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CSI: Immortality Teaser Promises Explosive Series Finale (Video)

In a new teaser for the two-hour CSI series finale, we get our first look at the explosive conclusion of the popular CBS series. In the finale, a bomber is plaguing Las Vegas, which forces former CSIs Gil Grissom (William Petersen), Catherine Willows ( Marg Helgenberger ) and Det. Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) to return to Sin City to assist the team in solving the case. Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke), Grissoms longtime acquaintance, becomes the prime suspect. CSI first debuted on CBS in 2000 and became a ratings powerhouse. By its second season, it was among the top-rated shows on television.   Read More... //

'CSI' finale: William Petersen's lips are sealed on a potential Sara-Grissom reunion

Original 'CSI' cast members reflect on the positive impact of the CBS show 15 years later.   Read More... //

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: A 15-Year Look Back

As CSI: Crime Scene Investigation gets ready to wrap its historic 15-year run, were getting a look at some of the highlights in a fun video released by CBS. After more than 300 episodes, the series concludes with a two-hour finale, featuring original stars William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger, on Sunday, September 27.   Read More... //

5 things we learned at the 'CSI' farewell salute

Atthe last event of this years PaleyFest Fall TV Previews at the Paley Center for Media, the cast and producers of CSI gathered Tuesday night in Los Angelesfor a panel to say farewell to the groundbreaking series, which is ending its run after 15 seasons. Though season 15 ended earlier...   Read More... //

CSI Series Finale Trailer Touts Sidle and Grissom's Emotional Reunion

Lets give the worldsomething to remember, indeed! The first teaser trailer for CSIs two-hourfinale event (CBS, Sept. 27) promises to tie up any loose ends from the procedurals 15-season run including Sara Sidle and Gil Grissoms uncertain romantic future. Do you love him? Lady Heather (guest-star Melinda Clarke) asks Sidle, to which Sidle tearfully [] //

See 'CSI' star William Peterson on 'Manhattan' as a zealous military leader

Meet the new boss on Manhattan , a man who is far from frightened of the monster theyre creating. The WGN series is a fictionalized version of the race to build an atomic bomb during World War II, and the second season of the show will introduce a new unstable...   Read More... //

'CSI' first look: Gil reunites with Catherine and Sara

William Petersen joins Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox for the Sept. 27 movie.   Read More... //

CSI Series Finale First Look: Marg Helgenberger, Paul Guilfoyle Are Back in Action (Photos)

In the first official images from CSI: Immortality, we see fan favorite characters Det. Jim Brass and Catherine Willowsback in action. Marg Helgenberger , who plays Willows, departed the series after the 12th season, whilePaul Guilfoyle, who plays Brass,left the show after the 14th. Both will return, along with Gil Grissom (William Petersen), for the two-hour finale event. Plot details for the finale are scarce, but we know that former members of the Las Vegas Crime Lab return to action after a catastrophic event paralyzes Las Vegas. Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) is also forced to make a decision regarding her career.   Read More... //

Marg Helgenberger is 'crazy about' William Petersen in new set photo from 'CSI' finale

Grillows is once again super real on the set of the two-hour CSI finale. Marg Helgenberger posted the above photo on her Instagram on Monday, writing, I am crazy about this wonderful man! adding the blue heart emoji of true, inter-castmate love. The actress also known as Catherine...   Read More... //

Marg Helgenberger teases 'CSI' finale with behind-the-scenes reunion photos

Production is underway for the CSI two-hour send-off planned for this fall, and the stars of the special havent been shy about posting from behindthescenes. Marg Helgenberger, whos currently starring on CBS Under the Dome , posted two reunion photos from the CSI ...   Read More... //