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Top Chef : New York (10 pm/ET Bravo) Raw drama is on the menu in the conclusion of the Season 5 finale. Fab contestant Fabio (with his new Mohawk 'do in tow) packed his knives and was sent home last week, so that means Carla, Hosea and Stefan will have to get jazzy in New Orleans for the final challenge. Tensions boil over between Hosea and the antagonizing Stefan, culinary twists await, and the epic epicurean journey ends with the crowning of our winning chef. Lost (9 pm/ET ABC) OK, our gang is back on the island, and if Jin's fresh-looking Dharma Initiative jumpsuit provides a clue, it must be the 1970s. Hope the Ajira 316 passengers who weren't Losties weren't hurt. So where do we go from here? Back to L.A., where we'll learn how and why Locke hanged himself. We might also learn why he took the name of that other long-dead English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham. And where does Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) fit into all this? Maybe we'll find that out, too. America's Ballroom Challenge (9 pm/ET PBS (check local listings)) The stars may not be aligned, but the dancing is guaranteed to put Lawrence Taylor, Lil' Kim, Jewel and the other Dancing with the Stars celebs to shame. Twenty-four of the world's top fleet-footed couples meet up in Columbus, Ohio, for this annual competition, where they demonstrate their talents in such dances as the tango, fox-trot, cha-cha, rumba and jive. Criminal Minds (9 pm/ET) It's common in TV crime dramas, film thrillers and murder-mystery novels to see the words "serial killer" and "prostitute" together. The hookers are often the victims of psychopaths who see them as easy prey. Tonight's hour turns the tables when the prostitute becomes the killer. The team believes that a high-class call girl is luring executives and murdering them. Damages (10 pm/ET) Talk about loyalty! That Uncle Pete would rather kill both himself and his wife of 60 years rather than rat out Patty. Or so it seems - with this show you're never sure not only of motives but of the actions themselves. But in any event, it certainly looks like back-to-the-drawing-board time for Agents Harrison and Werner. Look for the suddenly spiritual Frobisher to suffer a setback as well. And when Kendrick looks over his shoulder, he'll see Patty getting closer all the time. Source here

Tate Donovan: "Tough Decisions" Ahead for Damages' Tom

Tate Donovan always plays the nice guy. Remember The O.C. 's Jimmy Cooper? Friends' Joshua? His character on Damages (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET, FX) might have gotten his hands dirty a time or two, but he's a regular saint compared to his colleagues. But is that about to change? We chatted with Donovan to get his take on swimming with the sharks, and to see how close his character comes to the dark side before the season wraps. For Full Interview Click Here .

Damages Season 2 Preview

Its first time around, FX's Damages dangled before viewers the season-long question of who killed aspiring legal eagle Ellen Parson's fiance. Season 2, premiering Tuesday at 10 pm/ET, opens with a dead-serious Ellen talking to someone off-screen, whom she ultimately shoots. And then we flash back, in dramatic Damages style, to "Six Months Earlier." Source here

Midseason Mania: Most Exciting Premieres & Returns, Part 2

Friday Night Lights - NBC Premiere Sure, if you have DirecTV you could have been watching the 3rd season of Friday Night Lights for months already thanks to a ground-breaking deal between the satellite TV company and NBC (which helped essentially prevent the series from cancellation). But then again, who exactly has DirecTV? This is why NBC's Winter Premiere of Friday Night Lights is one of my most eagerly awaited events of Midseason! One of the finest dramas on TV (ignoring an unfortunate murder subplot from Season 2), I have high hopes that more people have and will discover this gem so that perhaps this 3rd season will not be the show's last. FX Dramas - Damages and Nip/Tuck Between the two, I'm not going to lie, I am more excited for the 2nd season premiere of Damages. Damages is still new and fresh, whereas even the most diehard Nip/Tuck fan would have to admit that the show has started to show its age. The second season of Damages is sure to be as thrilling as the first, as we'll have the brand new angle of Ellen Parsons working to expose Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) and talented cast additions including Marcia Gay Harden and Timothy Olyphant. And...though Nip/Tuck has been headed towards the increasingly ridiculous lately (how many patients have tried to murder Christian and/or Sean exactly?), the show remains more entertaining than most. Trust Me on TNT I've been missing Eric McCormack since the series finale of Will & Grace and though Thomas Cavanagh has had quite a run of guest appearances (including runs on Scrubs and Eli Stone ), he hasn't headlined a show in a few years either (unless you count the short-lived Love Monkey). So...since both of these guys have great charisma, I couldn't be more excited to see the two of them teaming up and starring in new series Trust Me on TNT . Let's just hope that in the TV world there's enough room for two shows about ad executives, as I don't think Mad Men will be ceding its crown anytime soon! Dollhouse on Fox It's entirely possible that Dollhouse is doomed before it starts as it's created by Joss Whedon and airing on Fox. Did I mention it's been assigned the Friday night death slot? It's almost deja vu if you were ever a fan of a little show named Firefly (also Whedon-produced, mistreated by FOX and ultimately short-lived, though beloved by fans). Then again, lets not turn this into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Dollhouse has yet to air, so it doesn't have to be a failure unless we make it one. The show stars familiar Whedon-ite Eliza Dushku (of Buffy and Angel) as Echo, a DNA-altered human (or Doll) given different personalities for new assignments which are erased upon completion. You know this sounds like fun... Battlestar Galactica on SciFi It's hard to believe that the time has finally come; Battlestar Galactica will be concluding its 4th and final season beginning in less than 2 weeks. They've been teasing who that final Cylon would be for more time than I care to remember, and the countdown clock is now ticking. I imagine that this will be one of many mind-blowing reveals in this last batch of episodes. I know it hasn't aired yet, but something tells me that if done right, BSG could have one of the most thrilling series conclusions...ever. What part of Midseason Mania is most exciting for you?

