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Hungry? 'Come Dine With Me' Preview

Dinner parties can be either the best of nights or a really, really big drag. The host is one factor that can turn a mediocre night into the time of your life. On BBC America's series 'Come Dine With Me' (Wed., July 7 at 9PM ET), four hosts per episode will be judged on their party-throwing skills. Guests will rate the host based on the atmosphere, entertainment and the three course meal (appetizer, main course and dessert). Each episode is set in a different town with four amateur chefs hosting a dinner party and secretly grading one another. The winner receives a $1,500 prize. BBC America is currently working on an American version of the series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new version is filming in New York this summer and will air in early 2011. Check out two video previews of the series then tell us about your bad dinner party story. Come on, you know you have one ... Source & Previews