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'Dance Your Ass Off': Will Ruben win it all?

After ten weeks of workouts, injuries, and questionable costumes, the " Dance Your Ass Off " champion is finally named. Will Pinky be defeated by a severe injury? Will Ruben continue to lose lots of pounds? Will Shayla remain laser focused? Let's find out... Host Marissa Jaret Winokur wastes little time before introducing our Judges On The Halfshell, Mayte Garcia, Lisa Ann Walters, and Danny Teeson. Immediately following is a package that has the nine eliminated show up in order of axing - Angela, Warren, Karla, Tara, Brandon, Miles, Trice, Mara, and finally Alicia. Everyone has kept the weight loss up but Angela, Warren, Miles, and Trice are the most impressive visually (it's been a scant two weeks since we've seen Mara so the change isn't as immediately apparent). Marissa pops up to let them know they'll be performing a group number wearing their Week 1 costumes to show how much their bodies have changed. Everyone's lost plenty of inches all over. I can't highlight anyone person because they've all done fabulous jobs, though I think happiest for Brandon and Warren as I was the most concerned for them when they were eliminated. To Read More Click Here .