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Top Moments: True Blood Gets Hot and Heavy and Weeds' Whodunit Shocker

Our top moments of the week: 11. Worst First Date: When single mom-to-be Akua tells Pregnant in Heels ' Rosie thatshe doesn't want to wait until after she gives birth to start dating again, Rosie and a dating expert give her some first-date tips, including "don't talk about the pregnancy." But then on the date, Akua talks the guy's ear off about her cravings, asks if he wants to feel her belly and even cries. (Damn those hormones!) Needless to say, surrogate fatherhood is not in this guy's immediate future. 10. Worst Disguised Diss: On The Real Housewives of New York City , Heather tries to make nice with...  //

Scoop on Modern Family and Dallas

Please tell me Modern Family will time jump nine months next season to avoid covering up sexy Sofia Vergara in pregnancy padding. That would be a crime! —Ted, Norfolk, Va. Sorry to disappoint, but... //

TNT Renews 'Dallas' for Second Season

The reboot is averaging 6.9 million viewers with the cable network ordering 15 episodes to debut next year. //

TNT to Air 'Dallas' Marathon, Including All-New Episode, on July 4

Picnics and barbecues won't be the only places to enjoy fireworks this Independence Day. TNT has some truly dramatic fireworks in store with a five-hour marathon of Dallas, basic cable's #1 new series for the year-to-date. //

Dallas (TNT) “The Last Hurrah” Episode 4

Last week on  Dallas , it seemed like J.R. and John Ross were bonding  over their shared greed and questionable morals, but this week’s episode, "The Last Hurrah," airing on Wednesday, June 27th at 9 p.m. on TNT, might see a threat to that bond which probably won’t be good for anyone. Synopsis:  John Ross seeks to gain an upper hand on a family member and resorts to blackmail, but J.R. decides to handle the situation  his own way. Meanwhile, Christopher opens up to Bobby about hisdifficulty  in choosing between the two women he loves. Read More... //  

Top Moments: Alec and Dave Drop Their Pants and Ann Curry Is Here Today

Our top moments of the week: 14. Worst Icing on the Cake: On Part 1 of the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County , new housewife Heather Dubrow throws a name party for herself to celebrate taking her husband's last name. We're still not sure exactly why the cake at said party so greatly symbolizes her name change, but Heather gets her frosted pink bow in a big twist when Alexis Bellino 's friend, Sarah, eats a part of the bow before the cake is cut. Sarah apologizes, then calls Heather fake and pretentious before Heather hands her an Oreo cookie to satisfy her sugar craving.  Who knew a cake with so much frosting could leave such a sour taste.... //

Dallas (TNT) “The Price You Pay” Episode 3

Dallas’s  third episode, "The Price You Pay," airs Wednesday, June 20, 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT, andpromises  to live up to the show’s juicy reputation with the addition of  another blast from the past . Synopsis:  Just as John Ross sets out to claim his birthright and make his father proud, J.R. decides to move back to Southfork, much to Ann’s dismay. Bitter Ewing family enemy Cliff Barnes (guest star Ken Kercheval) returns and tries to reconnect with his nephew, Christopher. A startling family announcement offers an opportunity to heal old wounds. Read More... //  

'Dallas' keeps Jordana Brewster's Elena Ramos in jeans and boots

Amazing boots and jeans are two wardrobe staples many women can't live without, and Rachel Sage Kunin knows just where to find them as the costume designer of TNT's new "Dallas" series.Kunin chooses classic Stetson boots and a specific style of AG jeans called Stilt when it comes to dressing Jordana Brewster's character, Elena Ramos."We've done these jeans in an emerald green and a pretty dark wash," she tells Zap2it. "The style looks good on everyone and comes in so many colors and washes. Elena even has a kind of maroon color that is really pretty. They are really comfortable, too. That is what she wears to work. She needs to be able to go from work in an office straight to the oil fields."PICS: Lone Star TV - Everything's bigger in TexasWhen Elena does wear a dress, it's typically for lunches and meetings, and the character goes through an arc the first season that... //

Dallas’ Josh Henderson: John Ross Truly Loves Elena and Always Has — Exclusive

Dallas star Josh Henderson plays John Ross, the scheming son of J.R. Ewing who may or may not be responsible for sending the email effectively ending his cousin Christopher's relationship with Elena. Elena, played by the ever-so-sultry Jordana Brewster, has been friends with John Ross since childhood — but is she just another pawn in the Ewing family game? Speaking exclusively with Wetpaint Entertainment, Josh weighs in on John Ross' true feelings. //

'Dallas': Jesse Metcalfe says Christopher Ewing is 'very much the rancher'

Zap2it: You're playing one of the "good guys" on "Dallas." Is it tough to keep a character like that interesting?Jesse Metcalfe: The great thing about my character is that although Christopher was introduced in the first series, you really don't know that much about him, so our very capable writers were free to create a character that was very compelling and at the same time very conflicted. I think as an actor, that's the kind of character you really want to play.PICS: TV of the Lone Star state - Everything's bigger in TexasZap2it: What's your take on Christopher?Jesse Metcalfe: Christopher is introduced as the anti-Ewing. He's adopted, and he's coming back to Southfork after studying abroad and developing his alternative energy patent in China. When he comes back to the family, he is very much driven by his need to prove himself to his father and also to assert his position in the Ewing hierarchy.... //