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Dawson’s Creek Alum Meredith Monroe To Appear on HAWAII FIVE-0

The roster of guest stars for the CBS drama  HAWAII FIVE-0  has just gained a  Dawson’s Creek alumni: actress Meredith Monroe. According to  Entertainment Weekly , Monroe is set to play  an unhappy wife who leaves her husband for another man, taking all his money with her. Little does she know, however, that the money actually belongs to a criminal who ends up taking her hostage. Best known for her role of Andie McPhee on the long-running WB drama, Monroe has also appeared as Haley Hotchner on  Criminal Minds  as well as recent guest star roles in  The Closer ,  NCIS  and  Psych . Read More... //

Michelle Williams Says Yes to 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion

Michelle Williams would jump at the chance to star in a "Dawson's Creek" reunion special - because the show gave her such a good grounding in acting. The actress was a teenager when she landed her breakthrough role in the drama, and headed to Wilmington, North Carolina with castmates Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson and James Van Der Beek to film the series. Read More... //

James Van Der Beek Checks Into Mercy - Featured

From EW: The doctor is in, and he...ZOMG it's Dawson Leery! Dawson's Creek grad James Van Der Beek is joining the cast of Mercy in the major recurring role of Liam West, the hospital's new ICU chief, sources confirm to me exclusively. Cocky, womanizing, and manipulative, Dr. West will frequently clash with Sands, Harris, and the nurses. But beneath the alpha-male swagger lies a brilliant MD whose primary goal is to make Mercy Hospital money. The new doc is also hiding a deep, dark secret. Word has it that Van Der Beek could become a series regular if the character clicks. That raises the question: Do you think the character will click? Source

Finale Fever: SideReel's Top 10 Favorite Series Finales, Part 1 - Featured

Friends - 10.20, The Last One (2) After 10 seasons of living, loving, losing and laughing with this gang, Friends came to a sad but perfect end. We got Ross's dramatic race to the airport, leaving him (and us) brokenhearted as he went home without Rachel, then finally the perfect reunion we'd dreamed of! Not everything can last forever, so while Rachel and Ross got together, Chandler and Monica went through with their move and Joey was heading for LA, but we were left knowing everyone was happy and would still see each other plenty in their fictional post-show lives. Arrested Development 3.13, Development Arrested After numerous hilarious and sadly unsuccessful blatant pleas to 'Save the Bluths,' Arrested gave in to its under-appreciated canceled fate. As usual, the finale featured all the Bluths spiraling out of control, but to truly epic series finale proportions! We got the mysteries of Maeby AND Lindsay's true identities solved, George Sr. out of prison, and a party squabble that ended with all the Bluths (and non-Bluths) getting a banana stand justice smackdown, a police boat chase, a final batch of huge mistakes, and maybe a (now confirmed!) movie. Battlestar Galactica - 4.20, Daybreak (2) This show's finale was not loved by all, but overall, I think the series was wrapped up well after all the drama, fighting, and death. It didn't bring a cheesy happy ending or a tragic one, but it brought enough of the characters a future on Earth, plus finally brought peace to them all. There was far too much religious influence, and my biggest disappointment was the lameness of the Starbuck conclusion, but I think all the characters minus Starbuck wrapped up just right from the sad but sweet ending for the President and Adama, and everyone else left getting to finally live happily... with the threat of repeating it all over again generations later... Gilmore Girls - 7.22, Bon Voyage I had expected this series finale to be a big cliffhanger since the cancellation wasn't for certain when the episode was filmed, but luckily it was expected enough that they did a wonderful job of giving us a satisfying ending. We were left with Luke and Lorelai finally happily together, Rory graduated with an excellent job lined up, and Rory not with a guy but with the possibility of love to come. Ah, just right! Dawson's Creek - 6.24, ...Must Come to an End No true fan can discuss this finale for too long without a few tears, but that is exactly why this was one of the greatest season finales. Not only was it perfectly tear-jerking (okay, they played us a little hard with the Jen dying storyline), but as we jumped into the future with the creek kids of Capeside, we saw everything was just right with Dawson reaching his dream of making a show, Joey a writer living happily with Pacey, and they all came together to see Jen in her final days. It was sad, but a perfect way to say goodbye to the characters, and to see that long-awaited love triangle conclusion that left everyone happy - isn't WB just the best?

