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Conan OBrien Lands on the Wonder Woman Island of Amazons, Madness Ensues (Video)

What would happen if Conan OBrien landed on Themyscira, the home of Diana Prince and her fellow Amazonians, instead of Chris Pine? In a Conan cold open from Wednesday, OBrien takes a road trip to Comic-Con San Diego 2017 with sidekick Andy Richter. However, he finds himself booted from the ride when he just cant get himself to listen to Richters favorite jam, LMFAOs Sexy and I Know It.   ...Read More...

[WATCH] 'Supernatural' Stars Visit 'Conan' Before Comic-Con

Comic-Con is coming to San Diego and the Winchesters are coming to Conan . Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will appear on Conan Wednesday, July 19 at 11/10c on TBS as the late-night host begins his time at Comic-Con  ...Read More... //

Conan OBrien Fan-Casts His Russia Scandal Movie and Its Perfect (Video)

Conan OBrien and his team are aware that eventually, the Russia scandal currently taking over America will be made into a movie. So theyre getting ahead of the curve and pitched out their cast in a segment on Conan Thursday night. OBrien went for physical similarities and more serious suggestions first, such as Leah Remini for the lawyer that Donald Trump Jr. met with, but then things took a turn. Draco Malfoy (not Tom Felton, the actor who played the Harry Potter rival) was pitched to play Eric Trump, while Hillary Swank in Boys Dont Cry was chosen to play Jared Kushner. ...Read More...

Conan's Dream Cast For the Inevitable Movie About Trump's Russia Scandal Is Perfect

  Donald Trump's Russia scandal is too surreal not to be made into a movie and should it happen, Conan O'Brien has the perfect people in mind to fill each role. On Thursday's night's Conan , the late night host pitched a diverse crew to portray Trump's inner circle including a muppet, house cat and  ...Read More... //

TBS's "Conan" Announces Guest Lineup for Week of Shows During Comic-Con(R) International

This marks the third year for "Conan" at Comic-Con International.  ...Read More... //

Will Ferrell Explains Why His Face Is Painted Like a Tiger on Conan (Video)

Leave it to Will Ferrell to appear on camera and pretend like he isnt there to tell jokes. Thats what happened on a recent Conan appearance. The comedian was a guest on the late-night TBS show, but came out onto the stage in tiger facepaint, waiting for host Conan OBrien to bring it up. OBrien is clearly confused. As Ferrell walks out on stage and greets OBrien, he eagerly takes his hand and pulls him into a hug as OBrien stands perfectly still.  ...Read More... //

Watch Conan O’Brien Train Like ‘Wonder Woman’ with Gal Gadot and Hilariously Fail

I’m fully convinced that this is a TBS thing but for some reason I always forget about Conan O’Brien. And I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way at all. In fact he’s definitely one of the strongest late night show hosts out there. I just for some reason neglect to include his clips on this site as often as I should. I promise to make an effort to not do this anymore. With regards to this latest clip I simply knew that I’d be sharing it. As the world gathers itself for the release of Wonder Woman, it’s a film that’s gone from not particularly talked about to now being considered to have a chance at being one of the biggest movies of the year. A big part of that talk is the performance of Gal Gadot who everyone is loving not only for her action and dramatic scenes but also for her comedic prowess. READ MORE...

Conan OBrien Deflects Bullets to Impress Wonder Womans Gal Gadot (Video)

Gal Gadot trained for six months prior to even beginning to shoot Wonder Woman. But can Conan OBrien match her skillsin 35 minutes? The talkshow hostmet up with Gadot at a Warner Bros. warehouse for a segment on his late-night show Conan to see how she trained to become the iconic superhero. According to Gadot, she did a lot of gym work and martial arts alongside her trainerRuda Vrba Both Vrba and Gadot werent impressed with OBrien Vrba said he had very weak legs. ...Read More... //

Conan O'Brien Comments on Colbert's Trump-Putin Joke: "It's Hard to Know What's Too Far"

"I think he was reflecting some of the madness that all of us are feeling at times." ...Read More... //

What Does Tom Brady Have to do With the Conan OBrien Lawsuit?

If you think Tom Brady and Conan OBrien have nothing in common, youd be dead wrong. The five-time Super Bowl champion is actually being dragged into a lawsuit that claims OBrien stole a joke used on his TBS late-night show. Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg is suing the Conan host, statingthatsimilar versions of hisjokes turned up on OBriens show most notably, one about the New England Patriots last-minute victoryover the Seattle Seahawksin 2015sSuper Bowl XLIX. ...Read More... //