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'Dallas': John Ross becomes even more a son like his father

John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) maintains he's not following in the footsteps of his late dad, J.R., but evidence suggests otherwise.He furnished a major new piece in "Like Father, Like Son," Monday's (March 31) tellingly titled episode of TNT's "Dallas." The hour opened with him confronting Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) about her collusion with Bobby (Patrick Duffy) to deny him the permit to drill on Southfork Ranch.He claimed he wasn't emotionally involved with Emma (Emma Bell) and only using her to get the ships the company needs. but Sue Ellen countered about his wife (Julie Gonzalo): "You think it's going to hurt any less when Pamela finds out?" Accused by his mother of being "drunk with power," he retorted, "I may be ... but you? You're just drunk."Advising John Ross to go easy on Sue Ellen, who wanted to keep him off "the J.R. road," Bobby found himself asked why he was even at the... //

Dallas (TNT) Season 3 Episode 7 “Like a Bad Penny”

Dallas  Season 3 Episode 7 “Like a Bad Penny” airs Monday, April 7 at 9 p.m on TNT. Eipsode Synopsis:  Dallas Season 3 Episode 7 “Like a Bad Penny” – Bobby and Ann work to get Sue Ellen released; John Ross enlists the help of one of J.R’.s last business partners; secrets come to light; Elena makes a decision; Drew returns to Dallas. Read More... //

Dallas (TNT) Season 3 Episode 6 “Like Father, Like Son”

Dallas  Season 3 Episode 6 “Like Father, Like Son” airs Monday, March 31 at 9 p.m on TNT. Eipsode Synopsis:  Dallas Season 3 Episode 6 “Like Father, Like Son” – John Ross scrambles to keep the Arctic lease deal alive; Elena and Nicolas get Pamela and John Ross out of the office; things get complicated for Christopher and Heather; Ryland’s plot takes an unexpected turn. Read More... //

'Dallas': Did John Ross and Pamela get to the altar?

There's nothing like a Ewing-family wedding to lure familiar faces back to Southfork Ranch.Such guests were present in "Lifting the Veil," Monday's (March 17) episode of TNT's "Dallas" update. The occasion was the official nuptials of the already eloped John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), but complications arose right from the start of the big day, as John Ross' secretary Candice (Jude Demorest) summoned him to a long-sought meeting about the fracking permit he wanted."I've gotta take another raincheck," he told the romantically inclined Pamela, but he promised he'd be back in plenty of time for the ceremony. Her worried look indicated she didn't completely buy it.Sue Ellen confirmed to Ann that John Ross was dallying with Emma ... "and we have got to do something about it." To that end, Sue Ellen wanted Emma to leave Southfork, but Ann feared that might make the drug cartel suspicious. "We will find another solution,"... //

Dallas (TNT) Season 3 Episode 5 “D.T.R.”

Dallas  Season 3 Episode 5 “D.T.R.” airs Monday, March 24 at 9 p.m on TNT. Eipsode Synopsis:  Dallas Season 3 Episode 5 “D.T.R.” – Bobby and Sue Ellen try to keep John Ross from becoming like his father; Christopher makes a discovery about Heather’s past; Cliff persuades Elena to try a new tact; Judith, Ryland and Ann try to get Emma under control. Read More... //

'Dallas' Interview: Mitch Pileggi on Big Ryland Twist and 'Mama Like'

Whoa! On last Monday's Dallas, a big, huge secret about Harrison Ryland was revealed. His daughter Emma helped get him arrested for working with the drug cartels, only there was much more to the story. Ryland was actually working undercover for the CIA! Shocker!  Read More... //

'Dallas': Is wild child Emma in drug cartel's sights?

The scheming is reaching a fever pitch at and around Southfork Ranch.Bountiful proof was supplied by Monday's (March 10) episode of TNT's "Dallas," "Playing Chicken." After their meeting at which Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) was revealed to be working secretly with the CIA, Ann (Brenda Strong) told Bobby (Patrick Duffy) she feared for Emma's (Emma Bell) safety. He promised that the women would "always be safe on Southfork. You can count on that."Others might not be, though: Greed-accusing graffiti indicated an uprising by workers on the ranch over the planned fracking of the land by John Ross (Josh Henderson), who was drawn into a fight by foreman Bo (Donny Boaz). Bobby broke it up by declaring, "Southfork is a cattle ranch, not an oil field, and I intend to keep it that way. Nobody is losing their jobs."Noticing Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) was distracted as they discussed John Ross and Pamela's wedding plans, Ann asked... //

'Dallas': AnnaLynne McCord honors 'the good ol’ South'

Zap2it: Do you view your new "Dallas" character, ranch hand Heather, in the tradition of the strong female characters in the show's past and current versions?AnnaLynne McCord: Yes, and I think that stays true to the good ol' South, too. I'm a Southern girl from Georgia, and there's a saying we have ... "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness." We can be real polite, and we can be real nasty. We don't want you to bring it out of us, but it's there.Zap2it: So much of your "Dallas" work is with Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher. Did the two of you adjust to each other fairly quickly?AnnaLynne McCord: Absolutely. I very much enjoy working with Jesse, but he tried to warn me that he can come on a little strong with how much he cares about the work. And I was like, "I can handle you, honey!" It's been all good fun, and I appreciate his... //

Dallas (TNT) Season 3 Episode 4 “Lifting the Veil”

Dallas  Season 3 Episode 4 “Lifting the Veil” airs Monday, March 17 at 9 p.m on TNT. Eipsode Synopsis:  Dallas Season 3 Episode 4 “Lifting the Veil” – It’s wedding day at Southfork and Afton (guest star Audrey Landers), Ray (guest star Steve Kanaly) and Lucy (guest star Charlene Tilton) return for the occasion. The only one missing is the groom, John Ross, who’s skipped out to strike a deal with a family adversary. Meanwhile, Christopher returns from Mexico to witness Nicolas and Elena’s relationship deepening, and to his surprise finds a new burgeoning romantic connection. As Pamela wonders what’s keeping John Ross from the nuptials, Sue Ellen fears it’s Emma and contemplates stopping the wedding. Read More... //

'Dallas' Exclusive Interview: Jordana Brewster and Juan Pablo Di Pace on Elena and Nicolas' Complicated Plan

In last Monday's Dallas  premiere, Elena (Jordana Brewster) was a woman on a mission. She recruited her childhood friend, Nicolas Trevino (Juan Pablo Di Pace) to help her make the Ewings pay for cheating her family.     Read More... //