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Days of Our Lives: Deimos is Dead and Everyone is a Suspect

Days of Our Lives fans are intrigued by what is going on right now. There is a lot of speculation, and a lot of it is focused on what happened at the party Deimos poisoned with the drug Halo. One of the things we noticed and want to focus on is what happened when Chad and Abigail began their own hallucinations. It seems they had a few moments of sheer excitement when they thought they were at their own vow renewal ceremony. They were so happy, they were so excited, and they wanted to spend as much time together as they could. It was the vow renewal that was supposed to go down a month ago and didn’t. Now we have questions. Sure, this drug is one that makes people hallucinate. Sure, it’s a drug and it alters the mind. Sure, it’s not good for these people to be on it. But what if it makes you have real feelings about real things? What if it helps people to see what they really want to see and behave as they really want to behave? READ MORE...

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Why Doesn’t Abigail Want to Let Chad Know She’s Alive?

Weddings never seem to go off without a hitch on Days of Our Lives. It was only a few weeks ago that Theresa and Brady thought they’d get married when three fugitives came out of nowhere after escaping prison and began shooting up their wedding. Now we get to see Lucas and Adrienne as they prepare for their own wedding, and it’s not going to go well. Hopefully all that little things that have gone wrong so far will be it, and they won’t have any madmen with guns show up and ruin their day completely. Of course, that’s entirely possible. Only this time it’s Justin rushing in at the last moment to tell Adrienne he loves her. Let’s just say Lucas isn’t about to sit back and watch this scene unfold without a fight. It’s also a beautiful day for Kayla, who will learn that she’s going to have a grandbaby. She’s been through so much this year, and it’s only fair she gets a chance to have some happiness in her life once again. It’s not the ideal situation to have her young son expecting a baby with a girl he can’t even manage to stay in a relationship with, but it is what it is and there’s nothing anyone can do about it at this point. Oh, wait, did we say it’s a beautiful day for her? It’s not. She’s furious, and she’s not going to take this news lightly. It turns out she wants more for her son, like any good mother would, and this is one more nail in her proverbial coffin to round out one of the worst years of her life. READ MORE...

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Deimos Called Who for Help?

Now that we know Deimos is alive, things are getting even juicier than ever on Days of Our Lives. We’ve been wondering who it is that Deimos would call for help. Was it going to be Nicole, whom he is half in love with, to tell her that he is alive and that Kate did not kill her? It turns out, no; he did not call her or anyone that we might have suspected he might call. He actually called Chloe, and he hopes that she is going to be there to help him now that he needs it more than ever. Hope is making some decisions that we are not sure of. Things between her and Rafe looked so good for a while until they were no longer looking good, and now she’s back with Aiden. We really did not see that one coming. READ MORE...

Days of Our Lives Review: The Past Catches Up

On this week's Days of Our Lives, Chad and Abigail managed to tie the knot despite some missteps, while Maggie came face-to-face with the daughter she'd given up for adoption years ago and Eduardo faced the consequences of having abandoned his family for all those years. Chad and Abigail's wedding was one many fans looked forward to. It might have been small, but it was emotional. Best of all Ben didn't manage to ruin it, at least not fully.   Read More...   //

Days of Our Lives Recap: A Wedding, a Kidnapping and an Arrest

This was one of the more exciting weeks ofDays of Our Lives . Most of the week was taken up with the aftermath of Marlena and little Arianna's kidnapping. While this was going on, Ciara confronted Chase about raping her and then called Hope, and Chad and Abigail's wedding began.   Read More...   //

Days of Our Lives Recap: Ciara Tells Claire The Truth

Ciara has been struggling with the aftereffects of having been raped by herself. It's becoming more and more obvious that she is falling apart. And in a powerful sequence of scenes on Friday's Days of Our Lives , Ciara finally broke down and told Claire the truth.   Read More...   //

Days of Our Lives Recap/Review: Hope Confesses to Murder

On this week's Days of Our Lives ,Hope and Rafe's coverup of Stefano's murder came to an end. Sort of, anyway. After Hope confessed to Roman, he was happy to let Andre continue to sit in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Meanwhile, after Joey snapped and smothered Ava with a pillow, Steve sent him home and confessed to the murder himself. From the beginning, this entire Hope/Rafe storyline seemed contrived and unnecessary. The chances were that Roman would cheer Hope's decision to rid the world of Stefano Dimera. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened.   Read More...   //

Days of Our Lives Review: Chase Rapes Ciara

Hope and Rafe tried to frame Andre for murder on this week's Days of Our Lives , while Chase's reliance on Andre for parental guidance led to tragedy. In what was undoubtedly meant to be a shocking twist, the Chase/Ciara/Theo storyline took a dark turn. Chase has pined after Ciara for a while and has gone as far as sending insulting texts to Theo, while Ciara has been torn between her stepbrother's dark side and her best friend's sweetness...   //

Days of Our Lives Review: Everything's Up in Smoke!

The highlight of this week's  Days of Our Lives was Andre putting his plan in motion to get revenge on Hope. For the past couple of months, Andre has been relatively tame. He broke into Hope's house and managed to get away with grabbing the gun she used to kill Stefano. Yet he didn't even try to harm Shawn, nor did he move things around and try to gaslight Hope. I was wondering when the real Andre was going to come out to play, and he finally did this week!   Read More...

Days of Our Lives Round Table: Will Abby Save Chad?

Philip and Belle met up again, Eduardo threw a new curve at the John Black saga and after a romantic evening with Abigail, Chad was brainwashed by Andre last week in Salem. Below, our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Mikey and Villa281 from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether Abigail will save Chad, if Chase is bullying Theo and their favorite scene from last weeks Days of Our Lives. Do you want Kate out of Basic Black? Mikey: No! I love Kate, and she's too hilarious not to be a part of that. I like the idea of Basic Black becoming a battlefield of shifting alliances. Jack: Yes! She is too controlling, doesn't let anyone make any decisions except her and is generally rude and a pain. I cannot believe Nicole has just put up with it -- where's my spunky Nicole? Villa281: Absolutely not if you take Kate out of the story, than there will be nothing interesting about the storyline. What needs to happen is Theresa needs to continue to take out her claws and fight Kate. If done right Kate vs Theresa can be Kate vs. Sami part 11. This show is in desperate need of a good female rivalry. Christine: If they kick her out of Basic Black, whats left for her? I want Kate to be less bitchy. Its the kind of thing where a little goes a long way but having her there could be more fun if they actually take this storyline into the office sometime soon. //