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VIDEO - Censored: Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy theorists rejoice!  You just might be right about this one!  Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory is back on the air, but there is one episode that has - according to the tin-foil-hat wearing community - disappeared for ever as the result of Government censorship.  The episode in particular was about FEMA camps, and the horrors the US Government has in store for you should disaster strike.  Whether the material is true or not is completely up in the air, but the Government clearly doesn't want you to 'think' it is true - making this a ... thought crime? The mythology has it that the US Government has come down hard on TruTV and as a result the network has censored Jesse Ventura  by placing the episode in the vault - for good.  Apparently, they have no pull what-so-ever over Youtube, because the episode is still on YouTube for everyone to see.  For now. Read more.... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/MH_eNDFESi0/43667