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Friends: Where Are They Now? - Matthew Perry (#5)

#5. Matthew Perry: Author's Note: It pains me to put Matthew Perry so low on this list, because he was arguably my favorite Friend (and I maintain that he possesses an enormous amount of talent), but looking at his credits, there just isn't that much to work with... On Screen Perry's main credit since Friends was the short-lived Aaron Sorkin vehicle Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip . Studio 60 was supposed to be the next big thing, but it fizzled and died after just a single season. At least Perry received generally positive feedback for his performance. The problem with Perry is that besides Studio 60 he hasn't done very much ; a TV movie here (The Ron Clark Story) and a movie you've never heard of there (Numb, Birds of America). While Perry has received positive reviews for all of these films, I just don't feel that any of them can be considered that big post-Friends breakthrough. Perry will also be playing an older version of Zac Efron in this Spring's 17 Again . Second billing to Zac Efron. Yikes! Perry's best chance for post-Friends success might be "The End of Steve", a new series for Showtime in which he will be starring and producing. Off Screen There's very little off-screen news for Perry and in his case, no news is probably good news since he previously suffered from various drug and alcohol addictions during his Friends tenure (and Chandler's weight see-sawed accordingly whether Perry was on or off of the sauce). Perry may or may not be dating his former girlfriend Lauren Graham, of Gilmore Girls . Hotness Retained? Here is an image of Perry from February of this year. Like LeBlanc, he looks older, but since he doesn't appear to be balding or fat, I'm going to go ahead and vote "Yes" on this one. Honestly, could he BE any more adorable? Previous Entry: #6 - Matt LeBlanc Next Entry: #4 - Lisa Kudrow

Comedy of the Week: Friends Couple Moments

The friendship bonds on Friends were some of the most hilarious and touching moments, but the love some of those friendships led to had some pretty hilarious and memorable moments of their own! Rachel and Ross will forever be one of TV's most classic couples, and Chandler and Monica were one of the greatest surprise, yet perfect, couples ever, so take a look back at some of these couples' best moments. Rachel and Ross: Rachel and Ross do Laundry He's her Lobster! Ross & Rachel: The Complete Story Rachel Tells Ross... Chandler and Monica: Chandler and Monica in London Chandler and Monica 'Doing It' The One Where Everyone Finds Out Chandler and Monica's Wedding Photo courtesy of photobucket.com

Friends: Where Are They Now? - Matt LeBlanc (#6)

#6. Matt LeBlanc On Screen: You would think that Matt LeBlanc was The One With the Most Potential, because after all, it is LeBlanc that was gifted a Friends spin-off by NBC; a should-be success with a built-in fanbase of millions. Too bad that Joey was pretty much unwatchable, even for the most die-hard of Friends fans (I gave it about 5 episodes before determining it to be a lost cause). Somehow though, Joey survived 2 seasons and 47 episodes. And since Joey? Check out Matt LeBlanc's IMDb credits . Holy crap! Matt LeBlanc has not even starred in any C-rate TV movies. Joey is LeBlanc's sole post-Friends credit (though he is supposedly working "behind the camera" now). Off Screen: LeBlanc got a divorce from his wife after he cheated on her with his Joey co-star . He is also currently being sued by his former manager , though according to LeBlanc, she's crazy. Hottness Retained? Depends which image you look at (and there aren't too many current ones to choose from). The image on the left is from circa 2006, and not to be mean, but I can see why LeBlanc is working behind the camera now. Yikes! However, in the image on the right, though LeBlanc looks decidedly old, he doesn't look half bad (minus the cancer stick), and might rank above a few yet to be named Friends castmembers. Since these two images are drastically different (and what LeBlanc looks like in 2008 is a mystery), we'll have to settle for a "Maybe" in answering the above question. So, with a definitive "No" for both onscreen and offscreen success and only a "Maybe" for "Hotness Retained", Matt LeBlanc earns himself the #6 slot in our Friends: Where Are They Now (in order of success) Feature. On to the #5 selection: Matthew Perry

Comedy of the Week: Friends

There are some shows that touch our hearts, but there are few that can be our favorite hilarious comedy plus that drama we could hardly wait for from week to week! Tune in all week for some good laughs and reminiscing for our Comedy of the Week Friends feature. Let's start out with a couple best moments! The Best Moments of Friends Photo courtesy of allposters.com

Comedy of the Week: Family Guy Trivia!

It's Comedy of the Week Trivia Friday! After some fun Family Guy quotes, clips, and funniest moments, it's time to test if you're a true Family Guy fan - I dare you. Quibblo Family Guy Trivia Quiz How'd you do? Photo courtesy of shoprockamerica.com

Comedy of the Week: Peter Griffin the Family Man

There are few more caring husbands or dads on TV than Family Guy 's Peter Griffin, so let's take a look for some Comedy of the Week fun at some of Peter's most ridiculous... caring... moments. Peter Goes Fishing Peter and the Bullfrog Peter and Brian Fight Stewie Gets Tan Mustache Dad Family Guy Phone Sex Peter Embarrasses Meg Photo courtesy of tvjab.com

Comedy of the Week: Rock'em, Sock'em Family Guy!

No game can ever be as fun as Rock'em Sock'em Robots - but I think getting to play Peter Griffin beating up the Giant Chicken comes pretty close! Enjoy a couple of Peter vs. the Chicken clips while you're at it: Family Guy Chicken Fight Another Family Guy Chicken Fight Photo courtesy of myteespot.com

Comedy of the Week: The Best of Stewie & Brian

I have to say I'm a sucker for that TBS Family Guy commercial about the "sweet" story of a boy and his dog where they laugh together, sing together, and then beat each other to a bloody pulp. So now as we enjoy our Comedy of the Week Family Guy feature, let's take a look at these clips of the beauty of that Stewie-Brian friendship we all know and love! The Road to Rhode Island Stewie asks Brian how his novel's going Stewie and Brian in Amsterdam Stewie Beats Up Brian Stewie and Brian in the Army Stewie and Brian - "Over" Brian's Ex What are your favorite Stewie and Brian moments? Photo courtesy of wikimedia.org

Comedy of the Week: Family Guy

It's time for some Family Guy Comedy of the Week ridiculousness! Family Guy has been through its ups and downs with cancellation, re-renewal, family destruction due to Peter's stupidity, the trials and tribulations of childhood as Stewie wrestles with his desire to kill Lois, Brian's loneliness and alcoholism (er, I mean speech impediment and stomach virus), workplace harassment issues, how hard life in high school really is including the pressures to do drugs like toad... the drama never ends! But most of all, the laughs of this ridiculous drama never ends. So, let's start out with some Family Guy quotes of great depth, culture, and family love tokick off this fine Comedy of the Week feature - feel free to comment with your own favs! Family Guy Quotes: Stupidity Family Guy Quotes: Pop Culture Family Guy Quotes: Matricide Family Guy Quotes: Evil Genius Photo courtesy of imageshack.us

Comedy of the Week: Arrested Development Trivia!

Think you know Arrested Development like the back of your own hook? Prove it! Take the Comedy of the Week Friday trivia challenge: Arrested Development Pop Quiz Also, find out which Arrested character you are! Which Arrested Development Character Are You? Which Bluth Are You? Hm, it seems I'm the most Michael on the first one, and disturbingly, a Buster on the second. Why can't a person enjoy a little innocent, delicious juice? Photo courtesy of givememyremote.com