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A Comic Genius at Work: How Larry David Creates Curb

How does Larry David do it? Curb Your Enthusiasm, David's semiautobiographical sitcom, brilliantly blends spontaneity, social commentary, and intricate plotlines that resolve with the precision of a typical Seinfeld episode. The comparison makes sense, since David co-created that show too. "I think [Curb] has a spontaneity to it, because it's improvised, that's really refreshing," David says. "I think it deals with a lot of subjects that a lot of people think about but never express. There's an honesty to it." Since Curb Your Enthusiasm debuted on HBO as a one-hour special back in 1999, David has provided his actors with just outlines, not scripts. "We have a fantastic cast. They're wonderful. And also, we spend a lot of time in casting every episode as well," David says. "We get really good people coming in and we're pretty sure that by the time we start shooting, that we've got the person we want." To Read More Click Here .

The Thin Line Between Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld

Seinfeld, the iconic sitcom about nothing, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, the brilliant HBO series about the man who co-created Seinfeld, have always been closely linked. But if you think the similarities between the two shows begin and end with Larry David, think again. In anticipation of Curb's TV Guide Network debut, we look at just a few of the connections between the two shows. George Costanza: Larry is the inspiration for George. In the Season 7 finale of Curb, Larry even dons George's glasses and sweater vest when actor Jason Alexander drops out of the Seinfeld reunion. "Pretty, pretty, pretty": Larry often used this phrase, which later became a signature Curb line, when playing the often-heard-but-never-seen George Steinbrenner on Seinfeld. To Read More Click Here .

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines Speaks for Wives of Larry Davids Everywhere

Cheryl Hines has an awesome responsibility on Curb Your Enthusiasm: She not only has to bring to life her character, Cheryl David, but also to represent all the women in the world who say they, too, are married to a man like Larry David. (Or at least the cantankerous version of himself the Seinfeld co-creator plays on Curb.) "It's funny - people come up to me all the time and say, 'My husband's just like Larry' or 'I'm just like Larry.' They see themselves through Larry's eyes or through Cheryl's character. A lot of women come up to me and say, 'My husband's just like Larry and I'm just like you.'" What does it mean to be just like Larry? Saying the things anyone else would leave unsaid. Being Cheryl means having to pick up the pieces afterward. Hines talked to us in advance of Curb's basic-cable debut on June 2 at 10/9c on TV Guide Network. To Read More Click Here .

Curb's Susie Essman: I Was Surprised How I Agreed with Larry!

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Susie Essman likes disagreements, which makes her the perfect host of TV Guide Network's Curb: The Discussion. The round-table debate, featuring a panel of celebrities, pundits and prominent social figures, will tackle the ethical dilemmas featured on each episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm once the series begins airing on TV Guide Network on Wednesday, June 2 (10/9c). Watch Jon Hamm and Hill Harper discuss breast implants on Curb: The Discussion Essman's comfort with confrontation makes her an ideal comic foil to Larry David on Curb. So she was surprised by how much she found herself agreeing with his behavior - and even defending it - on The Discussion. (David, who writes the show, plays a prickly, sometimes confounding version of himself.) "Usually, I'm watching when I'm in there and acting from my character's point of view," Essman told TVGuide.com. "And when I was watching it for the discussion point of view, I was surprised at how often I was agreeing with Larry. Watching it from an outsider's point of view and thinking about the ethical and moral implications of his behavior, I thought he was right a lot of the times!" To Read More Click Here .

