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Crisis Review: Tank of Gas Away

Breathe, readers.  Crisis  Season 1 Episode 8  was a breath-holding hour of television. Until the very end, I wasn't sure what would end up happening to Jonas Clarenbach. He's turned out to be one of the most intriguing parts of the tale. Even though he's responsible for creating the super soldier serum and had an affair with Meg, he seems like a pretty decent guy. Read more:  //

Crisis Review: Demands and Negotiations

The tables turn!  Gibson's plan has gone without a major problem... until now. On  Crisis  Season 1 Episode 7 , he got played and it cost him a lot. The question now is whether or not he can recover from his setbacks or not. Dunn and Finley are the bomb! They've been brought together under horrible circumstances, but they make incredible partners. They just get each other. Any time the two of them are on screen together I enjoy what's happening. They may be a step behind the kidnapper, but they have stayed on his tail from the beginning. In order to get closer, they made direct contact with the kidnapper and it worked. They got insight into his plan and they ended up being able to make a demand of their own. It may not work, but they are no longer playing catch up. They are in the game and making headway into finding and saving the kids. Read more:  //

Crisis Review: Hit Squad

The various players are converging on to the truth by the end of  Crisis  Season 1 Episode 6 . The FBI went on the offensive by attempting to trap the kidnappers. Their plan worked to an extent, but they also became pawns in the kidnapper's game. By the conclusion of the day, the FBI wasn't any closer to finding the kids, but Dunn and Finley uncovered clues which informed them on the kidnapper's probable motivations. Read more:  //

Crisis Review: Hostage or Kidnapper?

What does Gibson want? He does everything he can to convince himself that the ends will justify his means. However, what his actual end game is remains a secret. There have been a few minor wrinkles in his plan, but so far it's gone amazingly well. The biggest threats to him became apparent on  Crisis  Season 1 Episode 5 . His guard, Koz, has began to act out on his own with the kids and the student who almost died knows Gibson's involved. Oops! Read more:  //

Crisis Review: Getting Messy

Crisis  has been an intense thrill ride over the first four episodes, but one that actually provides answers. Too often shows continue to raise new questions without providing any payoff, but not on  Crisis . I think that's why I'm enjoying it so much. Each week the parents' actions provide insight into Gibson's overall plan and more importantly his psyche.  On  Crisis  Season 1 Episode 4 , information about what's going on and the different players added multiple layers to the story. It wasn't an information dump; rather it provided enlightenment on several factors in play. If anything, the new aspects make the mystery all the more intriguing. Read more:  //

Crisis Review: Truth and Pain

Gibson proved just how well he has planned his mission, while remaining resilient when necessary on  Crisis  Season 1 Episode 3 . As smart as Gibson has been with the kidnapping, Dunn and Finley have stayed right on his trail. It's a wonder if they even sleep. This dynamic duo from the FBI and Secret Service has followed the tiniest of clues and turned them into major leads. They've been a step behind since the beginning, but have quickly caught up. Read more:  //

Crisis Review: Journey to the Rose Garden

Th omas  Gibson has proved he's willing to do just about anything for his child ... in a really twisted way. On  Crisis  Season 1 Episode 2 , his plan to control the hostages included a trap to expose the "troublemakers." I doubt he expected his own daughter would be one of them. While other parents are going to great lengths to get their child back, he has his daughter beat up. Wow. Of course, Gibson doesn't think she'll ever find out that he's behind all of this. He's going to be their savior and win his daughter back and be praised by the President of the United States in the White House Rose Garden. Read more:  //

Crisis Series Premiere Review: Totally Ridiculous, But Not as Bad as You'd Think

NBC's new hostage drama is so ludicrous and silly that it might actually work.   Read More... //

Crisis: TV Review

No crisis here. Watch something else.              //

Review: A hostage 'Crisis' that might hold an NBC audience captive

Kidnapped kids, entitled parents, a D.C. dynamic and a newbie FBI agent combine for a promising suspense drama. With a busload of kidnapped high school students, a flock of powerful parents and a smattering of high-caliber stars, NBC's "Crisis," which premieres Sunday, seems prepared to do what CBS couldn't with "Hostages" — create a high-octane, character-driven suspense drama that is both familiar (newbie FBI agent up against emotionally charged odds) and unexpected (the point of the abduction is not clear). //,0,5162501.story