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Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 Review: Brave New World

Did they really just do that? The promos forewarned that a member of the Ewing family would die in  Dallas Season 3 Episode 15  but Christopher Ewing was never a name that made my list. I really thought Ann would die but that wouldn't have been nearly as dramatic as watching Christopher's car blow up with what I can only assume was him inside. I say "assume" because we only saw him enter the car from behind. We never saw his face but it certainly looked like him and with all the hype about a Ewing death I can only believe that it's true. Read More... //

Dallas Review: Who Will Bobby Save?

Ann and Emma were the collateral damage in  Dallas Season 3 Episode 13 . Will either of them get out of Mexico alive? There's certainly plenty of people trying to make that happen but they all have different agendas. Ann was right when she told Emma that they were stronger if they worked together. As much as I was happy that neither one of them fell apart, there really wasn't much either of them could do. In the middle of nowhere in Mexico with armed men everywhere and bars on the windows, the hope of escape was nil.  Read More... //

Dallas Review: A Legacy of Revenge

It was a legacy of revenge that fueled  Dallas Season 3 Episode 12  and if it proved anything it's that hate breeds hate.  Perhaps no one man reflected that more than Cliff Barnes. If anyone could understand Pamela's dilemma, it was Sue Ellen, if only because she'd dealt with the ruthlessness of the feud between Cliff and J.R. for decades. She gave Pamela the best advice she could…that the only way to find closure was to see her father face to face. Read More... //

Dallas Review: Down the Dark Path

Elena continued her way down the dark path of revenge on  Dallas Season 3 Episode 11  and I wonder if she'll ever find her way back.  She said she wanted to end things but when Elena asked for her restitution, that may have been just the beginning. It was easy to understand her fury. She lost her father and then her brother to a lie but what she's done to prove it has driven her to a very dark place.  Read More... //

Dallas Review: The Choices We Make

We all make choices, sometimes really bad ones. Such was the case on  Dallas Season 3 Episode 10 .  Elena once told John Ross that every day is another chance to make it right…unfortunately it's also another shot at get it utterly wrong.  Drew's death continued to spiral into something truly dark. The cartel and Nicolas made it look like a suicide and if that wasn't bad enough, the police eventually found proof that he had set the fire at Southfork. Read More... //

Dallas Review: Be a Better Man

It appears that John Ross will get to do his renovations after all, as  Southfork  burned once again on  Dallas Season 3 Episode 9 . Fans of the original series will remember the season 7 premiere where Bobby had to rescue a passed out drunk Sue Ellen from their burning home.  The only difference this time was that it wasn't an accident, it was arson.  But will anyone actually figure that out? Read more:  //

'Dallas' recap: Burning Down the House

The Ewings' enemies all decide to get revenge at once, so who do we blame?   Read More... //

'Dallas' recap: Striking Distance

As Bobby and Ann rescued Sue Ellen, John Ross and Nicolas schemed for control of Ewing Global.   Read More... //

Dallas Review: Over Someone's Dead Body

It was the winter finale on  Dallas Season 3 Episode 8  and with so much packed into the hour, it's anyone's guess who will survive. When Pamela saw that video of John Ross and Emma, I really believed she would confront her husband right away. I almost wish she would have. It would have been less painful for everyone.  Read more:  //

Dallas Review: Us Against the World

As the Ewings are busy battling one another, little do they realize that there is another enemy at their door on  Dallas Season 3 Episode 7 . We started off with Sue Ellen in what appeared to be a state-run hospital. I wonder if John Ross had any idea what the place was like on the inside when he sent his mother.  Read more:  //