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Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller Gets 11th-Hour Reprieve In Fraud Case Sentencing

EXCLUSIVE: The prospect that Abby Lee Miller might actually end up behind bars for fraud dominated a lot of the Season 7 finale of Dance Moms last night, but today the host got a bit of breathing room. With less than 48 hours to go before Miller faced sentencing as part of a guilty plea that could see her go to jail for 2 1/2 years, Pittsburgh-based Judge Joy Flowers Conti pushed the hearing off the schedule. "The sentencing scheduled for 2/24/2017 is cancelled," said the   ...Read More... //

Will 'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Avoid Jail Time?

Abby Lee Miller is in big trouble with the law over her fraud case. Miller has been charged with fraud and illegal currency import. Miller allegedly hid over $800,000 and avoided paying her creditors. She is facing fines of more than $5 million and the possibility of a maximum sentence of five years in jail. The sentencing should be announced shortly but Deadline reports that Miller doesn't think she deserves to go to jail at all. ...Read More... //

The Entire Dance Moms Cast, Then And Now (PHOTOS)

The  Dance Moms   cast has grown up  so much  since the Lifetime reality show premiered in 2011. While star  Maddie Ziegler ’s meteoric rise is pretty obvious, the rest of the girls have changed just as much too — if not more. ...Read More... //

Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller Wants No Jail Time In Fraud Case; Feds Disagree

Just two days before the first part of Abby Lee Miller 's sentencing in her multi-million dollar fraud and illegal currency import cases, the Dance Moms host is insisting that the hiding of over $800,000 was all because she became too famous too fast. Miller is also saying she never hurt anyone, shes been humiliated publicly and she doesn't deserve to be put behind bars though the feds really dont see it that way. "Ms. Miller respectfully requests that the Court ...Read More... //

Dance Moms Star Speaks Out About Possible Cancellation

It’s the question that’s been on everyone’s minds since Season 7 of  Dance Moms  started — is this the end? For weeks, the stars of the Lifetime show have been hinting at a possible cancellation for the long-running reality show, most likely due to  Abby Lee Miller’s upcoming sentencing for fraud .  Read More... //

Is 'Dance Moms' Ending After Season 7? Abby Lee Miller Speaks Out

On season 7 of Dance Moms , Abby Lee Miller has made it her goal to bring the ALDC back to its glory days by winning more titles and first place trophies. She plans on doing this by cutting some of the Minis and bringing in new girls to dance with the Junior Elites. In a new Instagram post, Abby announced that she achieved her mission and then some. However, she may have also included some shocking news about the future of Dance Moms . ...Read More... //

[VIDEO] 'Dance Moms' Spoilers: Is Abby Lee Miller Sabotaging the Junior Elites?

The moms of the ALDC have had enough of Abby Lee Miller. Throughout season 6 of Dance Moms , Abby has been absent from the studio, not given enough effort to the routines and even thrown the Junior Elites aside for the Minis, at times. Now, as Abby prepares for her possible prison sentence, is she making sure to take her team down with her? ...Read More... //

[VIDEO] 'Dance Moms' Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down over Legal Issues

Throughout season 6 of Dance Moms , a dark cloud has loomed over the team's heads -- Abby Lee Miller's legal issues. Early on in the season, it was revealed that Abby could be facing jail time due to a high-profile fraud lawsuit. Abby has tried to remain calm, cool and collected amid this scandal, but it now may have become too much for her to handle. ...Read More... //

'Dance Moms' Interview: Gianna Martello Spills Season 6 Spoilers, Talks All Things Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller may be the face of Dance Moms and the ALDC, but she certainly could not have done it without the help of one very important person -- Gianna Martello. Since the Lifetime reality series premiered back in 2011, Gianna has assisted Abby in choreographing the award-winning numbers the Junior Elite Team performs every week on the show. BuddyTV had the pleasure of speaking with Gianna for an exclusive interview, where she provided a background on her life, talked all things Dance Moms , spilled some show secrets and even discussed the legal issues surrounding Abby. ...Read More... //

Abby Lee Miller Reveals Mini Team is Kicked off of 'Dance Moms'

The Abby Lee Dance Company just got much smaller. Tuesday's new episode of Dance Moms featured the return of the minis. However, fans shouldn't get too used to them, because Abby confirmed that their time on the show has come to an end. ...Read More... //