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Spoiler: Audrina Patridge Reveals Her First Song for the Premiere - Wetpaint

Get excited, Dancing with the Stars fans. While appearing on Lopez Tonight on Tuesday, Dancing with the Stars contestant Audrina Patridge revealed that she and partner Tony Dovolani will be performing to Katy Perry's summer smash "California Gurls" when they kick-off the season next week. "It's really fun, it's upbeat, it's sexy," Audrina said, admitting that she's still "really nervous" about the show. And she has been rehearsing five-to-six hours per day for the last two weeks. Imagine what Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino must feel like! To Read More Click Here .

Jennifer Grey Vies for Everyone's Support Going into 'Dancing with the Stars'

With less than a week to go before the season 11 premiere of Dancing with the Stars, we have an early candidate for the most sympathetic: Jennifer Grey. Grey looks to start off somewhere near the front of the dancing pack, but she can now expect a boost from the posthumous support of a Hollywood icon. On the September 14 anniversary of Patrick Swayze's death, Grey revealed that her Dirty Dancing co-star was her inspiration in taking the competitive dance plunge. She got past her fears and embraced the challenge of Dancing with the Stars by recalling Swayze's life. Jennifer Grey got additional support in an e-mail from Patrick Swayze's widow, Lisa Niemi, who will be one of the many expected to root in her favor. Grey has more than just a Swayze sympathy bump going for her. Unlike many of her Dancing with the Stars competitors, Jennifer Grey has a past marked by undeniable talent. Little movies like Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller's Day Off attest to that. That talent extends into the dancing arena, not only seen in Dirty Dancing but also implied by an illustrious theatrical parentage (her father, Joel Grey, won both a Tony and an Oscar for Cabaret). Grey also has a sympathy card of her own to play. After all, would you want to vote off a thyroid-cancer survivor who lost a career to a bad nose job? To Read More Click Here .

'Dancing with the Stars' Interviews: Who's the Team to Beat?

The brand new cast of Dancing with the Stars, who will put on their dancing shoes and kick off the season Monday, September 20, took time out of their busy rehearsal schedule to talk strategy and why they joined the show, and everyone's got different ideas about how to get all the way to that coveted Mirrorball. Pre-season fan favorite Jennifer Grey sounded a little reticent as she said her plan with partner Derek Hough is to "take one minute at a time," while Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson said she plans on listening closely to partner Corky Ballas, and hopes "America responds to that." That's So Raven alum Kyle Massey has already decide that he and Lacey Schwimmer are "the couple to beat." To Read More Click Here .

Dancing's Maks Sticking with Pre-Season Game Plan

Hi everyone, How are you? Hope you had a great week! Brandy and I are still hard at work on our dances. I feel like a broken record, but everything is going great. I have my game plan that I'm going to stick with. I've done this for so long now that I know that these three weeks of rehearsals can go one or two ways. If the person is not very good at picking up choreography, they need as much time as they can get. If they are more comfortable with dancing, moving their bodies and interpreting music, which is what dance is, they have an easier time obviously. If that person does have an easier time, what do you do with three weeks? We are just given our first two dances - Viennese waltz and the jive (not the cha-cha anymore!) - and I personally think it's pointless introduce the celebrities to more than that in the first three weeks. To Read More Click Here .

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11 Cast Photos Revealed

With just a few weeks left to rehearse, ABC has released the first official photos of the new cast of 'Dancing With the Stars' season 11 in costume. Red is in this season and the outfits are as sparkly as ever. No photos of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino have been released. Bristol Palin told People.com that she intends to wear modest outfits. Do you think her outfit lives up to her modesty hopes? Check out the photos and tell us! Source & Photos

Official Dancing with the Stars Cast Photos: Does Bristol Palin's Costume Look Modest to You?

Bristol Palin has said she wanted modest costumes for Dancing with the Stars, and she does look modest in her first outfit -- at least compared to Audrina Patridge. In the first official photos of this season's contestants in costume, Palin wears a black dress with strategic lace. Patridge, meanwhile, wears a tiny red two-piece that shows off her toned frame. Source Here

Bristol Palin on Dancing: "I'm So Uncoordinated and Don't Have Any Rhythm"

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Friday, Bristol Palin addressed a report that claims that she has been a diva on the set. "The only thing I've ever asked for is a Velcro mic pack so I won't have to wear it on my belt loops," Palin said on Friday. Palin added that rehearsals have been difficult. "I'm so uncoordinated and don't have any rhythm, so we're starting from scratch." Leno seized the opportunity to take a dig at the teenage mother. "That's also how you get pregnant, but I'm not going to go there," he joked. To Read More Click Here .

Pics: 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11 Pairs in Rehearsal

Less than three weeks away from the season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars", the contestants of season 11 are hard at work to soften their limbs. Audrina Patridge, Bristol Palin, Michael Bolton, and the rest of them were spotted in and out of the dancing studio to practice with their professional dancing partners. Patridge for one, makes an impression out of Tony Dovolani. Asked by E! how their progress is, the pro said, "I think her strength is her drive. We've had three practices and so far they've been incredible. She's doing really, really well. She really wants this badly." In a separate interview, Patridge said, "I have discovered muscles I never knew existed on my body. The muscles right behind my knees are killing me, my calves, my arms, my thighs, everything." To Read More Click Here .

Dancing's Maks: Brandy Is "Very Capable of Winning"

Hi everyone! I'm back! I hope you all had a great summer. I can't believe it's time for another season already. As you may already know, I'm paired with Brandy this season. I'm very happy to have been partnered with her. I think there's a lot of pressure on use to do well because she's an entertainer, but just like last season, we're taking it one week at a time. So far, we've just done one rehearsal. Our first dance is the Viennese waltz and our second is going to be the cha-cha, I think. We've got three weeks until the premiere and everybody has a different strategy, of course. Mine is to get ready for the first dance. The first week is the hardest for everyone. That first Monday +- it's all shock for the celebrities and they go, "Wow, now I get it." But eventually they get used to the whole process, and every week you start again from scratch. The first two weeks determine who's the worst, for the lack of a better word, and by Week four or five, people start to pull away. I think last season, we stayed under the radar and the fans carried us through. Hopefully we'll have great fans pulling for us this season. To Read More Click Here .

Who Is The Situation's Dancing Partner?

A dancing star is nothing without a pro. ABC has unveiled the 12 pairings for Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars. Two-time winner and defending champ Derek Hough will vie for a record third Mirrorball trophy with Dirty Dancing's Jennifer Grey. Two-time champs Cheryl Burke and Mark Ballas will also be in the running with Rick Fox and Bristol Palin, respectively. Making a return to the parquet are Season 9 champ Kym Johnson, Season 3 runner-up Karina Smirnoff, Season 7 third-place finisher Lacey Schwimmer and Ballas' father, Corky Ballas, who was last paired with Cloris Leachman in Season 7. To Read More Click Here .