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Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 24 - ...Must Come to an End

Joey, Pacey, Dawson and Jack are in the hospital with Grams while Jen is being examined. Grams tells them Jen has always had a heart condition but they didn't find it until she got pregnant. The doctor comes out of Jen's room and calls out for Grams. She speaks to him then comes back to tell them to go home and rest because it's nothing serious. Jack decides to stay, Dawson, Joey and Pacey leave. In the car, Pacey makes a joke about them as a love triangle. Joey's boyfriend, Christopher, calls her on her mobile. When she answers, Dawson wisely points out: And the triangle becomes a square. Well put, my friend. Well put, Pacey replies. Back in the hospital, Grams is called by the doctor once again. After they speak she turns to Jack and cries in his arms. He then enters her room and she tries to chit chat but he is in too much of a shock to do so. He cries to her and she explains exactly what is wrong with her, and then tells him she needs their usual meaningless conversation to get past all that is happening. He lays in her arms and they talk about the male nurse he flirted with to get inside her room after visiting hours. Then, Jack goes over to the Ice House and gives Pacey the sad news, then to the Potter's B&B to tell Bessie and Joey then calls Dawson on the phone. They are all in shock. Dawson's doorbell rings. It is Joey. She looks at him with wet eyes. He holds her and they cry. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 23 - All Good Things...

Five years went by since the previous episode. The first scene we see is a plasma TV showing a scene that we all know from the first season of Dawson's Creek, but the actors are different. When the episode ends, Producer - Dawson Leery flashes on the screen Joey is seen watching The Creek, Dawson's tv show. Joey is now a sucessful editor living with her boyfriend, Christopher, in New York. From their conversation, it becomes clear he does not know the show is about her and her childhood friends. He compares her to Sam, the Joey character on The Creek. Dawson is in a meeting trying to decide the finale for his show. He is trying to decide if Sam (Joey) should end the season with Colby (Dawson) or Petey (Pacey), but he evades the decision to pack for his weekend at Capeside for his mother's wedding. Dawson goes home to find his baby sister all grown up (she is 7 now) and realizes he's been gone a lot. Pacey has reopened the Ice House, going back to cooking, and is secretly dating a woman who is 20 years older than him and also married. Doug comes by and tells Pacey his affair is becoming public and he has heard about it at the police station. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 22 - Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption

As Dawson abandons his lifelong dream of becoming a filmmaker and works two jobs to pay off his huge credit card debt, Joey decides that Dawson must realize his dream, and rallies everyone she knows to help him begin production on his movie, which is the autobiography of his life. Joey forcibly recruits Harley Heston and her boyfriend, Patrick, to play the roles of Joey and Pacey while Audrey volunteers for the role of Miss Jacobs. Gale even calls Todd Carr to assist with the production and Doug Witter volunteers for security, whom is now the acting sheriff of Capeside since Mr. Witter is apparently too sick to work anymore. Meanwhile, Pacey is newly inspired to raise the funds that are needed by going to various local businesses to raise money and at one meets a crush from his past. As filming wraps, Jen, Jack and Grams say goodbye to everyone as they leave for New York City where Jen and Jack transfer to NYU. Joey acts as a mentor to get Dawson and Pacey to make up while she finally achieves her life-long dream of going to Paris. Source Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 21 - Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Dawson finds Pacey outside his house and brings him in to show him his newly transformed room. It's exactly as it was in season one. Pacey works up to telling Dawson about his stock losses, but as Dawson tells him how he has maxed out three credit cards to pay for the film, thanks him and offers him an associate production credit, Pacey chickens out. Back in Boston, Joey and Audrey share a heartfelt goodbye. Joey heads to Capeside, where she finds Dawson's latest script waiting for her on her front steps. At Grams', Jen's mother Helen arrives at the invitation of Jen. Grams is angry until Jen tells her she didn't tell Helen about the cancer. After convincing Jack to come to dinner, he and C.J. chat awkwardly with Helen - who is not clear on which guy is which. Before Grams can make any announcements, C.J.'s uncle storms in and in an attempt to show Grams how much he cares about her, spills the beans. Before anyone can freak, Jen takes charge. She tells everyone that she cannot help Grams on her own, that is why they are moving in with Helen in New York. They sputter, but acquiesce when Jen makes it clear that it is going to happen. Later, she and Jack talk; and Grams comes in and tells him, much to his surprise, that he is part of the plan. She wants him - as a part of her family - to go with them to New York. He agrees. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 20 - Catch-22

