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CSI Says Goodbye With a Totally Insane But Perfectly Fitting Series Finale & We Are Weirdly Emotional Over It

Full disclosure: I haven't watched CSI in years, but that didn't mean tonight wasn't a total emotional roller coaster for me. Iwatched every single episode for...   Read More... //

CSI Series Finale Recap: How Did CBS' Long-Running Procedural End?

The flower did it. OK, not exactly, but with William Petersens Gil Grissom back on the case, you knew there was going to be some obscure botanical reference plus crazy twists like bees used as tracking devices (!) and some Lady Heather safe-word mumbo jumbo in the pursuit of a dastardly bomber. The final case [] //

CSI Series Finale Review: Immortality

It was truly the end of an era as CSI Season 16 Episode 1 and CSI Season 16 Episode 2 closed out a series that changed the way America viewed the criminal justice system. Before CSI, who even knew there was such a thing as a criminalist? Now talk of forensic evidence in criminal cases is more than commonplace, its expected. This show singlehandedly changed what we expect from our justice system while entertaining us for the last 15 years.   Read More...   //

CSI Season 15 Review Hero to Zero

On the second of an unexpected double dose of CSI, we saw what happens when a real-life superhero went from Hero to Zero. We started off with a scenario right out of a comic book: a defenseless man in an alley is assaulted by a gang of men with their faces obscured. Then, out of [] //

CSI Season 15 Review Merchants of Menace

On the first of a double dose of CSI, we took a visit to one of the more deplorable cons out there, the Collectors Murderabilia Swap Convention, which revolves around the selling and trading of materials involving famed serial killers, in the aptly-titled Merchants of Menace. In this particular convention, the big ticket item was [] //

CSI Season 15 Review The Greater Good

On the latest episode of CSI, we finally got an ending of sorts to the Gig Harbor Killer storyline- or did we? Given the open-ended nature of one of the main characters involved, Im not so sure weve seen the last of the ongoing plotline. As it stands, though, this was a taut, suspenseful episode [] //

CSI Season 15 Review Dead Woods

On the latest episode of CSI, a case from Sara Sidles past that hit close to home popped up again after new evidence came to light in Dead Woods. The case revolved around one Abby Fisher (Ashlee Fss, Suburban Gothic), the lone survivor of a camping massacre that took the lives of her father, mother []   Read More... //

CSI Season 15 Review Angle of Attack

On the latest episode of CSI, we tackled an entirely new definition of a hit-and-run, when what at first appeared to be just that actually turned out to be something else entirely, if not too far removed from that particular terminology, in Angle of Attack. In this case, we got what looked like a vehicular [] //

CSI Season 15 Review Dead Rails

On the latest episode of CSI, we had a case where a man who was thought dead was later killed again in what must have been one hell of a night for the guy, to say the least, in Dead Rails. We started with a scene right out of a zombie movie: a hand reaches []  Read More... //

CSI Season 15 Review Lets Make a Deal

On the latest episode of CSI, we got the answer to the question: what do you do when your murder victim is a prisoner and the most obvious suspects are his fellow prisoners? At the very least, it should make for less paperwork. However, as we discovered, the case was anything but cut-and-dried in Lets []   Read More... //