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TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 11/23

Tonight our CW favorites One Tree Hill and Life UneXpected are in repeats yet again, but don't forget to take advantage of all that's new! Glee, Parenthood, the new TBS series Glory Daze, and of course, don't forget to tune in to see who will take home Dancing with the Stars' coveted mirrorball trophy! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c No Ordinary Family  on ABC NCIS  on CBS Glee  on FOX The Biggest Loser  on NBC 9/8c Dancing with the Stars  on ABC -- 2-hour season finale! NCIS: Los Angeles  on CBS Raising Hope  on FOX Stargate Universe  on Syfy 10/9c The Good Wife  on CBS Parenthood  on NBC Sons of Anarchy  on FX 16 and Pregnant  on MTV Glory Daze  on TBS What will you be watching?

DWTS pros give Bristol Palin their support

In light of the threatening letter containing a white powder sent to the Dancing With the Stars office late Friday night (allegedly addressed to Bristol Palin), pro-dancer Tony Dovolani told TV Guide Magazine at the 2010 AMAs on November 21 that Palin could count on his support through the ordeal. "Every time I've had a chance to speak to her, I tell her to hold her head up high," he says. "She is not the one voting for herself, everybody else is. So it's not her fault." Dovolani says Palin is doing remarkably well, despite the negative media attention. "I think the mainstream media and the tabloids, everybody loves to bash her. She's a single mother at 19, so to deal with that much hatred towards her, I think she handles herself really good," he says. As the three finalists — Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Palin — prepare to take home the mirror ball trophy on Tuesday night, Dovolani and his colleague Karina Smirnoff reflected on an intense season full of surprise eliminations. To Read More Click Here.

Dancing With the Stars: Who Will Take Home the Trophy?

Two helicopters circled overhead. The paparazzi were out in full force. Security guards were everywhere. And there was a full moon. But for all the insanity this week surrounding Bristol Palin's inclusion in Monday night's Dancing With the Stars finals — like the man who shot his TV set in anger, and whoever sent that threatening letter containing what turned out to be a benign white powdery substance to the show's production offices — everything inside the studio was relatively normal. All three finalists danced well, the audience had a good time, and no one held up a sign saying "Bristol, Go Home." Still, Palin's cage had to be rattled, because during the commercial break before her first dance, she went over to her mother and held her hand, listening to words of encouragement. Sarah Palin has been ringside in the ballroom several times, and her daughter has never done that before. "We were just having a little moment together," Bristol explained right after the show. To Read More Click Here.

Millionaire Matchmakers Pick Celeb Boyfriends for Bristol and Brandy - Wetpaint

Bristol Palin and Brandy Norwood need some action off the dance floor, too. The Dancing with the Stars Season 11 contestants are both single mothers without men in their lives (despite those pesky rumors about Bristol and her pro partner Mark Ballas). Brandy, 31, has an 8-year-old daughter, Sy'rai with ex-boyfriend Robert Smith. Bristol Palin, 20, famously has her son, Tripp, soon to be 2, with ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston. [Read our interview with Brandy about her romantic side.] To Read More Click Here.

Top Moments: Hawaii Five-0's Molotov Cocktail Party, Dancing's Bulletproof Bristol

Here are our top TV moments of the week: 12. "Oh No She Di'nt" Award: Laguerta knew she was in some deep doo-doo after her last sting operation on Dexter resulted in the death of civilians. But rather than nut up and take responsibility for her actions, she suggests to Deb that they pin the blame on Manzone because her career would be least affected. Deb isn't having it, so Laguerta decides to throw Deb under the bus and get Manzone to back her story to the chief. 11. Most Engaging Day: After sleeping through their start time, Amazing Racers Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith seemed in store for a pretty bad leg until the short-fused Chad decides to pop the question mid-leg to his gal pal of six months with his late mother's ring. She says yes and they finish the leg in first place for the first time, winning a trip to Belize. And they lived happily ever after... until the next leg. 10. Best Means of Research: When a young girl is believed to be infected with smallpox after coming in contact with an artifact from a Dutch slave ship on House, the curmudgeonly doc thinks fast to find a translator to decipher the original captain's log from the ship for clues. Rather than find a translator in the hospital at the late hour, he goes for the next best thing: Skyping with a Dutch Internet call girl to read the log to the team. Problem-solving at its best. To Read More Click Here.

