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Shemar Moore Returns to Criminal Minds in This "Mind-Blowing" Teaser

  On Oct. 25, Shemar Moore heads back to Criminal Minds as Derek Morgan for what may be the show's toughest case yet. In a teaser released on Tuesday, Morgan reunites with his baby girl Garcia ( Kirsten Vangsness ), who looks just as thrilled as we are to see him. However, the good vibes will be   ...Read More...

Criminal Minds Promo: Shemar Moore Returns During a 'Mind-Blowing' Case

As nice as it is to see Derek Morgan back on Criminal Minds, it certainly could be under better circumstances, as this promo for Shemar Moores upcoming encore suggests. As recently announced, Moore will preface his debut as the star of CBS new S.W.A.T. series (premiering Thursday, Nov. 2 at 10/9c) with a visit to []

Criminal Minds Season 13: Shemar Moore Returns!!

You CAN go home again. Just ask Shemar Moore, who has never been one to let his fans down. Moore is making a return engagement to Criminal Minds before his starring role in SWAT makes him the most coveted male property on the CBS roster.   ...Read More...

Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Un-Pure Sexual Sadism

Matt Simmons is friendly with Captain Scott (Brandon Jay McLaren), who the BAU will be helping on another torturous crime. This one looks particularly heinous, as on Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 4 Detroit businessmen are being targeted by an anger-driven, power-assertive unsub. Why he's targeting thesuccessful men is unknown, but what he does with them? Well, if the first man found is any indication, it isn't very pretty.   ...Read More...

Criminal Minds Exclusive: The New Unsub Has a Disturbing Process

  Do yourself a favor and don't eat too soon before this week's episode of Criminal Minds . It's going to be a graphic one. In TV Guide's exclusive clip from the episode, "Blue Angel," the BAU is evaluating their new case. The unsub has an extreme way of treating his victims. He tortures them, leaving   ...Read More...

Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: What Will It Take for Reid to Be Reinstated?

Criminal Minds Dr. Spencer Reid has recently been subject to a lifetimes worth of trauma, it is noted in this exclusive sneak peek from tonights episode (CBS, 10/9c). So will he ever be mentally fit to return to full duty? Picking up after the six weeks of leave mandated by the bureau at the close []

Criminal Minds Exclusive: Is Reid Ready to Be Back in the Field?

The team is back in action this week on Criminal Minds , but Reid ( Matthew Gray Gubler ) has some reservations about being back on the team. There is a condition to his reinstatement to the BAU after being framed for murder last season. For every 100 days that Reid spends in the field, he has to take   ...Read More...

Criminal Minds Premiere Exclusive: Reid Is Losing It

  The pressure is on in the Criminal Minds Season 13 premiere to find Mr. Scratch ( Bodhi Elfman ) -- but is Reid ( Matthew Gray Gubler ) going to buckle under it? We have a sneak peek at the first episode of the "Lucky 13" season and it seems our star agent hasn't gotten back to the top of his game when   ...Read More... //

Criminal Minds Season 13: Everything We Know!

It may have been controversial,but Criminal Minds Season 12 featured several highs and a few lows for long-time fans of the hit CBS drama series. It left the fate of several characters up in the air, and that was not a good thing when a lot of the cast members were in deep salary negotiations for Criminal Minds Season 13 . We've compiled a list of everything we know about the coming season of the show. Get all the details below.   ...Read More...

Criminal Minds: Everything You Need to Know About Season 13

  Criminal Minds ended Season 12 with a major car crash cliffhanger, but "who survived?" isn't the only burning question on fans' minds. That's because Damon Gupton was let go over the summer after less than a full season and was replaced by Daniel Henney , who is moving to the mothership series in the   ...Read More... //