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Cult (CW) “In the Blood” Episode 2

Cult  "In the Blood" Episode 2 airs Tuesday, February 26 at 9pm on The CW. Episode Synopsis:  Jeff (Matt Davis) enlists tech-savvy E.J. (guest star  Stacy Farber "Degrassi: The Next Generation") to help in his search for his brother  Nate (guest star James Pizzinato "Alcatraz"). Skye (Jessica Lucas) finally reveals to Jeff that she took the researcher job on "Cult " to learn more about Steven Rae. Meanwhile, at the production office , associate producer Peter Grey (guest star Ben Hollingsworth) brushes off Skye’s concerns that some of the "Cult" fans believe there are hidden messages embedded in the show. READ MORE...

Cult Episode Teaser: "In the Blood"

So, are you in? Did the Cult series premiere sell you on the new CW thriller, which features Matt Davis as a journalist in search of his brother... who may have been killed at the hands of crazy television show fans? The drama will run only new episodes until the season finale, running it back next Tuesday night with "In the Blood," as Skye opens up to Jeff about taking the job on "Cult," while Jeff enlists the help of a tech-savvy friend to help him track down Nate. Watch the official network teaser now and then sound off on the opener: //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/02/cult-episode-teaser-in-the-blood/