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Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 2, Episode 3 - Alternative Lifestyles

Dawson and Mitch talk about Dawson growing up and having sex, specifically with Joey after Mitch takes the ladder down from the roof to Dawson's window. Mitch tells him that he is a parent and he should be worried that his son will have ex in his house and he has a duty to make sure that it doesn't happen. When he leaves, Joey comes out of the closet and they begin kissing. Mitch comes back into Dawson's room and sees them kissing and then escorts Joey out of the house, grounding Dawson. Joey is at her house trying to get everything together when Bessie walks in and asks her to stop by the ice house and make sure that everything is ok. Joey reluctantly agrees to stop by before school. Dawson comes downstairs and tells his father that he was a teenager once, which prompts Dawson to think that sneaking around would kick start Dawson's sex life. Dawson leaves for school and Mitch and Gale talk about being in an open marriage. Gale tells him that it was his idea and she is not crazy about it. Jen and Abby talk about two guys and who they would have sex with. Abby tells Jen that she should be with Dawson and make it happen, not just pine after him. Andie finds Pacey at school and asks him to borrow his notes from his homework, but he didn't do the homework. Andie freaks out that it will be the beginning of her doomed life on the streets, but Pacey tells her to not freak out. During class, Andie is called on for an answer, but she uses Pacey's idea and tells the teacher pass. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now