Fav TV Couples: When On-Screen Romances Get Real, Part 2 - Featured

Dawson's Creek - Katie Holmes & Joshua Jackson Would you believe that Katie Holmes once dated people that were age appropriate and seemingly normal, including her one time Dawson's Creek co-star Joshua Jackson? The two dated for the first season and a half of Dawson's Creek; Holmes refers to Jackson as her first love and told Rolling Stone "it was something so incredible and indescribable that I will treasure it always". Interestingly, by the time Pacey and Joey were shacking up on Dawson's in Season 3, the Holmes/Jackson relationship had already come to an end. Luckily, Holmes to date describes Jackson as one of her best friends, so I guess things weren't too uncomfortable. Brothers & Sisters - Emily VanCamp & Dave Annable Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp were not originally slated to play lovers on Brothers & Sisters; after all, she was his illegitimate half-sister. However, the chemistry between the two was so undeniable (sidebar - VanCamp seems to be a serial costar dater as she dated her Everwood brother Chris Pratt a few years back) that in a controversial move, the show's producers de-Walker-ed Rebecca so that she was no longer related to Justin and the two could date onscreen. Why such chemistry? They were dating in real life. The two have since broken up and what do you know...Rebecca and Justin are fighting an awful lot these days...! One Tree Hill - Sophia Bush & Chad Michael Murray Honestly, Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott might have lasted longer than the real-life marriage of costars Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray. The One Tree Hill actors dated from almost the show's beginning for 2 years before getting married in 2005. However, the marriage lasted only a quick 5 months with Bush citing fraud (re: Murray likely cheated). The onscreen romance of the divorced costars continued for a while longer, so I guess it's a testament to everyone's acting that we couldn't tell they likely hated each other at the time. Alias - Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan After Jennifer Garner/Scott Foley (the two were married) and before Bennifer 2 (Garner and now-husband Ben Affleck) there was an onscreen romance turned real between Alias costars Garner and Michael Vartan. The two dated for around a year between 2003 and 2004. Their romance fizzled however before Alias 's conclusion and it was even rumored that this contributed to Vartan's reduced role in the show's final season. Either way, I am relieved that Sydney and Vaughan were still able to end up happily ever after on screen, as those two characters were meant to be . Gossip Girl - Blake Lively & Penn Badgley Dan and Serena might be on and off onscreen, but in reality, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley are most definitely ON, as pictures of the two nuzzling on set or frolicking on a beach somewhere are frequently splashed around the tabloids. The two have been dating since late 2007 and as far as we can tell are still going strong. So...will they fizzle like the real-life romances of so many other costars we have described? Time will tell. So...which on/off screen couple has been your favorite? Have any other examples of relationships that have taken place both on and off screen? Share 'em in comments!

Favorite TV Couples: Top 10 Perfect Couples, Part 1 - Featured

The Office - Jim & Pam From the first Pam giggle and Jim camera look, JAM was formed. Sure, she was engaged to Roy, but we all knew well that just couldn't last - could we cheer for "RAM?" This perfect couple didn't work out as quickly as us JAM fans were hoping for, but has it ever paid off with some wonderful moments like the poker night JAM kiss ending the RAM wedding, but not bringing JAM together quite yet, the Roy attempted assault on Jim after finding out about that kiss, and then finally after the Karen era, Jim and Pam getting together, and in a perfectly understated moment at a gas station during Pam's art school days, a romantic engagement in the rain! Here's to JAM and much excitement for this Office wedding in the making! The O.C. - Seth & Summer With Seth as the dorky, snarky, outcast of the OC with a crush on one of the most gorgeous, popular girls in school, how could we not root for him to somehow get a chance? And so when he did get that chance because of the cool bad boy who moved in with his family who attracted the attention of that popular girl's best friend, perfection! And the best part was not that Seth got a chance to be cool hanging out with the popular girls, but that Summer's true personality of intelligence and plastic horse-loving was more than perfect for the dorkiness of our dear Seth! Boy Meets World - Cory & Topanga Not since the days of The Wonder Years have we seen such a couple so made for each other! Cory and Topanga made for the perfect love story as they grew from a couple of confused kids with cooties to a few super confused teenagers, and finally into the most adorable high school couple, though mostly dominated by that ridiculous hair of Topanga. As Boy Meets World continued, we saw our dear couple struggle with college life and temptation, tragically splitting them up, only to thankfully finally bring them back together to get married! Kevin and Winnie didn't get the happy ending we all yearned for, but at least the later Savage brother's character found some perfect TGIF happiness. Dawson's Creek - Joey & Pacey I held on to being a Joey & Dawson girl throughout the majority of Dawson's Creek's run with the belief that the show wouldn't have set them up as soul mates only to break our hearts by not bringing them together at the end, but it became clear from the moment Joey and Pacey had a fight that was just a little too heated that there was an undeniable fire there that was far too much for Dawson's little creek to squelch! Joey and Pacey are now arguably one of the sweetest love stories of TV history as the bad boy showed his soft side, and the tough girl got to give in, and no matter if they tried to fight it or not, their perfect match could not be denied. Sex and the City - Miranda & Steve It's hard to choose just one SATC couple as I adore Charlotte and Harry, and Carrie and Big, but I think the couple most strongly in need of their counterpart in another was actually Miranda and Steve. The tough lawyer Miranda needed to be appreciated for her confidence and success, but most desperately needed that cynicism to be melted down, and Steve the dorky, sweet bartender was the man for the job. They still struggled, but found their counterpart in each other so well that no matter what got in their way, they could stick it out and be the more perfect for it all. Continue to Part 2 for More

