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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on BBC
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4 Seasons, 28 Episodes
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Coupling is a British television sitcom written by Steven Moffat that aired on BBC2 from May 2000 to 2004. Produced by Hartswood Films for the BBC, the show centres on the dating and sexual adventures and mishaps of six friends in their thirties, often depicting the three women and the three men each talking amongst themselves about the same events, but in entirely different terms. An American adaptation of the sitcom was briefly produced in 2003.


Unconditional Sex

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Jeff is still trying to decide wether he should cheat on his girlfriend Julia with Wilma, or not. While his friends try to help him, Jeff is no match in this debate for "devil woman" Wilma. She knows every argument that Susan (the expert in getting her ow

Episode Reviews

by cdsdiver124

Oct 15, 2014

Interesting older show

by DiogenestheCynic

Jul 23, 2019

Fairly solid science fiction. A bit dated now, but it was great at the time.

by steelsheen

Dec 26, 2015

i was a young punk when this show aired, it was great then, but i bet it doesn't survive the test of time. The black haired bimbo was a smoke wagon.

by Mohammed87

May 18, 2015

pretty good show

by Katherine Weston

Mar 08, 2015

I was in hospital as a kid and this was always on late in the night when I wasn't able to sleep. I adored this show for exactly what it was - I have been trying to find copies of it so I could watch it again after over a decade of missing it.