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Vancouver City Protective Services (CPS) Protector Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is transported from the year 2077 to 2012 when a group of terrorists from her time escapes execution by fleeing to present day. In order to track them down and stop them from endangering the past, Kiera joins the local police force and uses the skills of a young tech genius (Erik Knudsen).
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Jan 29, 2017 1:57AM EST

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Well all good things must come to an end, as did Continuum. It Had a Roller-coaster of a Ride on screen, and I gave it 4 stars, Good Cast, Believable Plot, Good Special effects, Story Line was Up & Down, could have been a bit more steady. But All-in-All not to bad and I honestly feel it went about as far as it could go. I would really Like to see More of Rachel Nichols & Lexa Doig (Both Great Actresses), and I thought overall that Ryan Robbins was the Best Male Co-star...I was actually amused when they portrayed the Older (Futuristic) Alec Sadler using William B. Davis (The Smoking Man from the X-Files), however He is NOT Listed in the Cast (strange, even for Cameo Appearances. The "Final Hour" gave Kiera what she Longed for in the Beginning, to SEE her Son Sam again, well she got that wish, but unfortunately was Not going to be able to Spend any time with him, because there were now 2 Kiera's (Hmmmm, Time Paradox about 2 of the Same Being sharing the Same Time Line) so I wonder what was to become of Her Past Self, not even a Hint did we get, Oh well one can only imagine.....I must admit that Matthew Kellog definitely Got what he had coming, even Though if it had been Me (writing) I would have sent him back just a Bit further to T-Rex days, lol....


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