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Comedy of the Week: Test Your HIMYM Knowledge

For our today's How I Met Your Mother Comedy of the Week entry, here's a selection of Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge of the show: An easy one to start you off: How Well Do You Know HIMYM? Which How I Met Your Mother Character Are You #1? (I'm a Lily) You will be prompted to sign up for a BuddyTV account (if you don't already have one) to get your results though, so if you don't want to do this, try the quiz below) Which HIMYM Character Are You #2? (this one tells me I'm a Ted) No sign up, but slightly longer And some character-specific quizzes: The Barney Quiz The Marshall Quiz Finally...I challenge you to pose a trivia question in comments and see if you can stump the other Reelers! If you know the answer, you can write it as a comment and then pose a new question! Give it a try. It'll blow your mind hole. Someone can start by telling me which character said that! Previous Entries: A Legendary HIMYM Clip Show HIMYM is Awesome Even When It's Not on TV Barney-isms Comedy of the Week: How I Met Your Mother

Comedy of the Week: A Legendary HIMYM Clip Show

Attention How I Met Your Mother Fans! For today's Comedy of the Week entry, here are some little HIMYM gems on YouTube: 1. Catchphrase Up! - This one is a masterful editing job by a HIMYM fan of all of Barney's catchphrases. It is pretty amazing. 2. For fans of bloopers reels: Season 1 and Season 2 . Season 3 has not yet been released. 3. In case you didn't watch them yesterday, here's the full versions of Let's Go to the Mall and Sandcastles in the Sand . 4. Did you enjoy Britney Spears on HIMYM (or not)? Well, here are all of the scenes from her first appearance. 5. Here is the show's homage to Doogie Howser (which, as you know, was played by Neil Patrick Harris in his youth). 6. Check out Ted's 2 Minute Date with Stella . Ridiculously adorable. 7. I also love Barney's favorite March Madness terms . 8. Finally, here's a Season 4 Preview from TV Guide. Previous Entries: HIMYM is Awesome Even When It's Not on TV Barney-isms Comedy of the Week: How I Met Your Mother

Comedy of the Week: HIMYM is Awesome Even When It's Not on TV

Part of the reason why How I Met Your Mother is so great is because the writers/producers are aware of details. Some of Mother's best moments have come from little extra efforts done off screen. What am I talking about? -When we found out in one of the seminal HIMYM episodes, "Slap Bet", that Robin was a Canadian pop star in her youth...Robin Sparkles got a MySpace Page . Furthermore, complete length music videos were created out of both Robin Sparkles singles, Let's Go To The Mall and Sandcastles in the Sand . -Barney frequently talks about his blog on the show. The blog exists. And it's awesome. Soon to be released is also a Bro Code Book . -When Barney brought up the following website: tedmosbyisajerk.com - this existed too. So does marshallandlilyselltheirstuff.com (redirects to a charity). So does guyforceshiswifetodressinagarbagebagforthenextthreeyears.com . There used to be a Slap Bet Countdown website, which disappeared at some point after the episode aired. I'm sure I'm missing some other ones, but as you can see, the writers of the program love to create little nuggets for observant viewers to find and enjoy (and they spend time on these things...there's a 20 minute song on tedmosbyisajerk.com). And it's little things like these that make this show a cut above average... Previous Entries: Barney-isms Comedy of the Week: How I Met Your Mother