WB Week: Dawson's Creek - Where Are They Now? - Featured

When you look at the sum total of accomplishments of the castmembers of The WB's Dawson's Creek , I have to tell you, they've done surprisingly well for themselves. So...Where Are They Now? James Van Der Beek aka Dawson Leery The Beek was probably Dawson's break-out star at the time when Creek was airing, though since then, Van Der Beek has arguably done the least out of any of the show's 4 big leads. However, that's not to say that he hasn't had some memorable guest appearances on TV shows including Criminal Minds , Ugly Betty , How I Met Your Mother (in a Robin Sparkles music video ) and most recently, One Tree Hill (ironically in a role that is basically a coked up future-version of Dawson Leery). The Beek also was in a few TV movies in recent years and appears to have a few film roles on the horizon for '09. Katie Holmes aka Joey Potter I am sure that never in a million years did any of us imagine during the Creek days that little Joey Potter would eventually become 50% of TomKat, aka Mrs. Tom Cruise. While this is obviously Holmes' largest claim-to-fame since leaving Capeside, lets also not forget a few movie flops (First Daughter and Mad Money), as well as a few successes (Batman Begins and Thank You For Smoking, though Holmes was the widely-accepted weak link of both). Holmes has been busying herself with some stage work (remember, she sings , kinda) in recent times as well as a guest appearance on Eli Stone . There is also of course little Suri Cruise... Michelle Williams aka Jen Lindley Michelle Williams - perhaps more so than any other member of the Creek - has proven in her post-Dawson days that she actually can...gasp ...act! Williams has appeared in an impressive string of films and has been generally praised for her work. Most notably, Williams has appeared in Brokeback Mountain , I'm Not There, Synecdoche, New York and Wendy and Lucy . Williams is also mother to a daughter, whom she fathered with her Brokeback Mountain costar, the late Heath Ledger. The two were briefly engaged. Joshua Jackson aka Pacey Witter I was always a Pacey gal (as so many of us were), so I could not be more thrilled that Jackson is now a lead castmember on freshman Fox series (and mild hit) Fringe . Fringe has been Jackson's biggest post-Creek role to date. He also appeared in a few movies over the last few years, including a few that you may have heard of - Bobby and Shutter. Kerr Smith aka Jack McPhee Kerr Smith has done pretty well for himself, co-starring in two TV series - albeit short-lived ones - E-Ring and Justice . He also has had a string of notable guest appearances on Charmed , CSI: NY and most recently, Eli Stone . Lastly, Smith recently appeared in the unexpectedly popular horror flick, My Bloody Valentine 3-D . He has also maintained his good looks (so says this article's author). So...which Capeside High alum do you think has been the most successful? Your final dose of trivia: Upon scrolling throw the Dawson's Creek IMDb credits , I was reminded that current CW stars Chad Michael Murray ( One Tree Hill ) and Jensen Ackles ( Supernatural ) both had significant guest stints on the program.

