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Is Continuum really the story of two brothers who take dark paths?

Kiera Cameron is ostensibly the main character of Continuum, but A) she's less and less sympathetic lately, and B) it's less and less clear what her goals are. Meanwhile, last night's episode makes a strong case that the real protagonists of this show are Alec and his step-brother Julian. Read More...   //

Continuum: Renewed for Season 3

Continuum will continue on Syfy for at least one more season. TV Line has confirmed that the network has given this Canadian production a 13-episode Season 3 order . It will conclude its run in the U.S. on August 30 and then return some time in the summer of 2014. Continuum stars Rachel Nichols and its Season 2 ratings have gone up across the board when compared to those of Season 1. The time-traveling drama centers on rebels from the year 2077 who go back to 2012 Vancouver and engage in a violent campaign to prevent businesses of the future from replacing governments with their own rules. Nichols anchors the series as a police officer tasked with trying to stop these rebels from accomplishing their goal. //

Syfy Will Continue Importing Continuum in Season 3

The Canadian time-traveling show will still have a home in the U.S. Read More... //

Did Continuum seriously just call out Looper for sloppy time travel?

That's sure what it looks like, in this highly amusing clip from last night's episode. And to be fair, there are some flaws in Looper 's time travel rules — but the same could be said of Continuum , from what we've seen thus far. And yet, like Looper , Continuum is rapidly becoming one of the great time-travel stories. Read More... //

Lexa Doig Talks Secrets in Continuum Season 2

At the 39th Annual Saturn Awards, TV Equals got a chance to have a quick chat with Lexa Doig who plays Sonya Valentine in Syfy’s Continuum. She talked about secrets being revealed this season as well as some exciting stuff coming up towards the end of the season and shared what sci-fi universe she’d like to live in. You can watch the full interview below. READ MORE...

Continuum gets a third season already

The time-traveling cop show Continuum hasn't started airing in the U.S. yet, and the second season's not over in Canada. But already, the Canadian network Showcase has ordered a third year of the adventures of Kiera Cameron, the cop from 2077. Read More... //

Who do you support in Continuum's battle for the future: the time-traveling terrorists Liber8, or th

Who do you support in Continuum 's battle for the future: the time-traveling terrorists Liber8, or the hegemonic corporations? Read More... //

‘Continuum’ Season 2 Returns To Sterile, Haunting Sci-Fi World

It took Blake Calhoun more than two years to turn Continuum from an original idea into a full-fledged web series . Luckily for fans of the series, the gap between seasons one and two is not nearly as broad. Calhoun has released nine new episodes of Continuum through pay-to-view platform JTS.TV , where they can be seen by purchasing a monthly pass for $3.99 The entire first season is available for free viewing on JTS.TV; more conveniently, it also has a home on YouTube , where the second season will end up during the summer. The original run features sterile, 2001 -esque sci-fi visuals and solid acting from web series notables such as lonelygirl15′s Melanie Merkosky and industry vet Taryn O’Neill . If that sounds like your kind of show, expect season two–which begins at the cliffhanger that ended episode nine–to provide more of the same. Calhoun is best known as the creator of Pink , for which he won the Streamy Award for Best Director at the inaugural ceremony . Continuum picked up its share of praise as well, including a Streamy nomination for Best Editing . Continuum ‘s second season will be available ad free on JTS.TV (which also offers critically acclaimed web series such as Clutch and Compulsive Love ) for the next three months. After that, it will become available through online VOD services before finally finding its way to YouTube later in the year. Therefore, viewers will have to be patient if they want to watch the series for free. Of course, if you’ve been following Continuum since its inception, I’m guessing patience is one of your strong suits. Visit Tubefilter for more great stories. //

‘Continuum’ Season 2 Trailer: How Far Will Kiera Go To Get Home?

The latest trailer for Continuum season two is all about beginnings and endings. Of course, given the Canadian series’ time travel themes, endings and beginnings have a way of blending together. What sets this trailer apart from the first two is that it actually features new footage. We see Kiera (Rachel Nichols) promises that she’ll do everything possible to make sure history ends up like it should. Of course, that’s probably much easier to do when she’s not being chased down creepy corridors by men brandishing needles. Check out the trailer below! READ MORE...

Syfy's Popular Series Continuum Will Return for Second Season

The 13 all-new episode season will premiere in its new time period beginning Friday, June 7 //