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'Dancing with the Stars' week 2: Sambaing toward the first elimination

The "Dancing with the Stars" Season 17 celebrities are back for another week of dancing and their first week of eliminations. And the show is launching straight into Latin Week -- which is always fun.Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy - sambaScores: 8+9+8 = 25Cumulative scores: 49Christina Milian and Mark Ballas - paso dobleScores: 9+8+8 = 25Cumulative scores: 47Bill Engvall and Emma Slater - jiveCarrie Ann: "That was the most entertaining routine so far this season."Len: "From a distance, I could have sworn you were Derek."Bruno: "You definitely hit the performance value this time."Scores: 7+7+7 = 21 Cumulative scores: 39Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke - rumbaLen: "I thought it had great control, it had some style about it."Bruno: "You were doing the splits -- I thought you'd never get up!"Carrie Ann: "When I watch you dance, I feel like I'm transported to another time ... like 'Game of Thrones' time!"Scores: 8+8+8 = 24 Cumulative scores: 47Keyshawn... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/dancing-with-the-stars-week-2-sambaing-toward-the-first-elimination.html

'Dancing With the Stars': Elizabeth Berkley is 'Queen Elizabeth' to Len Goodman

Elizabeth Berkley came out week one on "Dancing With the Stars" and did a beautiful contemporary number with challenging choreography from partner Val Chmerkovskiy. This week, they took on a samba that continued to show off just how talented of a dancer she is. "Elizabeth, I'm telling you, that was so close. It was absolutely fantastic. Samba is tough, this is week 2. Just tiny little things, but overall ... Queen Elizabeth!" says Len. Bruno adds, "The accuracy, considering the amount of steps you put in that routine, for week 2, is incredible." And Carrie Ann praises control, especially considering how tall she is -- which she is. In heels, Berkley is several inches taller than her partner. The judges gave her two 8s and a 9 from Bruno for a 25. What did you think of Elizabeth's dance? Will you be voting for her?... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/dancing-with-the-stars-elizabeth-berkley-is-queen-elizabeth-to-len-goodman.html

'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Which Couple Will Go Home First?

The new format of Dancing with the Stars begins this week as the performance show becomes the results show as well. In week 2, all 12 couples will dance again, but at the end of the night, the scores from the first two weeks, combined with the viewer votes from last week, will result in the first couple being eliminated.  Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/dancing-with-the-stars/dancing-with-the-stars-predict-51278.aspx

Amber Riley Says Glee is "More Grueling" than Dancing with the Stars

  Amber Riley  became  an early frontrunner  when she made her  Dancing with the Stars   debut Monday, likely due to the rigorous training she'd already become accustomed to. " Glee   is much more grueling [than]  DWTS . Trust me," Riley told  Us Weekly .  Read More...       //www.tvguide.com/News/Amber-Riley-Dancing-With-the-Stars-Glee-1070475.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'Dancing with the Stars': Amber Riley and the rest of the Season 17 front runners

Has "Dancing with the Stars" ever had such a high-scoring first episode? The Season 17 premiere saw 10 out of 12 dancers earn scores in the 20s, while Amber Riley and Derek Hough received a nearly unprecedented 27 points for their jive.What's going on? Where did all of these great dancers come from? How tough will the competition be?It's impossible to answer those questions so early in the season, but we can at least make note of which dancers are the most likely to succeed.1. Amber RileyTo say the "Glee" star started off with a bang is an understatement. From the first steps of her lightning-speed cha-cha, the audience and the judges went wild. If Amber can keep up momentum like that, she will truly be the one to beat.2. Corbin BleuSitting in the press viewing area during the premiere, I overheard a telling comment at the end of Corbin's performance: "So that's it... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/dancing-with-the-stars-amber-riley-and-the-rest-of-the-season-17-front-runners.html

'Dancing with the Stars': Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd flirt, talk dance

"Dancing with the Stars" Season 17 got off to a strong start with "Pretty Little Liars" actor Brant Daugherty and professional partner Peta Murgatroyd dancing a cha-cha. After the show, we had a chance to talk to the couple about their upcoming season and to witness a little flirting.What was it like going first? Were you really nervous?Brant: I was pretending I wasn't, for everybody else's sake. But I was really sweating it. We had to come out right after that opening number -- and we were running around the studio and there was a costume change. It was a lot to deal with, but I'm glad we got it out of the way early. We got to ride the initial wave of energy of the crowd. I had an amazing time.Do you think acting will help you on the show?Brant: I've said from the start, what I have in this competition is the... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/dancing-with-the-stars-brant-daugherty-and-peta-murgatroyd-flirt-talk-dance.html

'Dancing with the Stars': Tristan MacManus praises Valerie Harper

Doctors once thought Valerie Harper wouldn't even make it to the premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" Season 17. Diagnosed with terminal cancer this past spring, the actress was given only a few months to live. But she did live, and now she is competing with professional partner Tristan MacManus.After the season premiere, we had a chance to talk to Tristan about how Valerie was doing in the ballroom. Check out the interview below.How do you feel about your first performance of the season?Tristan: It went great. It went great! It was going terrible all day long. We worked on stuff, she cleared her mind, she focused on what she was supposed to do, and I was really, really happy with her. Really happy!What did you know about Valerie Harper as an actress before you were partnered with her?Tristan: Do you know, I haven't watched any of them? I feel like I probably need... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/dancing-with-the-stars-tristan-macmanus-praises-valerie-harper.html

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 17: Amber's Record and the Race for the First 10

Dancing with the Stars got off to a huge start in season 17 with some impressive dancing and even more impressive scores from the judges. Top among them was Glee 's Amber Riley and partner Derek Hough getting three 9s, a 27, for their first dance. Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/dancing-with-the-stars/dancing-with-the-stars-season-51214.aspx

'Dancing with the Stars' Season 17 Premiere Performance Rankings

Here are my rankings for the best and worst dances from the first week of Dancing with the Stars season 17. Read More... //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/dancing-with-the-stars-season-17-premiere-performance-rankings-19147.aspx

'Dancing with the Stars': Amber Riley and Derek Hough on high scores and 'Glee'

Amber Riley dominated a tough week in the "Dancing with the Stars" Season 17 premiere. Along with professional partner Derek Hough, Amber earned all 9s for 27 points. Not only was this the top score of the night, it also matched a "DWTS" season premiere record.What did Amber and Derek have to say about that afterwards? Find out about that and Amber's "Glee" future in this interview.How do you feel about getting such high scores in the very first week?Amber: We'll take it. We worked really hard! I mean, we're scared, but we'll take it.Derek: We're like ... Okay?!Amber: It's high for the first week, but we worked really hard at this. That felt good!Derek: Yeah, whether or not it's the beginning, middle, end -- whatever it is -- but when there's a song that's great. When it all kind of comes together, it comes together. For me, if I were to all think... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/dancing-with-the-stars-amber-riley-and-derek-hough-on-high-scores-and-glee.html