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Top Moments: Today's 9/11 Fiasco and an Awkward X Factor Reunion

Our top moments of the week: 13. Cheapest Move: After Rachel and Nick win Bachelor Pad , they have to decide separately if they want to share the $250,000 prize or each keep it for themselves. Rachel chooses to share, but Nick launches into a long diatribe about his unexpected victory. "Nobody sitting up there in the cast, nobody in this audience right now, and nobody sitting at home watching right now would have put their money on me to win this," he says. By the end, it's clear what his choice is: He keeps the money for himself, leaving Rachel with nothing. As Rachel tears up... //

Damages Season 5 Finale [Series Finale 2012]

Check out a video of the series  finale of  Damages  Season 5 Episode 1 "But You Don’t Do That Anymore" which airs Wednesday, September 12 2012 at 9 p.m on DirecTV . Episode Synopsis:  Patty and Ellen face off against each other in court, and the shocking results alter their lives forever. Read More... //  

Top Moments: Dallas' Bombshell, Covert Affairs' Death and Talent's Got a Feud

Our top moments of the week: 13. Hardest Problem: On the series premiere of NY Med , an unidentified male visiting New York City goes to the hospital after having an erection for 12 hours as the result of taking an erectile-dysfunction drug. The urologist explains that the only solution is to drain blood from his penis. "Have you done this before?" the man asks, before exclaiming, "We should YouTube this!" The real kicker? He comes in with a guy he had met the night before at a club. //

Damages Premiere: Did That Really Just Happen?

[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 5 premiere of Damages . Read at your own risk.] Damages has never been afraid of kicking off its seasons with provocative images, but the flash-forward featured in the legal drama's fifth and final season premiere might just take the cake. The premiere saw Ellen ( Rose Byrne ) agree to represent Internet mogul Channing McClaren ( Ryan Phillippe ), whose Wikileaks-like website came under fire when the identity of Naomi Walling ( Jenna Elfman ), one of the site's whistle-blowing sources, became public. After Naomi took her own life, Patty ( Glenn Close ) filed suit against McClaren on behalf of Naomi's daughter, setting up a final showdown between Ellen and Patty....  //

Damages, Hit & Miss: A Direct Pipeline to Provocative Drama

Mamma mia — or should we say Mommy Fiercest? You do not want to mess with the ruthlessly cunning and downright lethal women ruling the roost on DirecTV's wild new Wednesday drama combo. One of these formidable she-beasts is very familiar: Emmy winner Glenn Close as barracuda lawyer Patty Hewes in the fifth and final season of Damages , juggling one last timely high-profile lawsuit with a personally and emotionally charged custody case involving her granddaughter. The other is someone I guarantee you've never seen the likes of before: Big Love 's alluring Chloe Sevigny starring in the gripping British import Hit & Miss as the enigmatic Mia, a brutally efficient assassin-for-hire whose complicated life as a transgender woman still in transition is further upended when she learns she fathered a son 11 years ago. ( Damages premieres Wednesday at 9/8c, Hit & Miss at 10/9c, on DirecTV's Audience Network.) //

'Damages' Premiere Preview: 5 Things to Know

Patty Hewes vs. Ellen Parsons in a do or die court showdown as the hyper-intelligent, twist-filled thriller kicks off its final season. //

Damages Season 5 Spoilers: Ellen and Patty Face Off in Court

A lot of bourbon has been shared between Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) and Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) on Damages, and the two will meet again for the fifth and final season starting July 11 on DirecTV’s Audience Network. In a recent interview with TVLine, Rose Byrne teased her character’s last arc — but wouldn’t confirm if Ellen is really dead, as the preview seems to indicate. "I’m pleading the fifth on this," said Rose when TVLine tried to ascertain if... //

Rose Byrne On Growing Up With 'Damages'

For Rose Byrne, the journey of her " Damages " character Ellen Parsons has been a very personal one. As "Damages" enters its fifth and final season (premieres Wed., July 11, 9 p.m. ET on DirecTV's Audience Network), Byrne said she is letting go of Ellen "bit by bit." "I'm very protective of her," Byrne told me on set while filming the series finale in March. "For me, it's someone who has been entirely changed by an experience from start to finish." The experience she's referring to? Life with Patty Hewes, the villainous lawyer co-star Glenn Close has made iconic. When viewers first met Ellen Parsons, she was fresh out of law school and looking to make her mark in the legal world. Enter Patty Hewes (Close) who had motives of her own for hiring, mentoring and then attempting to kill Ellen. "This relationship changed her in every single way that could be possible," Byrne said. After years of backstabbing, manipulation and talks on the dock, Season 5 sees Ellen going up against Patty once and for all in court. From the looks of the trailers , it's not a happy ending for Ellen. Read More... //

Damages Season 5 Promo: Are You Afraid of Patty?

You're not afraid of me, are you? So Patty asks in the first official trailer for Damages Season 5, which debuts on DirecTV July 11 and which will mark the end of this gripping legal thriller. The upcoming set of episodes will feature Ryan Phillippe and Jenna Elfman, the former portraying a character named Channing McLaren, who runs a website that exposes Wall Street misconduct. His case will pit Ellen against Patty in the courtroom. "You want to end this once and for all?" Patty asks in the promo. "Now’s your chance." //

Damages Season 5 Trailer – Premieres July 2012

Check out a trailer of the fifth and final season  of  Damages  which returns Wednesday, July 11 2012 at 9 p.m on DirecTV . Episode Summary:  The fifth and final season of the series, which has been nominated for nineteen Emmy Awards, centers on the timely and controversial subject of government  and corporate transparency, focusing on how the ever-changing digital landscape shapes the way in which information is obtained and shared. DAMAGES is produced by Sony Pictures Television in association with FX Productions and KZK Productions. Read More... //