Comedy of the Week: Barney-isms

I'd say it's pretty undeniable that the breakout star of CBS's How I Met Your Mother is Neil Patrick Harris. His portrayal of the womanizing, often conscience-free Barney Stinson is pitch-perfect. Because of this, many of the show's best lines and catch phrases have come from Barney. Here's a sampling: Catch-Phrases -"Suit Up!" Or: "Snowsuit Up!" Or: "Flightsuit Up!" -"Haaaaave you met Ted?" -"It's gonna be legen... wait for it... dary!" And a variation: "It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY!" And another: "Ted, tonight we're gonna go out. We're gonna meet some ladies, it's gonna be *legendary*. Phone-five! [slaps cell-phone]" -"What's that? Self five? Nice! We out!" Quotes -"There are only two reasons to date a girl you've already dated: breast implants." -"Wow, Jackie, you make a really great first impression. I have a feeling that tonight you might end up being Jackie [with ecstasy] ohhhh." -"Barney: If that guy can get a 9, I can get a 16. Ted: What's a 16? Barney: Those two 8s over there. " -"The only reason to wait a month for sex is if she's 17 years, 11 months old." -"It's quid pro bro." -"If there was any shame in a dude getting a pedicure I don't think there would've been a feature about it in Details magazine." -"Here it is: Acrobats from Montreal, they're super flexible. We are gonna get Cirque-du-So-laid. What uppppp?" -"The World is going to come to an end tonight. Yes think about it. End of the World, Nostradamus, Notre Dame, Fighting Irish, Irish, St. Patrick's Day. This is it Bro. Bro-pacalypse Now... Bro-Mageddon." -"You know, if you re-edit there's a tampon commercial in here somwhere." I could probably go on forever, but why don't you share some of your favorites instead! Previous Entry: Comedy of the Week: How I Met Your Mother Sources: imdb and wikiquote

Friends: Where Are They Now? - Courteney Cox (Arquette) (#2)

#2. Courteney Cox (Arquette) On Screen: 3 out of our 6 Friends have a failed TV show that aired after the conclusion of Friends. Courteney Cox, however, can have the distinction of calling her post-Friends show short-lived (which is one step above failed). This is because Cox's TV show - Dirt - survived to see a second season. Sadly though, that second season only saw 7 episodes before it too was canceled . Call it a curse, I guess. The show did have some of the more inventive promo posters that I had ever seen though... Beyond Dirt , Cox Arquette has done some voicework (Barnyard), indies (November and The Tripper, the latter written/directed by her husband, David Arquette), made a cameo in The Longest Yard and starred in something we'd all probably like to forget was ever made, Zoom (garnering a whopping 2% rating on Rotten Tomatoes ). She also had a 3-episode guest stint earlier on this season of Scrubs . Trivia: Did you know that Cox Arquette was Marc Cherry's original choice for the role of Susan Meyer on Desperate Housewives , but had to turn it down because she was pregnant? Off-Screen Cox Arquette has also dived into the producing angle of TV/movies, frequently collaborating with her husband, David Arquette. The two have been married since 1999 (one of the only 2 successful Friends marriages). Cox remains friends with "Friend" Jennifer Aniston and even does things like raise money for charity with her. She also gave birth to a daughter almost right around the time that Friends ended, and in perhaps her worst post-Friends decision to date, named her Coco. Hotness Retained? Cox Arquette recently appeared in one of People Magazine's Beauty at Every Age Features , so...yes. Previous Entry: #3 - David Schwimmer Next Entry: #1 - Jennifer Aniston Sources: imdb , Wikipedia

Comedy of the Week: How I Met Your Mother

Suit up, everyone! It's time for a new Comedy of the Week and this week we will be featuring How I Met Your Mother . If we mentioned How I Met Your Mother a few months ago, I am sure that far less of you would had ever heard of it. However, Mother existed B.B.S. (before Britney Spears...see here ), and I promise you that it has been a solid comedy from the get-go. In fact, I would argue that the most recent season had some of the show's weaker episodes. So...if you're late in the game and only started tuning in to the show this past season, or have yet to discover the hilarity that is HIMYM, make sure to follow along with this week's Comedy of the Week posts.