FX Doubles Up on Damages

TVWeek , By Jon Lafayette, 12 November 2007 11:22 AM FX has ordered two more seasons of its original series Damages KZK Productions, Sony Pictures Television and FX Productions will crank out 26 more episodes of the program starring Glenn Close beginning early next year. "FX is proud of our status as a leader in fostering bold, high-quality scripted programming," said FX Networks President John Landgraf. "We commend [creators] Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, Daniel Zelman and their magnificent cast, headed by Glenn Close, with pulling off this hugely ambitious series and establishing Damages as one of the best dramas on American television." The series drew critical praise but didn't do as well as other FX originals in the ratings and skewed older. The first runs of its episodes averaged 2.5 million total viewers and 1.1 million adults 18 to 49. In addition to Ms. Close, cast members Rose Byrne and Tate Donovan are signed on as regulars for season two.

Six Selected Scenes From 'Damages' Season 2

A series of selected scenes promoting the upcoming season of 'Damages', the FX's legal drama series starring Glenn Close, has been released. Read more.

Year in Review: Top Shows You're Not Watching, Part 2

Damages - When you first saw the previews for legal thriller Damages I imagine you thought exactly what I did: "Great. Another legal show. Just what we need." However, I assure you that Damages is not like other legal programs and absolutely deserves your time and attention. In some ways, it makes me think of Dexter in that it has an excellently paced season-long murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the last episode. Combine this with superb acting talent (including Emmy winning performances from Glenn Close and Zeljko Ivanek) and a fascinating method of story telling (the show jumps between at least 3 time frames in a seamless and relatively non-confusing manner) and we have ourselves a winner! Friday Night Lights - Having us here at SideReel telling you to watch Friday Night Lights is nothing new. We dedicated the SideReel Drama Club to the show during this past summer. However, until every single person out there has watched this show...we refuse to stop talking about it. This show has everything - from an unfairly attractive cast to some of the best family drama on television. We repeat: It doesn't matter if you don't like football. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Granted, this little gem of a show is currently more watched than it used to be. However, I imagine some of you have still overlooked this fantastic comedy, which I warn you, is probably not for everyone. However, the ones that do click with IASIP's insane sense of humor (jokes about necrophilia, abortion, name a few) will immediately identify it as a favorite. Give it a chance! The Big Bang Theory - I fear that some people may have shared my initial reaction to this show which was that "it's just another cheesy sitcom". However, as the first season of Big Bang progressed, the show has evolved (pun intended) into one of the smarter, funnier shows on television. If you listen carefully, the show is chalk full of clever, incredibly nerdy jokes. For me, this show proves that it's still possible to have a standard sitcom (laugh track included) that works. Privileged - I identified Privileged as being not great, but showing promise when it debuted, and since then it has only improved. In my initial review I commented that while we all love Gossip Girl , The CW could still use a show that is a little more Gilmore Girls (re: wholesome) and Privileged is your winner. It's the only show currently on the network that really delves into a relationship between sisters and it is done quite well. The show's star Joanna Garcia also takes parts and scenes that could be vomit-worthy in terms of cheesiness and manages to turn it into something adorable. If you liked old-school WB, Privileged is for you! Think there's other shows that we should be watching? Share in comments! Go Back to Part 1 2008: Year in Review

Damages Season Two Premiere

We know how season two of Damages will begin. Find out now. Season Two Premiere News

Promotional Photos for Episode 2.01

Here are some new Promotional Photos for the season 2 premiere

FX Announces Return Dates for Damages, Nip/Tuck

Already worrying about the long, cold winter months ahead? Well, FX has released the premiere dates for two of its hottest shows, sure to keep you warm. The sophomore season of the Emmy-winning series Damages returns on Wednesday, Jan. 7 at 10 pm/ET with 13 new episodes. One night earlier (on Jan. 6), the fifth season of Nip/Tuck continues at 10 pm. Damages will pick up with the turbulent life of Patty Hewes (Emmy winner Glenn Close), who after her unprecedented victory over billionaire Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson) is pondering her next move. William Hurt joins the cast as Daniel Purcell, a man from Patty's mysterious past who will launch her into a new legal challenge. Oh, and Patty's protégé Ellen (Rose Byrne) is acting as an informant for the FBI to bring Patty down. Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden and Timothy Olyphant also join the cast this season. Nip/Tuck resumes with Sean (Dylan Walsh) and Christian (Julian McMahon) in L.A., and their practice faces an unexpected medical crisis. Love is also in the air, as Christian decides to settle down while Sean's vulnerability leads him into a new relationship. Source: TvGuide