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Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon Episode #10 Anime Review

With some good time spent looking at what Hilda had gone through and how stark life can be for those that give birth to Norma’s, we had a good episode that humanized Hilda a lot and, while not making her likable, making it easier to understand her and what she had gone through in the past and present. Ange, on the other hand, is having a similar but worse time since coming back into contact with her family as she’s basically learned that Momoka was tricked into bringing her back by Ange’s older brother, who is intent on making Ange truly suffer for being what she is. And suffer she is as she’s being whipped by Sylvia no less. It’s all show for her brother though as he uses it to show the mistakes of the past leadership, that of his own parents, and how he’ll rule very differently as he calls for Ange’s execution. Julio is cementing his place in a traditional way to be sure. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/12/08/cross-ange-rondo-of-angel-and-dragon-episode-10-anime-review/