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Crash Season 2 dissapoints.

It seems that just when Ben Cendars decided to get off drugs, the writers of the show decided to go on them. Where Season One of the show intrigued us and presented us with interesting and unique storylines not yet seen on network television, like Cesar the Guatemalan immigrant and Eddie Cho, the Korean aspiring doctor, Season Two gives us a bland taste of a different set of uninteresting characters. From the original cast, only four actors have been invited back for an encore. And judging from the premiere episode of the new season, the writers erred on their selection. Ben cendars, returns in a new, drug free mood. In season One I attributed his nonsense speeches to drugs, so now that he's clean I just find him simply irritating, trying too hard to touch our hearstrings. Anthony, as Ben companion (not officially his driver in this first episode), seems to be forced on us, and I saw no reason whatsoever for him to be back for another round. The relationship between him and Ben is just not interesting to watch. The same goes for Inez and Kenny. We enjoyed watching them commit adultery in Season One, but on season two, and each of them going their separate ways is just not fun at all. The audience attraction to that affair died towards the end of season one and it should have stayed defunct. On the positive side, I was gladly surprised to see Jules return as Ben's daughter. The too-soon collision of the characters in episode one, gives away the show's trick way too early in the season and even worse, it does not hook you up. There was not one single new character whose storyline I feel compelled to follow and that's a shame. The only way I can see this Season of Crash make it to the Finish Line is by incorporating the characters from season One on later episodes.

CRASH "You Set the Scene" Review (Season 2 Premiere)

Season 2 of CRASH returns to Starz on September 18th and will air at 10 pm ET/PT on Fridays. For those that aren't in the know, Crash is a television drama that takes place in Los Angeles. If it sounds familiar it's because it's based on the 2004 movie of the same name. Since I have to be in the right mood to stomach both drama series and the city of Los Angeles, I was a little skeptical about checking out the advanced copy I received of the first episode. However, I was surprised by how much I liked the show. Good acting, some seriously flawed characters, plenty of drama. What more could you want? So what can I reveal about the first episode of Season 2? One of the main characters ends up in the hospital, another gets badly beaten up, and somebody thinks they've been visited by God. I know that sounds cryptic, but I don't want to give anything too specific away. Some specifics I can share is that Ben (Dennis Hopper) tries to have a new beginning while at the same time find the person that murdered his daughter. Kenny comes to regret some of his past actions, while Anthony must decide if he wants to help Ben on a dangerous quest. Two characters that I don't personally care for are Inez and her new boyfriend, Jimmy both seem like a pair of idiots to me (although I think Inez may have some potential to prove me wrong). My favorite character so far is Anthony who seems like the only normal and decent character in the whole series. So, if you like dramas, or just good television, check out Crash on Friday, September 18 at 10pm on Starz. And if you are already a fan of the show, you have plenty to look forward to in Season 2! Source Here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

TV's Crash Goes In for Season 2 Tune-up and Cast Rotation

Starz Entertainment has renewed Crash, its first original drama series, for a second season to air in the fall. However, the series - which was inspired by the Oscar-winning film and is co-produced with Lionsgate - will get a "look under the hood" and reemerge with some modifications. For starters, writer/producer Ira Steven Behr (The 4400) has been named executive producer/show runner for Season 2, while The Kill Point's James DeMonaco and Todd Harthan will serve as executive and supervising producers, respectively. Series creator/Season 1 show runner Glen Mazzara will stay on as a consulting producer. "As our first major dramatic series ... Crash has been, and will be, an important part of our Originals strategy," says Stephan Shelanski, EVP programming for Starz Entertainment. "With Ira, James and Todd on board, we feel it's going to get stronger with each year." Roughly half of the cast, Dennis Hopper included, will return for the sophomore cycle. Storylines will "delve deeper into the many emotional and complex layers of life in Los Angeles," and in doing so veer away from police story arcs. Source here

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As a series, 'Crash' flails to be daring

By Matthew Gilbert : The Boston Globe What can you say about a TV series that opens with Dennis Hopper spewing Bukowski-esque poetry at his own penis in the back of a limousine underneath the Hollywood sign? That it's not a very easy ride? "Crash," based on the Oscar-winning movie, is a show that's madly in love with its own daring and importance. This drama is Hollywood all done up as a street thug - accosting you, threatening to punch you in the gut, shouting ugly words and nudging you to think "Oh how edgy" and "Oh how powerful." Long before the end of the long premiere, tonight at 10 on Starz, you'll tire of the writers' redundant efforts to make big statements about America, Racism, Sexism, Suppression, and Other Psycho-social Phenomena That Reek of Capital Letters. Read the rest of the review here .