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Damages: Tate Donovan Reacts to the Season Premiere's Shocking Twist

SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains plot details from Damages Season 3 premiere as well as coming episodes. For Damages' Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan), the Season 3 premiere was the best of times and the worst of times. After making Tom a partner in Season 1, Patty (Glenn Close) finally puts Tom's name on the door. But just as the new Hewes & Shayes sign is being installed, one of the show's trademark flash-forwards reveals that in six months Tom will be murdered. Donovan, who last season laughed off the notion that Tom might someday be bumped off, tells he has mixed feelings about the twist. "[Co-creator and executive producer Todd Kessler] called me up and told me the story and asked me what I thought," Donovan recalls. "And I said, 'Man, that is a great story. I just wish I wasn't playing the character of Tom Shayes.' I love this job. It's a great, well-written show and I get to direct. It's the best gig ever. So, it's a bummer." Damages has never been afraid of killing off beloved characters. (See also: Ray Fiske, Uncle Pete.) Kessler says Tom's death was just a necessary storytelling device. "We always knew the price of success in the world of Patty Hewes meant someone near to her could lose their life," Kessler says. "There's always the questioning whether this is the right moment to tell that story, but it's also an approach to storytelling that ... allows the audience to realize that you need to sit forward as you watch this show because anything can happen. It's very important that the audience has the sense to expect the unexpected. For Patty to lose her right hand, we believe that to be a great story." To Read More Click Here .

Damages: Ellen and Patty Are on a (New) Collision Course

Damages is trying something a little different for its third season: Patty without Ellen. When the gripping FX legal thriller returns (Monday, Jan. 25 at 10/9c), Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) won't have her protégé-nemesis, Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), at her side. After finally getting Patty to admit she tried to have Ellen killed, Ellen has made good on her promise and left Hewes and Associates in her rearview mirror. Or so she thought. "It's an interesting and challenging change in storytelling for them not to be in the same office," co-creator and executive producer Glenn Kessler tells "We've always considered their relationship to be the crux of the entire series, and they aren't on-screen together a lot in the first few episodes. What the third season will be about is them coming back into each other's lives on very different terms. Ellen has moved on emotionally and apparently psychologically. Part of the fun of the season is seeing just how these women are drawn to each other and how, despite their best efforts, they may end up together." Bringing the two back together is the Tobin family, whose patriarch, Louis Tobin (Len Cariou), has perpetrated the biggest fraud in Wall Street history (think Bernie Madoff). Ellen, now working for the district attorney, pursues the criminal side of the case while Patty becomes the court-appointed trustee to find out if and where Tobin is hiding the $9.7 billion he ripped off in his Ponzi scheme. To Read more Click Here .

TV Tonight: What's On Monday 1/25 - Featured

While we'll be missing a few Monday favs tonight including the CBS comedy line-up, there are some great premieres and other regulars to look forward to! Greek returns tonight with an all new time, plus FX and Showtime Mondays get interesting! Check out all that's new tonight: 8/7c Chuck on NBC House on Fox The Bachelor on ABC One Tree Hill on The CW The Secret Life of The American Teenager on ABC Family 9/8c Heroes on NBC 24 on Fox Life UneXpected on The CW Make It or Break It on ABC Family Intervention on A&E 10/9c Castle on ABC Greek on ABC Family Damages on FX Men of a Certain Age on TNT Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Showtime 10:30/9:30c Tracey Ullman's State of the Union on Showtime 11/10c La La Land on Showtime What will you be watching?

Damages: Season 3 Premiere Preview - Featured

Damages returns tonight for its highly anticipated third season and this time, the legal drama will be shedding light on the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history. Season 3's main case sounds a lot like the Bernie Madoff scandal, also known as the Ponzi scheme, which is a fraudulent investment operation that pays returns to separate investors from their own money or money paid by subsequent investors, rather than from any actual profit earned. In the season opened entitled "Your Secrets Are Safe," Patty, whom we last saw recovering at her home after being stabbed by Finn Garrity on the elevator before her confrontation with Ellen, is now spearheading the case against the powerful Tobin family, which includes Joe Tobin, played by Campbell Scott, Marilyn Tobin (Lily Tomlin), and the family's trusted attorney Leonard Winstone (Martin Short). Ellen, on the other hand, is now adjusting to her new job in the DA's office. And though it looks like she's managed to keep her distance from Hewes and Associates, we all know that she'll be running into Patty again in the near future. And why wouldn't she? Ellen's boss only happens to be working on a case against Wall street CEO, Louis Tobin, portrayed by Len Cariou. Source & Preview

