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Backstage at Dancing With the Stars: Anger on the Dance Floor

The stars weren't the only ones battling it out on the Dancing With the Stars dance floor Monday night. Pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy went after judge Carrie Ann Inaba on the air, fighting back verbally after Inaba dissed the slow opening to his "instant dance" cha cha choreography with Brandy. But backstage after the show, long-time choreographer and dancer teacher Buddy Schwimmer, father of pro Lacey Schwimmer, went after Maks. "I would've thrown him off the show," said Schwimmer. "You don't do that to a judge. It's very unprofessional. Afterwards, if you want to say something, that's one thing. But not on the air, when all you're trying to do is make them look bad. If someone did that to me, I would kick them out of the studio." To Read More Click Here.

DWTS Sneal Peek: ''The Gloves are Off'' for Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough show off their Dancing with the Stars Week 8 rehearsal moves in this Entertainment Tonight video. They have the Quickstep as their main dance, but also the Rumba as their "insta-dance," where the music is unknown until 20 minutes before showtime on Monday night. Since they don't know the music, Derek is teaching Jennifer the dance by counting to her and making lots of sound effects. If he had his mic on as he danced live on the show, we'd hear all kinds of bah! pow! waa! sounds like an old episode of Batman. "I'm also a ventriloquist, which is really good," he says. Since the Rumba is the "dance of love," Jen jokes, Derek is "just going to be inspired by me." Her overall message to the competition? "All I can say is, the gloves are off." Make of that what you will! Source & Preview