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Damages Season 4 Promo Poster and Video

It looks set to be another bloody season of  Damages  if this new cast promo poster and video are anything to go by. Damages  is a show that has never been timid in the portrayal of violence that can taint corporate business and season 4 looks set to take this to the next level when Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), goes after a private military 'Blackwater' type company. Early promos for this season have hinted at the extreme lengths this season will go to and this new cast photo and promo video further reiterate this notion. The new promo is missing the somewhat jarring Rhianna track that has been used on previous promos, which was more distracting than complimentary of the images that were being shown from the new season. This new promo has corrected that misstep and keeps the creepy redacted element over the writing, which instantly provokes a feeling of mystery and intrigue for this season. The lengths that these companies will go to and what can happen to someone in modern day warfare is further accentuated in this promo, as we see what looks to be Chris Messina who plays former soldier and friend of Ellen's (Rose Byrne), Chris Sanchez undergoing some pretty rigorous and painful torture.  John Goodman as the head of the military contractor looks menacing in this trailer and he doesn't appear to be a man who will have his personal and business convictions easily swayed. He clearly believes that he is in the right and invokes the idea of God to further prove his point saying: "The pain you will endure will bring you closer to God." Religion looks like it will prove to be important element of this season as there are images of people praying in this clip. Read More... //

'Damages': John Goodman Turns Up the Heat in Season 4 (Video)

John Goodman  guest stars in a seasonlong arc as a CEO of a military contractor who is forced to defend himself in a wrongful death suit stemming from an incident that occurred in a war zone. Read More... //

VIDEO: Season 4 Damages Trailers Bring Naked Terror

The fourth season of Damages isn't coming until next month, but it will be well worth the wait judging by the emotional trailers. This season features Chris Messina as an old high school chum of Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) who suffers from PTSD. In the trailers, we get glimpses of the drama to come, including nudity of the non-titillating variety, hints of torture and John Goodman playing a very loud, corrupt and scary military contractor. We can't wait! Read More... //

'Damages' Season 4: Now with 100 percent more Rihanna

DirecTV is rolling out the promotions for the July 13 premiere of "Damages'" fourth season. And though the first two clips boast a lot of different material, they do have one thing in common: Rihanna. While bleak clips of violent interrogations, a solider (Chris Messina) suffering from PTSD and a very angry John Goodman join the expected tête-à-têtes between Patty (Glen Glose) and Ellen (Rose Byrne), the somewhat oddly placed "Love the Way You Lie" plays in the background. Not that these first glimpses are anything but exciting. We're still pretty jazzed about DirecTV swooping in and saving the legal drama for an additional two seasons. DamagesWatch the first two clips below (via PopWrap), and let us know whether you'll be making the jump to satellite TV for more "Damages" or waiting for the DVDs.... //

Intense Promo for 'Damages' Season 4

A case takes its toll on Ellen's emotions, but Patty urges her not to give up in order to become a special attorney. //

Damages Sets Premiere Date, Teases New Season

Damages has set a date for its debut on DIRECTV July 13. Speaking on the unusual arrangement that has the drama solely airing on that satellite provider, series creators Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler released a statement today that reads: "The opportunity to be on DIRECTV this season allows us to explore another chapter in the lives of Patty Hewes and Ellen Parsons, and push the envelope in terms of storytelling and content." Read More... //

Glenn Closes Teases Season Four of Damages

The fourth season of Damages , coming solely to DirecTV this July, will feature a number of big names. Among them: John Goodman and Judd Hirsch. But Glenn Close remains the biggest of them all, of course, and she'll reprise her Emmy-winning role of Patty Hewes over the course of 13 episodes this summer. What can we expect from her character and the series? "We find Patty with a big class action suit against a pharmaceutical company, so she’s going big guns on that," Close previewed to The New York Post . "But the most problematic part of her life is that she has a three-year-old granddaughter, has a hard time keeping nannies and hasn’t seen her son Michael in three years." Read More... //

Griffin Dunne Cast on New Season of Damages

A new name has been added to the impressive list of fourth season guest stars on Damages . Griffin Dunne will portray a foreign reporter on the FX drama, someone who is looking into a military security company that is being sued over an incident in a war zone. The actor most recently appeared on White Collar and The Good Wife . Other season four players Judd Hirsch, Bailey Chase and John Goodman. Damages airs on DirecTV this summer. //

'Damages' scoop: Judd Hirsch on board

The upcoming fourth season of   Damages   has added veteran actor Judd Hirsch in a key role. Hirsch ( Numbers, Taxi ) will play a former mentor of Patty’s (Glenn Close); a man who took her under his wing during her first job out of law school. But his situation has changed greatly over time and he now spends his time "at the bottom of a bottle." Since CBS’   Numbers concluded in last year, Hirsch has appeared on The Whole Truth   and   Warehouse 13 . Read More... //

Chris Messina Cast on Damages

Chris Messina has landed a key role on the upcoming season of Damages . The actor will portray a high school acquaintance of Ellen's and a former soldier. When the series picks up this summer, Messina's character will be working for a private security firm in Afghanistan. The fourth season of Damages premieres this summer and will air solely on DirecTV. Read More... //