WB Week: Where Are They Now? - Featured

Wondering what's become of the stars of WB-produced faves including Veronica Mars , Dawson's Creek , The O.C. , Buffy The Vampire Slayer , Felicity and Gilmore Girls ? Wonder no longer as we present to you a rundown of what has happened to the WB hotties that made high school seem way better than it actually was (or can ever be). Select your show: Veronica Mars - Where Are They Now? Including Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring, Teddy Dunn and more! Dawson's Creek - Where Are They Now? Including The Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson and Kerr Smith! The O.C. - Where Are They Now? Including Ben McKenzie, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody and more! Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Where Are They Now? Including Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, Oz, Cordelia, Angel, Spike and even Dawn! Felicity - Where Are They Now? Including Keri Russell, Scott Speedman, Scott Foley, Greg Grunberg, and more! Gilmore Girls - Where Are They Now? Including Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, the elder Gilmores and all of Rory's men! And now...the most challenging question of all: Which show's stars do you think have had the most collective success since their show's conclusion?

WB Week: Top 10 Favorite WB Characters, Part 1 - Featured

Dawson's Creek - Pacey Witter Dawson's Creek will always have a special place in my heart and the hearts of plenty of others (mainly girls perhaps?) who struggled through high school relationships, awkwardness, and everything else with the kids of the creek. But while the show started out Dawson-focused, the interest in Dawson lasted a little while, but though I personally had a hard time letting go of the Dawson-Joey soul mate wishes, I (and many other Creek fans) quickly fell for Pacey's truly humble and sweet ways. Pacey turned out to be the unexpected hero for Joey (and viewers) who swept us away with that darling smile and that true heart of gold that still wins me over on any repeat I catch, despite that ridiculous 90's haircut! Gilmore Girls - Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano The greatest parts of Gilmore Girls were the great bond between Lorelai and Rory, plus watching Rory grow up as she learned some tough lessons in life and love. Yes, cliche, but with Rory as the most strikingly intelligent romantic on TV, she was a very difficult character not to love. And so hand in hand with this favorite character mention comes that character ever so difficult for Rory not to love: Jess Mariano. Jess was the ultimate soft-hearted bad boy who swept into Rory's sleepy town and his character was very endearing yet heartbreaking which is exactly what every teenage girl watching wanted - come on now, Dean was cute and sweet, but didn't Jess thrill you with his sweet yet confusing writer-bad-boy emotions? Felicity - Javier Clemente Quintata Enough sappiness over the WB guys I crushed on far too much - now Felicity was a bit of a concerning crusher herself, but who kept her head above water all those college years of utter romantic and life confusion? Why her insanely adorable Dean & Deluca boss, Javier! Javier was the perfect more mature shoulder for all the cast to lean on as his need to tear up at any important moment in the lives of those like Felicity and Ben really gave an extra layer of warmth and flavor to the series. The O.C. - Seth Cohen While Ryan Atwood may have been the cool bad boy coming into town on this WB fav, it was geeky foster brother Seth Cohen that left the most impact on many an O.C. lovin' heart! Seth was geeky and awkward, but secretly we all knew he was a very well-adjusted kid with an amazing family who just needed to escape the trendy OC kids to get himself to the perfect college already. Seth wasn't just hilarious in his awkwardness, but incredibly adorable as we learned he was totally in love with the gorgeous and unreachable (not for long!) Summer Roberts. Those endearing qualities along with Seth's quirky wit made him one of the greatest WB characters we've known! Veronica Mars - Veronica Mars While there are many characters to love on Veronica Mars, Veronica deserves to be on this list as it was her snarky detective self who really captured our love for this show! I missed out on VM while it was on the air, and am just now catching up on SideReel, so now through 2 of the 3 seasons, I've found Veronica to be one of the most solid and real female characters (okay, so real teens don't do detective work in their spare time, but personality-wise), of the WB and TV in general. Who knew one girl could save the world, show us it's okay to be a mess and have no friends, yet show us to love those real friends and family like no other! On to Part 2

Dawson's Creek Reunion... on Fringe!

Let me reveal exclusively that there will be a Dawson's Creek reunion on Fringe ! In an upcoming episode, Mary Beth Peil, who played Jen's loyal Grams on Creek over five years and 128 episodes, will cross paths with Joshua Jackson. (Jackson, of course, made his name as smartaleck Pacey Witter on Dawson's.) Peil's character, Jessica Warren, is important to the Fringe mythology. She's the mother of a young woman who was killed 20 years ago in an explosion at Walter's lab, the incident that led to his incarceration. Jessica shows up when she finds out that Walter has been released from the mental institution. Peil's episode is scheduled to air in January. Source here