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'Community': Dark, silly crime and death strike in 'Basic Intergluteal Numismatics'

It was a dark and stormy night at Greendale Community College when "Community" was terrorized by the A**-Crack Bandit in "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics." Not even the returns of Professor Ian Duncan (John Oliver) and Star-Burns -- plus a brief cameo from Ben Folds -- could alleviate the dim mood."Dark," by the way, is a literal thing in this "Community" episode. With a blue filter on the camera and a whole bunch of mood lighting, the show takes on a new identity. It might be "The Killing." We could be watching a David Fincher movie like "Fight Club" or "Se7en." This makes sense though. When a criminal is sticking coins where the sun don't shine, there can be no true sunshine for anyone.Greendale's worst criminal returnsStar-Burns the meth dealer wasn't the worst criminal Greendale ever saw. Similarly, Chang's reign of terror paled in comparison to the true villain of the Greendale Community College universe: the... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/01/community-dark-silly-crime-and-death-strike-in-advanced-intergluteal-numismatics.html

Community Season 5 Episode 3 “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics”

Community  “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics” Season 5 episode 3 airs Thursday, January 9 2014 on NBC (8-8:30 p.m. ET). Episode Synopsis:  Community Season 5 Episode 3 “Basic Intergluteal Numismatics” – Everyone is up in arms when an anonymous bandit starts dropping coins down people’s pants. While Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) mobilizes the school to investigate, Jeff (Joel McHale) and Annie (Alison Brie) pursue their own theories – methodically interrogating staff members. When someone eventually confesses, the school heaves a sigh of relief, but Jeff thinks there is more to the story than meets the eye. Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover and Ken Jong also star. Jonathan Banks and John Oliver guest star. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/01/09/community-season-5-episode-3-basic-intergluteal-numismatics/