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What TV Shows Hit Netflix in November 2016?

These are the TV shows hitting Netflix in November 2016. Whether you are looking for something animated, a sitcom, a comedy special, an action adventure series, something for the kids, a Netflix Original and more, there is always plenty to choose from. Shows are listed by date and then alphabetically. Weve also added if previous seasons are available. Also, find shows leaving the service this month listed at the bottom. 11.04 The Crown : Season 1 (Netflix Original) Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60 : Comedy Special (Netflix Original World of Winx : Season 1 (Netflix Original) 11.09 Danger Mouse : Season 2 (Netflix Original) Season 1 already available. 11.11 All Hail King Julien : Season 4 (Netflix Original) Seasons 1-3 already available. Case : Season 1 (Netflix Original) Estocolmo : Season 1 (Netflix Original) Roman Empire: Reign of Blood : Season 1 (Netflix Original) Tales by Light : Season 1 (Netflix Original) 11.15 K-POP Extreme Survival : Season 1 11.16 The 100 : Season 3 (The CW) Seasons 1-2 already available. 11.17 Lovesick : Season 2 (Netflix Original) Formerly known as Scrotal Recall Paranoid : Season 1 (Netflix Original) 11.18 Beat Bugs : Season 2 (Netflix Original) Season 1 already available. Colin Quinn: The New York Story : Comedy Special (Netflix Original) 11.23 Penguins: Spy in the Huddle : Season 1 11.25 3% : Season 1 (Netflix Original) Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life : (Netflix Original) Seasons 1-7 already available. Michael Che Matters : Comedy Special (Netflix Original) Will you be checking out any of these additions? Leaving Netflix as of 11.01 Chuck : Seasons 1-5 (NBC) Patton Oswalt: My Weakness Is Strong : Comedy Special Power Puff Girls : Seasons 1-6 Shameless (UK) : Seasons 1-10 11.24 The Boondocks : Seasons 1-4 Chowder : Seasons 1-3 Courage the Cowardly Dog : Seasons 1-4 Uncle Grandpa : Season 1 Will you miss these shows that are going away? //

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Cartoon Treatment as "Jimmy Camel" in 'Danger Mouse' Reboot

An exclusive first look at Jimmy Kimmel as a camel in the animated series.   Read More... //