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The Cupid Petition

Has everyone signed the petition for cupid to stay on air yet? if you haven't go to the following website

but we need a cupid...

Cupid was not about great acting or even about terrific plots. I liked it because once a week its nice to watch people fall in love. While all the other shows have these long will-they-won't-they type situations where people hurt each other, where there are no happily ever afters -- Cupid has been a breath of fresh air. You don't have to watch the episodes in order too much, you tune in for one show and it lifts your heart, it gives hope to the single. TV's not ready for Cupid, thats why its a remake and why its been canceled AGAIN. But I think at somepoint, there's going to be a turnaround where we're going to all be needing shows like Cupid because we need to be reminded what pure love and happiness is.

Cupid Remake

Looks like they have done it again. i wish there was something original left in the world of showbiz. but non the less i must say that i like the show. hope this time it pulls through. also wish that the we get to see the "cupid" fall in love with a mortal again.

I love the Trailer

Can't wait that the show starts. Looks like a good show with a lot of heart and great actors. I loved Sarah Paulson on "Jack and Jill" and Ricky Gomez on "What about Brian".

Really ABC?

Your remaking a show you canceled in 98' after only 15 episodes? Jeremy Piven starred in the original and it was great and he was really funny in it. I just saw the trailer on youtube, and come on, it isnt like they are continuing from where they left off either, they are going to remake all the original episodes, the plot is exactly the same, and judging by the trailer they are using much of the same, like scene for scene things they did in the original. In the trailer, he uses a looks into a glass to throw a dart behind him, hitting a bullseye, that exact frame for frame was in the original, and him standing in front of the self help group, original. Which means you have to watch the show for pretty much a full season(if it makes it that far) just to get to where the last one left off. The changed the guys name too, in the original Piven was Trevor Hail, in this one he guy is Trevor Pierce? Oh I guess it a completely different show now. Do yourself a favor, all the originals are on youtube, type in Jeremy Piven cupid, and they all come up. Just go watch the originals and a very funny Jeremy Piven, you can watch them all in order and dont have to waste your time on a show we all know will get canceled early. Here is a link to the trailer if you want I believe the first part of the pilot of the original appears in the related video section.