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‘Continuum’ Season 3 Trailer: “This is a War, Kiera”

Life isn’t easy when you are a time traveler. At the beginning of the new  Continuum  season three trailer, Kiera shouts, “But I killed you!” Her efforts were clearly for naught as the war continues on unabated, and she finds herself trapped. This season everything is destined to “come full circle” for our hero. Does that mean all of her work will be completely undone? Check out the trailer below. What do you think is next for Kiera? Read More... //

Syfy Announces Premiere Dates for 'Continuum', 'Warehouse 13', 'Metal Hurlan Chronicles' & More

Highlights of Syfy’s 2014 Spring Programming Schedule.   Read More... //

‘Continuum’ Season 3 Teaser: What Would You Do To Save The World?

If the fate of the world was in your hands, how far would you go to save it? Would you dismantle the future? The voice over guy in the new  Continuum  season three teaser thinks you would, and that just so happens to be the task facing Kiera. The beautiful, but the creepy teaser makes it clear she doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter. With two Kieras on the beach, one looking on as the other appears poised to make a choice,  Continuum  season three is shaping up to be a high stakes year for our time traveling hero. Check out the teaser below. Read More... //

Continuum Star Rachel Nichols Engaged to Michael Kershaw

2014 is already a much different year than 2013 for actress Rachel Nichols — she's engaged to new love Michael Kershaw! The 33-year-old Continuum star confirmed the news via Instagram on December 30, posting a photo of herself with her newly-blinged-out hand on Michael's shoulder. She captions the pic: "Engagement drinks: Thanks for all the well-wishes!" She also re-posted an Instagram from one of Michael's siblings, which shows two infants posing with a sign that reads, "Congratulations... //

Continuum just made our heads explode!

The season finale of time-travel show Continuum contains so many bizarre twists and revelations, our heads were spinning. The whole premise of this show has been turned sideways. Let's try and make sense of all this crazy new information, together. Spoilers ahead!  Read More....   //

'Continuum' Season 2 finale: Revelation, betrayal and plastic cages in 'Second Time'

Are you not confused?The "Continuum" Season 2 finale is a perplexing thing. That's probably because, much like time travel, "Second Time" is rather complicated. Allegiances shift, revelations only add to confusion ...And then most of the characters end the episode trapped in plastic boxes. Here, at least, are some important things to know about how the second season of "Continuum" comes to a conclusion.Alec has a "Star Wars" moment"I'm your father!"The fact that Alec does not at any point scream "Noooooooo!!!" when Escher says he's his dad, is amazing. There has never been more of a "Star Wars" moment in television ever.Of course, on "Continuum," the Luke Skywalker character (Alec) acts all cool about joining forces with Escher's Dark Side. It's an act, but it is far more complicated a character choice than "Star Wars" ever dreamed."But wait!" you exclaim. "I thought Jason was Alec's time-traveling father!"Nope.As Alec himself points out, Jason shares DNA... //

2013 Labor Day weekend marathons: 'White Queen, 'Continuum' and more

Labor Day weekend is here for 2013 and if you don't have any plans, there are plenty of great shows to check out over the weekend. You can catch up on "Continuum" Season 2 on Syfy, or watch the first three episodes of "The White Queen" on Starz. Sunday, Sept. 1 there's a killer Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon running all day on TCM.Also, it's college football kick-off weekend, so settle in Saturday for the guys' returning to the gridiron.Set your DVRs and check your local listings for times and channel numbers. All times Eastern below.Friday, Aug. 30 A&E: "Shipping Wars" and "Storage Wars" marathon, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. The CW: New "America's Next Top Model" episode, 9 p.m. Discovery: "Alaskan Steel Men" premiere, 10 p.m. ESPN: CFB, Texas Tech at Southern Methodist, 8 p.m. ESPN 2: 2013 U.S. Open Tennis, men's second and women's third round, 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Food: "Chopped"... //

Continuum's Simon Barry answers our deepest time-travel questions

In the past year, Continuum has become a must-watch television show. This time-traveling cop show has been blowing our minds with twisty storytelling and a complex mythology. We were excited to ask creator Simon Barry what's coming next on the show, and here's what he told us.   Read More...   //

Is Continuum juggling too many plots for its own good?

Continuum 's second season continues to blow me away. Every episode has been fantastic. But at the same time, I keep suspecting that this show doesn't really have a coherent mythos, and all this complexity will eventually collapse under its own weight. Friday night's "Second Wave" provided a bit of evidence. Read More...   //

Continuum Continues On in the US! Syfy Picks Up The Time Traveling Canadian Production for Season 3!

Syfy gives Continuum the green light for Season 3! Continuum, an original series from Canadian cable network Showcase, was renewed for Season 3 earlier this summer and now Syfy has announced that they too have picked up the show. According to Deadline, the time traveling cop drama's upcoming 3rd season will consist of 13 episodes and will air in 2014. So, how excited are you for more Continuum? Sound off in the comments and stick with us at Celebified for more of the latest TV news.