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Cuckoo (BBC 3) Season 1 Review “Connie Sings”

This week’s  Cuckoo , ‘Connie Sings’ marks a slight step down in quality from last week’s hilariously fast-paced shenanigans, but is still an entertaining slice of the Brit comedy that, refreshingly, doesn’t seem all too concerned with going anywhere specific. This week’s action surrounds Ken and Lorna’s wedding anniversary  dinner, but Lorna has forgotten and the couple end up enjoying a romantic meal for two with a whole host of friends and family around them. This involves friends Steve and Connie coming around, and their marital tensions end up invading the Thompson house in more ways than one. With Cuckoo prompting Connie to recall some of her childhood dreams, they all get to hear her questionable musical efforts for the rest of the episode. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/10/24/cuckoo-bbc-3-season-1-review-connie-sings/