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Cuckoo Series 2 Review “Neighbourhood Watch”

Just when I was willing to forgive  Cuckoo ‘s shakier moments during series two, it goes and delivers a weak finale like ‘Neighbourhood Watch’, and I have to re-evaluate the slack I’ve cut it all year. The first series was possibly a fluke, especially in BBC Three’s notorious and somewhat admirable ‘throw stuff at the wall until it sticks’ business plan, but much of the charm was lost along with its star. Don’t get me wrong, Taylor Lautner was far from the worst thing about it. He was, in fact, probably the best. But he wasn’t the focus like Cuckoo was last year, and the show suffered for it. In this episode, for example, Ken and Dale barely interacted and much of the already brief running time was dedicated to an inconsequential car chase led by Steve at his most irritating. Why the writers love Connie and Steve so much, I’ll never know. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/09/13/cuckoo-series-2-review-neighbourhood-watch/