day. Comanche Moon definitely holds its own as a strong mini-series so far, but it doesn't really bring anything new to all the other modern-made Western movies and series. The town is dusty, the men are out hunting Indians, the women are lonely and ready to pounce as soon as the men arrive, and the Indians are smart and "tricky" and sometimes matched by the more clever settlers like Captain Inish Scull, who I must say is a gem of a character played by Val Kilmer. It's all mustaches, scandal, horse stealing, and Val Kilmer hanging in a wooden cage over a cliff singing and catching pigeons. Nothing special. Well, maybe some entertaining moments here and there. Of course, this mostly comes from the star power, with as shown, the big draw of Val Kilmer and others like Steve Zahn. Can you really pass up the chance to watch Steve Zahn jump on his horse backwards because he's so befuddled by his sweetheart with another man? Well, maybe, but if you're looking for some sweeping western landscapes, the "epic" old Western storylines, and a bit of fun, Comanche Moon is certainly good for it and an excellent distraction from the slew of reality shows and reruns. The mini-series continues this week Tuesday 1/15, then concludes Wednesday 1/16. Full review on Get Reel: