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Cougar Town Review: Breaking Open The Vault

Nothing is better than having a good friendship vault to store your secrets in as Cougar Town  demonstrates in " You Tell Me ." Especially when your secrets involve smashing, insecurities, and some Alanis Morissette videos. After Travis has spent a good amount of the series pining after Laurie, the tables are now reversed, and Laurie is pining after Travis. Yet, for all the pining Laurie is doing there’s not much to Travis in regards to women right now. Yes, he now knows how to be a nerdy playa thanks to Bobby and Grayson, but, in comparison to prior seasons where we see Laurie actually dating, Travis is mostly be a playa off screen. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/03/cougar-town-review-breaking-open-the-vault/

Cougar Town Season 4 Review “You Tell Me”

After Wade broke up with Laurie in the last episode, it was a no-brainer that this week’s Cougar Town, "You Tell Me," would deal with the fallout. Fortunately, this plot thread didn’t take up too much screen time, as Laurie’s violent actions could’ve easily overstayed their welcome with too much exposure. Still, it was fun to see Jelly Hulk, as Ellie called her, throwing around creepy puppets and wrestling Andy in the streets. READ MORE...