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'CSI' Creator Gets Another Two-Year Deal

Now here's something that I should've known but actually didn't until now: CSI was rejected by ABC before going to CBS. That explains why the show's creator, Anthony Zuiker, named his production company Dare to Pass: "If you pass on a project, it may end up somewhere else. I'm daring them to pass." That production company is in the middle of a new, two-year deal with CBS. Under those terms, Zuiker's company will develop programs, scripted or otherwise, for the network. He will, however, continue to serve as executive producer for all three CSI shows. But why CBS? Obviously, the roots. "That's the home that built my career," he said. "They gave a kid working on a Las Vegas tram for $8 an hour a chance back in 2000 ... Now, with the CSI franchise healthy and doing well, I'm thinking about the next big thing." And his approach this time will be different. "Making a one-off TV show is not going to sustain a real business anymore," he said. "It starts with a great TV show, but then becomes a 24/7 experience ... from device to device to device." "We're going to select projects that are too tough to turn down, that are really character-centric, are cross-platform and come with a built-in business model," he added. The projects will be created "as if they will live on CBS." Considering that, apart from his work on the CSI franchise, he's also busy with his "diginovel", Level 26: Dark Origins, as well as his memoirs... yeah, makes sense. Source Here

The 'CSI' Franchise Case File: Couple vs Writer, or When Those Similarities Aren't Coincidential

It's another week, and what I thought would be some serious downtime isn't turning out to be just that. The biggest news in CSI this week is, well, a lawsuit filed against the producers! Sure you've heard of this, but I'll have my own take on this later. Also on this week's case file, Delko talks about girlfriend materials, and Mac talks about why he's happy with having a secure job in New York. Item one: One writer for defamation, please. At the end of each television show, usually, there's this notice that goes, "any similarities towards actual people are coincidental", but what if it actually isn't? That's what a couple based in Los Angeles accuse a CSI writer of; they filed a lawsuit against her, early in the week, accusing her of patterning two shady characters in an episode after them. Melinda and Scott Tamkin, who work as real estate agents, are seeking $6 million in damages against writer Sarah Goldfinger, alleging that she named two characters in an episode of the show after them, in revenge for a real estate deal that went wrong. Apparently, the accused wanted to buy a home from the Tamkins in 2005, but she pulled out of the sale when it was in escrow. To Read More Click here .

New Shows Already Getting New Cast?

New shows that looked good enough for a fall pick-up are fine-tuning their casts before going into production. For starters, CSI alum Louise Lombard will not be making the trek to NCIS: Los Angeles, despite having appeared in the two NCIS episodes that served as a backdoor pilot. The spin-off instead will recast its female lead. Similarly, says the Hollywood Reporter, CBS' Three Rivers is on the hunt for a new head of transplant surgery, now that the decision has been made to replace Julia Ormond. Any ladies out there want to work with Alex O'Loughlin...? Recent Lostie Reiko Aylesworth can forget about being part of The Forgotten, as the ABC drama is recasting not just her amateur detective but also the lead character played by British actor Rupert Penry-Jones. The Good Wife, starring Julianna Margulies as a lawyer forced back to work when her hubby (Chris Noth) is imprisoned, has to divorce itself from Gillian Jacobs. Jacobs was recurring on the CBS drama, but has a series regular gig on the new NBC comedy Community. And speaking of comedies, NBC's 100 Questions will be replacing Amir Talai (The Ex List), who in the pilot played the dating service rep who works with Sophie Winkleman's Charlotte. Well-placed sources tell me Louise Lombard is available. Source

'Medium''s jump to CBS has us wondering: What's 'your network'?

