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The Stars Shine as "Cupcake Wars" Returns with All-New Celebrity-Filled Episodes

Look for the first of six new episodes on Monday, July 11.   Read More... //

'Cupcake Wars' Justin Willman: 'Frosting makes great television'

Zap2it: So what did the host of "Cupcake Wars" go as on Halloween?Justin Willman: My girlfriend went as Marie Antoinette, and I went as a piece of cake.Zap2it: How appropriate!Justin Willman: Yeah, exactly.Zap2it: You're not a baker, so what makes you right for being host of this show?Justin Willman: Obviously, I'm a comedian/magician, so whatever the event, if it has to do with embracing comedy, I'm all about it. "Cupcake Wars" is inherently tongue-in-cheek, and the whole thing lends itself to a comedic approach, that we often have to err on the side of emphasizing the drama.So when it's an episode about literally comedy, we can really loosen it up. For the Variety Power of Comedy event, for Round 1, just to give you a sense, we gave them foods that are inherently funny, like parsnips, seltzer water, kumquats. You can't say "kumquats" or "parsnips" without smiling.Zap2it: Does the competition get heated?Justin Willman: It's not... //

'Cupcake Wars': Justin Willman offers 'Comedy Cupcakes' cheer for the holidays

Now that December is under way, lots of people are starting to get stressed out preparing for Christmas.As a break from all the tension, Food Network's competitive reality series "Cupcake Wars" is offering up a sweet and funny treat on Saturday, Dec. 7, with an episode called "Comedy Cupcakes."Four bakers compete to create the perfect confection for the celebrity-studded VIP party for Variety magazine's Power of Comedy event. The regular judges -- Sprinkles Cupcakes owner Candace Nelson and pastry chef Florian Bellanger -- are back, with celebrity publicist Jennifer Styles as guest judge.As always, comedian/magician Justin Willman is host, and he reports that the bakers will be facing some challenges as the show tries to toss some jokes into the mix of ingredients."In Round One," Willman tells Zap2it, "just to give you a sense, we gave them foods that areinherently funny, like parsnips, seltzer water and kumquats. You can't say kumquat or parsnips without smiling."He... //

Bakers Compete for Spot at the U.S. Open of Surfing on 'Cupcake Wars' (VIDEO)

Nothing goes together like cupcakes and surfing. To that end, the bakers on this week's episode of 'Cupcake Wars' (Sundays, 9PM on Food Network) competed to have their confections showcased at a V.I.P. party at the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California. Both of the finalists went with a beach scene, but only one fit the assignment well enough to win. One team went with a table with a grass skirt, the bottom of which they wanted to look like a beach being hit by waves. The other team, led by Stephanie Franz of Cupcakes Couture on Manhattan Beach, made a series of surf boards so her cakes could ride the waves. "I wanted my surf boards to be a little topsy-turvy and have that wave go over all of them," said Franz, "so it's almost like all the cupcakes are riding the wave." //

Tina and Robin Make Sweet Treats for the World Series of Poker on 'Cupcake Wars' (VIDEO)

The challenge Tina and Robin faced on 'Cupcake Wars' (Tuesdays, 8PM on Food Network) was to make treats delicious enough to impress people who make a living by hiding their enthusiasm. That is, they each had to create a 1,000-cupcake display for the World Series of Poker. Things started well enough in the idea stage. Tina planned for four tiers, each one looking like a poker chip and adorned with glitz and four aces across the top. Robin had a similar idea, to create a poker table with tiers that looked like chips and "fanning across the very top, how about the best hand you could have, would be a royal flush," she said. //