Friends: Where Are They Now? - David Schwimmer (#3)

Alright, we're getting into the upper echelon of the Friends here - the top 3 most successful since it's conclusion, and I know that this choice is going to be controversial: #3. David Schwimmer Author's Note: I know you are all reading this and thinking, Why the hell is ROSS so high on this list?! Read and find out... On Screen: Like Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry before him, David Schwimmer seems to fancy himself an indie darling now, and has starred in a few of them post-Friends, including Duane Hopwood (2005) and Big Nothing (2006). Schwimmer has also done some voice work in 2005's Madagascar as well as its upcoming sequel, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Lets also not forget his hilarious guest appearance as Greenzo during last season of 30 Rock . However, these credits alone would certainly not merit a #3 ranking for Schwimmer. Heck, he doesn't even have a failed TV show like Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry or Lisa Kudrow. The reason why Schwimmer is #3 is this: Off Screen Two words: Stage work (the best resume padding an actor could ask for). Not only has Schwimmer starred in a West End play and a Broadway show , but he is also the cofounder of Chicago's Lookingglass Theatre Company, for which he has acted in and directed many productions. Now, who knows how good Schwimmer was in any of these productions, but all of this stage work just sounds so...legit! Off screen, Schwimmer has also moved into directing - first "Run Fat Boy Run" in 2007 and now "Little Britain USA" for HBO . Finally, it seems as though Schwimmer himself has asserted that he has moved past Friends, as he has stated that he would not play the character of "Ross" again . Some of you might hate him for this, but I praise him for attempting to move on with his career. Hotness Retained? Here is Schwimmer at the premiere of his directorial debut, Run Fat Boy Run. Some of you may not have ever found him to be "hot" in the first place, but much like Kudrow, he still looks the same (except for a sometimes present, ugly-looking beard..which can easily be corrected). Win for Ross! Previous Entry: #4 - Lisa Kudrow Next Entry: #2 - Courteney Cox (Arquette)

Comedy of the Week: Friends Trivia!

It's time to fire up your Friends knowledge! See just how well you know your favorite moments and characters with some Friends trivia. How well do you know your Friends? How'd you do? Photo courtesy of allposters.com

Friends: Where Are They Now? - Lisa Kudrow (#4)

#4. Lisa Kudrow: On Screen Like Matthew Perry before her, Kudrow also has a short-lived TV show post-Friends, The Comeback , which aired for 13 episodes on HBO (that's 34 fewer than LeBlanc's Joey). Thirteen episodes is not that many, but in Kudrow's defense, The Comeback was actually pretty funny. It was just offbeat and misunderstood. Kudrow did however receive a much deserved Emmy nomination for her work. Besides The Comeback, Kudrow has appeared in a few movies (check out her credits ), including Happy Endings (2005) and Kabluey (2007). Kudrow also appeared in the recent chick-flick P.S. I Love You , and has about 5 other projects in the works. Why'd she rank above Perry? Both have failed single-season TV shows and 2 indie movies that nobody has seen (with well received performances), but Kudrow gets the edge since she appeared in a movie that some people actually saw in movie theaters (P.S. I Love You), albeit a mediocre one. Kudrow also co-created and produced "The Comeback", which accounts for some bonus points as well. Off Screen Like Leblanc, Kudrow is being sued by her former manager . Besides a lawsuit (and who really cares), Kudrow's off-screen life is pretty quiet. She's been married for 13 years, which is like an eternity in Hollywood, so she definitely gets some bonus points there. Kudrow is also the Friend that spilled the beans about 2 years ago that a male friend was preventing the making of a Friends reunion show . She then denied that a reunion was even in the works (and no, there's still no movie...). Hotness Retained? Here is an image of Kudrow from late 2007 when she announced the 2008 Film Independent's Spirit Award nominations with Zach Braff. She looks more or less the same. Nice work, Lisa! Previous Entry: #5 - Matthew Perry Next Entry: #3 - David Schwimmer

Comedy of the Week: Memorable Friends Quotes

As we continue to laugh, cry, love, and learn through our Comedy of the Week Friends feature, take a look at some of the most memorable quotes over 10 wonderful seasons! Memorable Friends Quotes Photo courtesy of geocities.com