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Jan. 25, 2010 - Featured

* Damages (10/9c FX ) This season's villain appears to be Bernie Madoff, only the case is murkier and there's a body in a Dumpster. Len Cariou plays the Madoff-like Louis Tobin, and Campbell Scott and Lily Tomlin play his wife and son, whom Tobin insists know nothing. Patty's out to recover lost assets, while Ellen now works at the DA's office, which will prosecute Tobin. But don't expect them to work hand-in-glove. And in the flash-forward, Patty's car is rammed by a car that turns out to be registered to... * 24 (9/8c Fox) Season 8 moves to its regular time slot with a power struggle percolating as CTU honcho Brian Hastings is being second-guessed by his agents. It never seems to take this crew long to forget how often Jack has pulled everybody's fat out of the fire. Meanwhile, Renee's trustworthiness is in question; and Chloe has become at least underappreciated and possibly a pariah showing more loyalty to Jack than to Hastings. And then there's the Middle East peace process hanging by a thread. * Greek (10/9c ABC Family) ABC Family expands to airing three hours of original prime-time programming on Mondays with the mid-season return of this college-set drama. The Cyprus-Rhodes kids pick up right where they left off, in the aftermath of the fire at Gamma Psi. A fund-raiser is held to help rebuild the house, and the guilt-plagued ZBZs wonder what role they played in the destructive blaze. Meanwhile, the KTs have a tough time moving on in the wake of the expulsion of three of their brothers. * Chuck (8/7c NBC) The solid spy show's third season is flying high, delivering the usual fun mix of pop-culture riffs, workplace comedy, perfectly placed modernist music and, of course, guns, girls and gadgets. The series continues to take flight when Chuck departs to Paris for his very first solo assignment. During the flight, Chuck delights in a French connection when he befriends a pretty fellow passenger (Kristin Kreuk). But there'll be turbulence when Chuck must tangle with another passenger - menacing, muscle-bound goon Hugo Panzer ("Stone Cold" Steve Austin). Morgan's not on sturdy ground, either: He battles Jeff and Lester for power at Buy More. * La La Land (11/10c Showtime ) British comedian Marc Wootton is absurdly funny in this new series as he plays three different off-the-wall characters stalking stardom in Los Angeles. The hapless trio includes cocky cockney cabbie Gary, who wants to be an actor; psychic Shirley Ghostman, whose connection to the spirit world seems permanently disconnected; and dimwitted documentarian Brendan, who wants to be Michael Moore but is more Ed Wood. The three outlandish poseurs' interaction with real people in real situations is the stuff of head-shaking, eye-rolling lunacy. Source here

Major Damages Spoiler: Who Dies on the Season Premiere?

Warning: Don't read any farther if you wish to remain in the dark over a major death coming to Damages... On the January 25 season three premiere of this FX drama, Tate Donovan's Tom Shayes will be killed. However, the actor will be sticking around for all 13 episodes, as the show often flashes back to reveal clues about how and why Tom died. To Read More Click Here .

Damages: Cast and Creators Talk Season 3

The third season of the labyrinthine FX drama Damages hits the air on Monday, January 25th with a new dynamite season. The cast and creators, including Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, Tate Donovan, Martin Short and Lily Tomlin, appeared this morning at the TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter Press Tour this morning to talk about Season 3. This season deals with another sort of "ripped from the headlines" scandal as Patty makes it her mission to try and recover millions of dollars in lost investor funds from Wall Street con-man Louis Tobin (Len Cariou). The criminal dealings this year surround Tobin's family, whose son Joe (Campbell Scott) desperately wants the public to know that he had nothing to do with his father's pyramid-scheme, and whose matriarch Marilyn (Lily Tomlin) is hiding secrets. As Louis insists that he's hiding no money - no fortune to recoup - things begin to unravel and it's up to the family's attorney Leonard Widmore (Martin Short) to try and keep Patty at bay. Why the casting of comedic greats Tomlin and Short in such dramatic roles? "It continues to amaze us to work with actors and performers who aren't always given opportunities to play other than what they're known for," Todd Kessler, executive producer and writer, said. He noted that, starting back when they cast Ted Danson as Arthur Frobisher, they all loved casting people that they were big fans of and that inspired them, even if they were known for comedy. "Carrot Top is in the next one," Short joked, appearing via satellite. "He's very effective." Series star Glenn Close remarked that she loved working with the two comedians in their non-comedic turns. "It was a very surreal experience. Having watched them my whole career and loved them." Close went on to add "Because of the pace that we work at a lot of it is like an improv. It's just a great process." Close then thought of a scene when Short, Tomlin and Campbell Scott were all together and how "one of the crew said that it was a gift to watch not only what they did in the scene but what they did in between takes," referring to the off camera antics. To Read More Click here .

67th Golden Globes: 'Mad Men' Is Best Drama Again

"Dexter" misses the chance to be a big winner at the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards when "Mad Men" is announced as the Best TV Series - Drama. This is the third year that "Mad Men" wins the category since it blocked the other drama shows from the throne in 2008 and 2009. Earlier at the event Chloe Sevigny beat Jane Lynch from "Glee", Jane Adams from "Hung", Rose Byrne from "Damages" and Janet McTeer from "Into the Storm" to claim Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television. She enrolls on "Big Love" as a polygamist's second wife, Nicollete Grant. All the winners in television category have been read out. So far, "Dexter" and "Grey Gardens" come out as the big winners by taking home two each. Source Here

Damages Snags The Sopranos' Dominic Chianese

Dominic Chianese - who memorably portrayed Uncle Junior on The Sopranos - is heading to Damages, has confirmed. Chianese will appear in a multi-episode arc as Stuart Zedeck, a man associated with the Tobin family. The actor will first appear in the sixth episode and the Tobin family will play an important role in Patty Hewes' (Glenn Close) next case, according to Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the casting. Craig Bierko of Boston Legal fame will also appear in multiple episodes as a character connected to Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson), EW reported. Damages' third season premieres Jan. 25 at 10/9c. Source Here

DAMAGES Season 1 and 2 Video Recap

Want a quick recap of what happened in the first two seasons of DAMAGES? Check out the season 1 and 2 mashup that FX has put together right in time for Season 3 of Damages which premieres on January 25, 2010 at 10pm. Having caught up on season 2 last week, the show is still fresh in my mind and I cannot wait to see what the third season will be all about. But for those who need a quick refresher, enjoy the video below. Source & Video Recap