Medium jumping ship to CBS makes so much sense it's scary. As CBS chief Nina Tassler suggested, the show is practically the spiritual lovechild to the Eye's own Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs . NBC offered the somewhat dubious reasoning that the network wants to go younger, and just didn't think people cared enough about Medium. Even though, you know, it gets higher ratings than Chuck . (Surprising, right? Chuck fans must be just very vocal. And also hungry.) With Medium switching networks, and folks rallying for My Name Is Earl to find a new home somewhere not run by Ben Silverman, loyalty seems to lie with the shows, not the networks. Of course, whether fans follow the Patricia Arquette whodunit to CBS remains to be seen, but I bet it'll be just as popular, if not more so. Confession time: The only show I watch on CBS is The Amazing Race . That's all. I've caught a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, but have yet to fully commit. Yet, out of all the networks, CBS seems to be the most focused, offering procedurals, traditional sitcoms and reality shows for the masses. As Time magazine put it, the network's audience is "sometimes older, sometimes not, but generally more conservative in its taste." There's certainly nothing wrong with that. The network has some of the highest-rated shows on TV in The Mentalist , NCIS and CSI and its brood of stepchildren. But does liking CBS make you less cool? And, uh, boring? Source Here

Can "Lots of Surprises" Breathe New Life Into CSI? - Featured

CSI recently wrapped up its ninth season in front of 14.41 million total viewers. An enviably large crowd, make no mistake, but one 19 percent smaller than tuned in for the Season 8 closer. Rubbing salt in the wound, Fox said this week that they had moved Fringe to Thursdays-at-9 because, among other reasons, CSI and Grey's Anatomy were both sliding and "not consuming all the oxygen" the time slot has to offer. Is a plan afoot to make CSI's pulse as vital as it was when William Petersen was at the fore? "Absolutely," CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler tells "[Show runners] Carol [Mendelsohn] and Naren [Shankar] are very aggressive smart producers," Tassler noted during CBS" upfronts press gathering in New York City. "And when we get back [to Los Angeles] we'll be hearing their creative strategy for next season." CSI this past fall had to navigate tricky waters, as series lead William Petersen stepped down (though he stayed on as a producer), and film vet Laurence Fishburne was brought on to, in part, fill the void. Some longtime CSI viewers, though, are taking some time to warm up to Fishburne's character, Professor Ray Langston. So another "fix" may be needed to course-correct the slipping procedural. Though Tassler has yet to meet with the CSI producers and review their pitch for Season 10, she will say, "They are very excited and have got lots of surprises in store for next season." Whether that might mean adding another new face to the mix, she does not know. "I'll have to wait and hear what they're planning," says Tassler. Source Here

Ratings: Which of 11 Finales Delivered the Biggest Bang? - Featured

Thursday's ratings rundown: * 8 pm/ET Survivor topped the hour with an audience of 12 million total viewers, on par with last week. Bones ' surreal season-ender scored 8.7 mil, up a tick. Ugly Betty dropped 9 percent to claim third with 6.83 mil. While NBC's Earl (4.8 mil) wrapped up its season with a 370K gain, Parks & Recreation (4.25 mil) concluded its freshman run with another (8 percent) drop. Smallville saw 3.16 mil (down 180 thou) pull up a chair for the [cough] "epic" clash. * 9 pm Grey's Anatomy 's two-hour, two-jaw-dropper season finale drew 16.35 million viewers - marking the serial's largest audience since the Sept. 25 opener and a week-to-week gain of a mil. CSI 's finale followed with 14.42 mil. Trailing the Hell's Kitchen closer (7.4 mil), NBC's The Office welcomed 6.72 mil to the company picnic (down 13 percent), while 30 Rock (5.66 mil) dropped 8 percent. Supernatural 's Dean and Sam had 2.9 mil (up 100K) at their side as they braved an apocalyptic finale. * 10 pm Placing second behind Grey's, CSI: NY 's wacky little Thursday season-ender copped 12.84 mil, up 600 thou from its Wednesday outing. Facing outrageously stiff competition, NBC's Southland plummeted 29 percent, to 4.64 mil. Source here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, May 14, 2009 - Featured