Pacey is riding high at work as his profits soar thanks to his connection with the biotech firm. Dawson calls him and tells him he wants out, but Pacey convinces him to give him a few more days. Dawson agrees. Pacey finally asks out - and ends up sleeping with - his pretty reporter. Pillow talk reveals that she has a boyfriend, but Pacey shrugs it off. Later, he comes into the office to find that the biotech stock has tanked and he has lost everything - as well as big bucks of his clients' money - and all of Dawson's. He talks to the reporter about it, but she is no help and admits that her boyfriend is really a fiancé. Pacey goes to Rich and asks him to front him the money to pay back Dawson. Rick refuses and gets cruel calling Pacey a loser. Pacey loses it and attacks him. They grapple and eventually it ends with Rick firing him. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 19 - Lovelines

Audrey returns to Boston from rehab in L.A. and tries to make peace with everyone while the gang see their relationship problems exposed to a large audience when they all become patients of Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla's counseling center benefit at Boston Bay. C.J. is trying to find out why Jen inadvertently dumped him that very morning, while Eddie wants to know why Joey is opposed to have sex with him, while David thinks Jack is flirting with another guy. All and all, Jen ends up walking away from her hosting duties, leaving Audrey in charge. She tells C.J. about Grams' disease and C.J. assures he's there for her. Joey finally gives in and asks Eddie back to her place. But David and Jack don't have happy ending for David refuses to believe Jack was just being nice and asks for some time off. Source Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 18 - Love Bites

C.J. tells Jen that Grams broke up with his uncle. She jokingly confronts her, but Grams is standoffish. Later, when Jen corners her, Grams tells her that she has breast cancer, much to Jen's horror. Jen asks what she can do to help and Grams, always the strong one, tells her that it is her own battle to face, but when she sees how upset Jen is, she hugs her and says: I am not ready to die yet. They cry together. After convincing Pacey to invest the money he made working with Todd to build a budget for his own film, Dawson moves home to work on his film. Gale, however, challenges him with: what are you going to do for a back-up plan? This cuts the flow Dawson had going on his script as he things about what he wants out of life, and he seems to hit a wall. Later, he tells Gale that he doesn't have a back-up plan, because there's nothing else he wants to do. He asks her to have faith in him. She tells him about Mitch's scheme to make chewing gum on their stove and explains that Mitch's ability to believe that the world could be as good as you thought it would be when you were a child used to drive her craze but it was also what made her fall in love with him. It is clear from this that Gale is behind Dawson 100%. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 17 - Sex and Violence

Joey agrees to be Pacey's temporary assistant after his recent promotion. But they both have second thoughts when their mutual jealousy leads to disaster in the office over a reporter, named Sadia, the same woman who met Pacey at the office party (in the All The Right Moves episode) which leads him to firing Joey. Meanwhile, Dawson sells his idea for a coming-of-age movie, but when the studio heads, Heather Tracy and Larry Newman, want to change the movie into a teen sex film, Dawson must decide if he should take the lucrative deal or stick with his original concept. After a talk with Todd, who is now directing music videos, Dawson decides to follow his instincts and become an independent. Also, an open-minded Grams is the intermediary that brings Jen and C.J. back together. Source Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 16 - That Was Then

Professor Hetson orders Joey to baby-sit for Harley to make sure she does her homework. But Joey ends up serving as relationship counselor when she finds Harley's boyfriend, Patrick, hiding in the house. Patrick starts to drool over Joey which makes Harley jealous. Meanwhile, Dawson pays a visit to his past when he's asked to speak to Mr. Gold's class at Capeside High about how it is to be working in L.A. One of the students asks Dawson to watch his film. While watching the film, Dawson realizes that he's moved on from the teenager he once was. Pacey also returns to Capeside when his father is admitted to the hospital after suffering a heart attack. Pacey has an argument with his brother Doug about the way Pacey's been treating the family by shutting them out. Source Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 6, Episode 15 - Castaways

After Pacey is flirting with another girl at the dinner party, Joey is ready to leave as she needs to read a book for Hudson's class. She is forced to crawl under the table to get her shoes at which point she sees that the girls hand is on Pacey's thigh. After the flirting girl propositions Pacey for sex at her place in an hour, they make a swift exit. On the way home Pacey is forced to stop at the local K-mart for what he says is laundry detergent. Joey joins him as she has to use the bathroom. As the store was closed, they snuck in. Pacey has an awkward interaction with a store worker as he saw Pacey getting condoms for his late night fun. As Joey is forced to use the men's bathroom she makes him stand guard. During that time, the store closes for the night, locking them inside. They attempt to call the police on the store payphone but they are not deemed a priority. When Joey asks for Pacey's overcoat she sees the condoms that Pacey was planning to purchase. They begin a conversation about how Pacey feels uncomfortable knowing Joey's sex life. He reasons that they are only friends now because they do not talk about sex. The phone rings, and they find out that they will be sitting there for a while because of the freezing rain. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now