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Jealous Women

I was "trying" not to say anything, but the woman who called Ellen anorexic (and doesn't like her stylish pink suit) is probably a fat hog. Stop criticizing others and learn to compliment what you can... fatty.

I'll never understand

I'll never understand why the channel have and will continue to shot down tv-series like dark angel dead like me Roswell the 4400 and i pass... They cut the good thing for almost always the worst. At lest we have we have Rowswell who have got the chance to put a ending part and dark angel who the writer have wrote the ending in a book, but when we stay on our hungry it's really bitch.

You might not stay for the jokes

Dead Like Me is a great series, strange but great. Though classified as a comedy the jokes (extremely funny at times) are few and far in between. The show can sometimes edge on the pretentious, striving too hard to be philosophical but over all I truly loved the series and have watched it many times. Look for Doloris Herbig as in her-big-brown-eyes.

An interesting take on the afterlife

The show takes a bit of time to get up and running in my opinion, but once it does it's a fun ride. The humor is pretty dry in most cases, and sometimes the themes a little to weighty in comparison, but for the most part a well-balanced story. Some of the episodes just make you want to cringe and make even your bones feel a little bit cold, others leave you with that warm happy feeling. The fact that it got canceled made the ending all sorts of rushed and left lots of loose ends, but I guess that gives it more of a sense of reality (seeing as how the real world isn't too tidy either). The main characters are interesting and diverse and mostly are the driving factors of any sort of continuous story line. One warning: If lots of profanity bothers you, I would stay can be a bit course for the more sensitive ears.