* Bones (8 pm/ET Fox) There's been a lot of buzz about Brennan and Booth having sex this season, but after his brain surgery last week, will it happen in his hospital bed? That remains to be seen, though there are plenty of other reasons to tune in to tonight's fourth-season finale, including the return of Zack (Eric Millegan) and appearances by Brennan's dad (Ryan O'Neal), Booth's brother (Brendan Fehr) and, last but not least, Motley Crue, who just happen to be playing at a nightclub that's the scene of a murder. * Grey's Anatomy (9 pm/ET ABC) Last week's Izzie stuff was quite the hankyganza. But all those wedding tears didn't wash her tumor away, and that'll have to be dealt with in tonight's two-hour season finale. Will she opt for surgery? Whatever happens to her is likely to be game-changing; that's what season finales are for. Also look for big George and Bailey news (no, they're not getting together) and Mark-Lexie developments. And what of the couple that was supposed to have gotten married? The Mer-Der soap opera still lives. * The Office (9 pm/ET NBC) A sterling Season 5 advanced with a multitude of plot-shifting crises. Among them: Andy and Angela's romance collapsed; Michael's relationship with Holly dissolved; and Michael's clash with bigwig Charles Miner was so major that he quit to start his own company. No, it hasn't always been a picnic for this gang. It's only fitting, then, that the season closes with...a picnic. The staffers attend this annual company outing, which finally brings together Michael and ex-flame Holly (Amy Ryan) and Michael has big plans for her. Elsewhere, the Scranton branch tries to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition in a volleyball tournament. * CSI : Crime Scene Investigation (9 pm/ET CBS) Easygoing Ray (Laurence Fishburne) is forced to take lethal action for the first time in his brief CSI career as the ninth season comes to a conclusion. The case he's working focuses on murders linked to a poker scam that centers on rare poker chips from a bygone casino. Gerald McRaney and Cynthia Watros guest star as suspects in the crimes. * 30 Rock (9:31 pm/ET NBC) The Rockers face the music in the Season 3 finale, which hums along with a note-perfect roster of musical guest stars, including Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige, Elvis Costello, Clay Aiken and Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Alas, Jack's life lacks harmony: He tries to connect with his biological father (Alan Alda), but that's when the elder's health begins to suffer. In Liz biz, our heroine gets into a groove as a relationship expert. On the flip side, there's Tracy, who finally tries to overcome past high-school humiliations. Source here

The 'CSI' Franchise Case File Extra: Season Finale Photos Galore

Yes, yes, we've mentioned it countless times, yes, but the CSI finales are coming, and in a span of one week, we'll see all three shows wrap up loose ends, or perhaps create new ones. Thus, this extra edition of the case file, with photos from all three concluding episodes, and if you've been living under a rock, the date and time they'll be aired. I'm guessing you probably saw these slideshows too, but it helps doing this thing, even if all I'll probably do is regurgitate stuff. And then I'll do the same thing the day the episodes air. But anyway, ready? To read More Click here .

Watch a sneak peek of this new CSI

An unexplained illness that is affecting random citizens of Las Vegas baffles the CSIs, on CSI : CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Thursday, April 30 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. To Watch The Preview Click here . Source Here

CSI: NY' Season Finale Moves Schedules; Now Goes After 'CSI' Season-Ender

Thanks to CBS choosing to air President Obama's primetime press conference tomorrow night, there's been some changes to the network's schedule over the next few weeks. Sure, you've seen some of them already-- Harper's Island being moved to Saturdays, for instance--but for our purposes I'd like to talk about CSI: NY 's season finale. Remember when I told you, during last Friday's case file, that the season wrap-up for the folks in New York will hit screens on May 20 at 10pm? Well, the changes in schedule means another show has taken that slot, and the crime drama's season finale finds itself airing earlier than expected. The CSI: NY season finale will now air six days earlier--on Thursday, May 14, from 10pm. It will air immediately after the CSI season finale, which means if you're following developments on both the teams in Las Vegas and New York, you can expect two hours of CSI season finales on one night. The finale's original time slot was taken over by the two-hour season finale of Criminal Minds , which was in turn displaced by Rules of Engagement and The New Adventures of Old Christine , which was displaced by, well, that press conference. Anyway, the episode's plot, of course, remains the same--one member of the team dies after a suspect transfer goes wrong, and another member goes through what they call a life-changing situation. The only change is, we'll be less anxious about who that soon-to-be-dead character is, since the wait will be shorter. Say, roughly two weeks. If you're wondering what will happen to CSI: Miami 's season finale, well, it won't be changing schedules: as of now, it'll still air on its regular time slot; May 18 from 10pm. That just lessens the agony, perhaps a little bit. But someone will still die. Err... Source Here