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Jennifer Grey is Still in Pain from DWTS

It's been a week since Jennifer Grey won the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, so how does she feel now? Not great, actually. Well, at least physically. "I have this nerve that is squeezed between the bones in my foot called a neuroma that's gotta be dealt with. I got tendonitis in my left knee when I was doing the Argentine Tango, all the deep squats and lunges," she told Extra at the opening of Disney Times Square. But the big surprise is that Jennifer almost wasn't able to compete in the finale. "The night before, when I did the freestyle, I ruptured a disc in my back. I went to the hospital the morning of the last show, and they gave me a shot of cortisone to get me through it — that should last a couple weeks. I'm about a week into that shot... I think I'm going home to do surgery this week to take care of that. Pain has become my friend." Ouch! To Read More Click Here.

'Dancing With the Stars': Bristol Palin says scandal 'boosted ratings'

Bristol "the pistol" Palin came out with guns a-blazin' on the "Dancing With the Stars" finale -- though not in the way you might have expected. Maintaining a generally shy persona with the press and on camera throughout the season, she dropped the act for the finale, saying that winning would be "a big middle finger to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me." With the votes already cast, it seems the time for pageantry has passed. To Read More Click Here.

You Won't Believe Your Eyes: Awkward Palin Family Photos - Wetpaint

Since the Palins are all the buzz right now, we felt it was only right to use our impeccable stalking skills (a gift, really), to uncover some of the most awk Palin pics out there. Pictured, Sarah Palin rocks the nerdy preggos look. To Read More  Click Here.

Did You have Trouble Voting During DWTS Finals? - Wetpaint

If you had trouble voting for your favorite Dancing with the Stars finalist last night, you're not alone. Fans flooded the ABC website, Twitter and Facebook (plus the watercooler around our offices) to complain about the fact that they couldn't get through. The good news is that, fans were able to vote until 11 a.m. EST today. So if you were able to get through this morning, your vote did indeed count. To Read More Click Here.

Ratings: Dancing Fans Leave Skating in Droves

Skating With the Stars had viewers moving faster than Apolo Anton Ohno — to other channels. Overnight ratings showed that Dancing with the Stars had 24.6 million viewers (and a leading 5.2 rating among the advertiser-coveted 18-to-49-year-old demographic), making it the franchise's strongest Monday finale in six seasons. It also was this season's most-watched entertainment program — NBC's Sunday Night Football has scored higher numbers. But even with the slick move of trying to seamlessly hand viewers over to Skating at 9:13 p.m., the debut of the new show on ice left viewers so cold that by 9:30, it was down to fewer than 11 million viewers (2.7 in the demo) and to 6 million viewers (1.7) by 10:30. Skating still managed to beat NBC's The Event and Chase and Fox's Lie to Me, but lost by a wide margin to CBS' Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five-0, this season's most popular new show. Mike & Molly attracted nearly 13 million viewers (4.0 in the demo) and Five-0 peaked at 12.2 million (3.2). Source Here

Dancing with the Stars: Jennifer Grey "Really Surprised" She Won

Nobody, not even a Disney star or the daughter of Sarah Palin, can put Baby in a corner. Jennifer Grey, the actress best known for her starring role opposite Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, was named the 11th winner of Dancing with the Stars. And while viewers may not be surprised that the judges' favorite took home the mirrorball trophy, she was shocked. "I was really surprised," Grey told us following her win. "It means everything to me because I didn't think I could do it. It's a very satisfying experience." At 50, Grey is the oldest woman to win Dancing with the Stars. Donny Osmond is the oldest altogether, after winning Season 9 at the age of 51. The housewife-turned-dance champ could've been crowned the winner even earlier had Grey accepted the producers' request years ago. "I had been asked for nine years and I said no out of fear," she said. "I would've been robbed of this amazing experience had I not said yes and had the courage." To Read More Click Here.

Dancing With the Stars: Who Will Take Home the Trophy?

Two helicopters circled overhead. The paparazzi were out in full force. Security guards were everywhere. And there was a full moon. But for all the insanity this week surrounding Bristol Palin's inclusion in Monday night's Dancing With the Stars finals — like the man who shot his TV set in anger, and whoever sent that threatening letter containing what turned out to be a benign white powdery substance to the show's production offices — everything inside the studio was relatively normal. All three finalists danced well, the audience had a good time, and no one held up a sign saying "Bristol, Go Home." Still, Palin's cage had to be rattled, because during the commercial break before her first dance, she went over to her mother and held her hand, listening to words of encouragement. Sarah Palin has been ringside in the ballroom several times, and her daughter has never done that before. "We were just having a little moment together," Bristol explained right after the show. To Read More Click Here.