Bristol Palin Thinks She Deserves 'Dancing with the Stars' Final

Instead of sinking low with harsh comments thrown at her, Bristol Palin is excited that she goes through to the final round of "Dancing with the Stars". Palin escaped the butcher's knife earlier this week although she scored the lowest among four semi-finalists. The daughter of Sarah Palin received the necessary back up to qualify her through the audience vote.  A lot of people have since criticized the show for being a competition of popularity instead of dancing skill, and even accused the voting of being rigged. But Palin thought she deserved the place, saying "I know I've worked hard to get where I am. I definitely feel like I'm the most improved dancer on this show - so I'm comfortable with that."  To Read More  Click Here.

Dancing With the Stars' Epic Fail

No. This is not right at all. Bristol Palin beats Brandy? Nope. Not buying it. Yet that is exactly what Dancing With the Stars tried to sell us last night by revealing that the teen mom who doesn't think anyone else should have premarital sex somehow ranked higher than the R&B singer who scored a perfect 30 the night before. Not since Wretchin' Gretchen beat Mondo Fabuloso on Project Runway has the natural order been so out of whack. Are the conspiracy theorists right? Are member of the Tea Party really messing with the results by registering fake emails and filing multiple votes on ABC's website? If not, then it's very possible that the apocalypse is upon us, people. Well, that may be extreme, but this definitely stands as a sign of DWTS' questionable credibility. Granted, Miss Palin's mother broke ratings records with her new TLC reality show this past weekend, so it's possible that anything bearing the Palin brand is gonna pull in the big numbers. But let's be honest, this is a dancing competition. Talent is supposed to matter more than rubbernecker curiosity or even political affiliation. But Bristol's performance Monday night, while vastly improved since week 1, still resembled that of a re-animated corpse learning to walk again...and most definitely did not deserve the take the popular vote. The only upside to this upset is that Bristol is now headed to the finals — alongside Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey — which means she could manage to achieve something her mommy hasn't in a while: A win. What did you think of last night's results? Is this messed up or does Bristol Palin belong in the finals? Source Here

Backstage at Dancing With the Stars: A Shocking Elimination

There was anger, outrage and sadness in the Dancing With the Stars ballroom Tuesday night. Brandy, who did such a magnificent job this season, was told she would be going home, knocked down by the seemingly unstoppable force that is Bristol Palin. Whether it's the wide reach of her mother, Sarah Palin, the influence of the Tea Party, or Bristol's appeal as the only "ordinary" (and therefore relatable) person in the competition, it doesn't seem to matter that she comes in dead last on the leader board. Viewers' votes, week after week, have allowed her to leap-frog over Audrina Patridge, Rick Fox, Kurt Warner and now, Brandy, and put her into next week's finals. For her part, Palin is proud and unapologetic. "I'm the most improved dancer, without a doubt," she says, "and I deserve to be here.  Nobody's worked harder than we have." To Read More Click Here.

Wisconsin Man Shoots TV Over Bristol Palin's Dancing Performance

A Wisconsin man has been arrested after he fired a gun at his TV when Bristol Palin performed on Dancing with the Stars and then held police at bay in a 15-hour standoff. According to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court, Janice Cowan told police that her husband, Steven Cowan, 67, became enraged when Palin started dancing on Monday's show. She said he screamed, "the f---ing politics," because he was upset that Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, was still on the show since he believes she's not a good dancer. The complaint said that Cowan, who had been under stress because of a financial situation and was being treated for a mental health problem, later retrieved his shotgun and fired it at the television. After demanding for the rest of his pistols, Cowan reloaded the shotgun and pointed it at his wife, the complaint said. Janice Cowan left the house and drove away to call 911, according to the complaint. To Read More Click Here.

'Dancing With the Stars': John O'Hurley handicaps the finalists

In the summer of 2005, former "Seinfeld" star John O'Hurley -- most recently the host of "Family Feud" and a Broadway performer -- competed in the first season of ABCs "Dancing With the Stars" with pro partner Charlotte Jorgensen, finishing second in a disputed finale to "General Hospital" star Kelly Monaco and her pro partner, Alec Mazo. ABC brought the two back in the fall for the show's only dance-off so far, which O'Hurley wound up winning. He was on hand in the audience for the recent 200th episode celebration for "Dancing With the Stars," and he shares his picks for the final three with Zap2it: Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey and Brandy. To Read More Click Here.