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Takes Manhattan

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' will experience a New York state of mind when the show returns for its highly anticipated eighth season. In an interview with the NY Post, actress Susie Essman, who plays Jeff's wife Susie, says that most of the upcoming season will be filmed in New York. "For seven seasons, I've been schlepping out there. Now I get to sleep in my own bed. Let them stay in hotels," she quipped. So far, there have been no spoilers about why the characters on 'Curb' will be in New York City, but that's typical. Larry rarely reveals the season long arc of stories beforehand, preferring to keep the world waiting. He doesn't even let the actors know ahead of time. "I have not seen any outlines. The reason Larry does that is that he doesn't want anybody lying in bed at night coming up with what they think are funny lines," she said. Filming in Manhattan could be a good catalyst for David and company. The characters are all originally New York types, much like the 'Seinfeld' folks were all city-dwellers. So while we won't be seeing Larry and Jeff playing as much golf as season's past, we will probably see them eating pastrami sandwiches at the Carnegie Deli. A season of New York-centric episodes sounds inspired. The last time Larry was thinking about New York was the year he was going to star in 'The Producers.' That was a hilarious set of shows, culminating with the joke of the season -- Larry was a hit, much to Mel Brooks' disappointment. Source Here

Curb Your Enthusiasm Renewed for Eighth Season

Curb Your Enthusiasm has been renewed for an eighth season, HBO announced Tuesday. "After much soul searching - and by the way, it was nowhere to be found - I have decided to do another season of Curb," creator Larry David said in a statement. "I look forward to the end of shooting, when I can once again resume the hunt for my elusive soul. I know it's here somewhere or perhaps in the rugged mountainous regions of Pakistan." Curb's long-awaited seventh season featured the first reunion of the cast of Seinfeld, and its finale brought in the show's biggest ratings in five years. "Larry always loves to paint himself into a corner, and after the incredibly wonderful seventh season of Curb, you have to ask, 'How does he ever top this?'" said Michael Lombardo, HBO's president of programming West Coast operation. "But he always finds a way. We can't wait to see what he does in Season 8." In March, David said he was "leaning toward" an eighth season. Production on the 10-episode season will begin in the summer with a target for a 2011 premiere. Curb Your Enthusiasm will make its basic cable debut on TV Guide Network on Wednesday, June 2 at 10/9c. Source Here

Curb Your Enthusiasm Likely to Return for Eighth Season

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" creator Larry David said on Sunday that the hit HBO program is likely to return for an eighth season. Apart from ruling out another "Seinfeld" reunion, David was pretty tight-lipped about what he might have in store for the show. Read more...

Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Hamm and Taraji B. Henson Join Curb: The Discussion

Jerry Seinfeld, Golden Globe-winning Mad Men star Jon Hamm and Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson will be the first panelists on Curb: The Discussion, TV Guide Network's new discussion show about the ethical dilemmas of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the network announced. The round-table discussions, which will immediately follow episodes of Curb when it debuts on Wednesday, June 2 (10/9c), are co-produced by Curb creator Larry David and hosted by comedienne and Curb regular Susie Essman. Curb will be edited for language and nudity, but not to fit a traditional half-hour format. Episodes of The Discussion will air immediately after each Curb to round out episodes to an hour. "With Susie Essman hosting and moderating Curb: The Discussion, the panels will no doubt result in hilarious, off-the-cuff television," said Diane Robina, Executive Vice President, Programming & Marketing for TV Guide Network. "And offering these original and engaging discussions will bring even more viewers to discover and rediscover Curb Your Enthusiasm." To Read More Click Here .

Gervais to guest star on 'Curb'?

Larry David has announced that Ricky Gervais could appear on an upcoming episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Seinfeld creator reportedly asked Gervais to guest star on the eighth season of the HBO series. The pair recently teamed up on Jerry Seinfeld's NBC pilot The Marriage Ref. "I think Ricky Gervais is one of the funniest guys I've ever met," David told E Online. Although David has not officially confirmed the return of Curb for another season, the actor-writer has said that he is "already working on some stuff" for the series and will "probably know something in a month or so". Ricky Gervais has yet to confirm his involvement in the series. Source Here

Curb Your Enthusiasm Can't be Stopped

One of television's funniest series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, was the subject of the final night of Paley Fest this year. It's amazing to realize Curb has been on the air for a decade now, something Cheryl Hines ("Cheryl David") said was inconceivable to her when she got the role. As she noted, "When I signed on it was a one-hour special. So it wasn't even a series. Every year, it's been like, 'OK, maybe we'll do another year.' So it's a strange way to work." To Read More Click Here .