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Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Millers Prison Term Postponed

Looks like Abby Lee Miller will be able to enjoy her Fourth of July weekend after all! The Dance Moms star was set to report to prison on Friday, June 30, beginning her one year and one day sentence for bankruptcy fraud. However, it seems something changed in the final hours.   ...Read More... //

Ex-Dance Moms Host Abby Lee Millers Prison Term Start Delayed

Just hours before Abby Lee Miller was set to surrender to begin her stint behind bars for fraud, the former Dance Moms host has been handed a reprieve. Sentenced to one year and one day in prison by a federal judge in Pittsburgh on May 9 , Miller is now scheduled to report to a Southern California facility around July 12. Likely to serve no more than eight months if she is found to exhibit good behavior, shewas supposed to be headed to the Big House on June 30. Not that  ...Read More... //

Abby Lee Miller Maintains Innocence Before Prison Stint: I Listened to the Wrong People

Though her stint on television made her seem as tough as nails, Abby Lee Miller is scared about her time behind bars. Just days before she reports to prison to serve her one year and one day sentence for bankruptcy fraud, the former Dance Moms star is opening up about how she is preparing for those 366 days. “It's a little surreal. People have said, ‘Okay, keep your mouth shut, stay to yourself,” she told Extra on Wednesday, June 28.   ...Read More... //

Dance Moms and Project Runway Get Summer Premiere Dates

  Lifetime just released the premiere dates for its summer lineup and it looks like you'll have a small wait for some of your favorite shows. Dance Moms heads into its seventh season on August 1 at 9/8c with choreographer Abby Lee Miller . According to Deadline , she shot the episodes started on her   ...Read More... //

Dance Moms, Project Runway & More Get Summer Premiere Dates On Lifetime

Lifetime has slotted summer premiere dates for returning series Dance Moms and Project Runway ; movie Story of a Girl, which marks Kyra Sedgwicks directorial debut; along with new docuseries So Sharp , Growing Up Supermodel and Little Women LA: Couples Retreat. Dance Moms returns at 9 PM August 1 with new Season 7 episodes. These are the final episodes featuring choreographer Abby Lee Miller that were shot before she began a yearlong prison sentence for fraud . The show   ...Read More... //

Abby Lee Miller Says Goodbye to Dance Moms Forever: I Regret Everything (VIDEO)

   Abby Lee Miller  is saying goodbye to  Dance Moms   for good. The reality star will be making her final appearance on the Lifetime show this summer and it looks  intense. In the emotional teaser trailer for the new season, the 51-year-old says goodbye to her dancers and the moms who have been with her through thick and thin. ...Read More... //

Dance Moms Star Mackenzie Ziegler, 13, Sued by Music Producer

You’re never too young to fall in love — or to get sued, apparently. Maddie Ziegler’s 13-year-old sister Mackenzie Ziegler learned that recently after a music producer sued her and her mom for breach of contract.  ...Read More... //

Find Out When Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Miller Is Due to Report to Prison

With Abby Lee Miller still busy walking red carpets and partying hard, it’s easy to forget she’s just weeks away from checking into prison! The former star of Dance Moms was sentenced to 366 days behind bars on May 9, and we now know the date when that kicks off. ...Read More... //

Former 'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller to Cheryl Burke: 'She Needs to Watch Her Mouth'

Abby Lee Miller is clearly not a fan of new Dance Moms instructor Cheryl Burke. After the Dancing with the Stars pro dancer claimed that the girls from the Lifetime dance series are traumatized by their former instructor's prison sentencing, Miller defended herself and didn't hold back. ...Read More... //

Dance Moms Star Abby Lee Millers Studio For Rent After Prison Sentencing

Abby Lee Miller might be out on the town, hitting up red carpets and partying it up, but the hard truth remains — she’s heading to prison soon. And with the former star of Dance Moms about to be behind bars for 366 days, some major changes are afoot for her businesses. ...Read More... //