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Deception Review: Vivian's Killer

Deception led us down plenty of twists and turns in " I'll Start With the Hillbilly " but we finally learned who killed Vivian Bowers. Robert Bowers. Deception tried to throw us off the trail by placing suspicion on Sofia, but there was never really any true question in these last few episodes Robert was Vivian’s true killer. Read More... //

Deception Review: Gone Clubbing

" You're the Bad Guy " gives out plenty of answers to Deception 's conspiracy plot with Lyritrol, but it does leave one convenient answer out: who killed Vivian Bowers? It finally fully hit me as Joanna and Julian were in bed together that their relationship is very much in peril because she’s a cop, and she’s investigating his family; no matter how in love with each other they are those kinds of obstacles are not easily overcome, and Joanna looks like she’s bursting at the seams wanting to tell him she’s a cop. Will also made that this relationship point too, but his jealousy is a little over the top for me. Will had his chance with Joanna, and he blew it with her. Hurt feelings are one thing, but being cordial and gracious to your ex is the better route. I don’t think Will’s completely out of the game yet, but he’s quickly digging his own relationship grave. Read More... //

Deception Season 1 Review “Good Luck with Your Death” – Is This The Beginning of the End?

Now, of course, my subtitle for this review of Deception‘s "Good Luck with Your Death" could pertain to the fact that we’re nearing the end of the season, but for me, it also means the fate of the series as a whole. For about one episode, I was certain that there was still some life in the show, but now, I’m beginning to question it again. Everything’s resolving toward finality, it seems, and that’s not just what you want if you want your show to last for several seasons. I suppose the one way it could last is if they turn Robert into a Lex Luthor-type character who is rich and powerful enough to evade the law and Superman’s grasp ("Superman," in this case, being Joanna). READ MORE...

Deception Review: Good Luck With The Lies

Joanna’s lies are beginning to fall apart in " Good Luck With Your Death " and with her mother now in the middle things Joanna’s choices hold even more consequences. While it’s still unknown who Vivian’s killer is, Vivian’s death is quickly becoming irrelevant. Once Edward became the person who picked up Vivian’s whistleblowing Vivian was no longer the biggest piece of this story anymore. This new direction is a little disappointing since the entirety of Deception Season 1 is Joanna’s focus on finding out who Vivian’s killer is, and I wish things would have stayed the course instead of branching outward. Read More... //

Deception Review: Nuclear Winter

" Stay With Me " brings Deception back after a big stumble last week, but there are still quite a few plot elements that feel thrown in just to be there rather than what works well for the story. Haverstock dying of Leukemia is not at all surprising, and his reaching out to Mia now makes much more sense. Haverstock is willing to seek out and expose his own biological daughter if it means he can scrape some bone marrow out of her to save his own hide. Just when he hits a new low he brings out his shovel and keeps digging. His actions are such a shame, really, because his bonding with Mia just a few seconds prior were enjoyable; however, at least he’s honest and direct with her– something that Mia isn’t getting from her own family. Read More... //

Deception Season 1 Review “Stay with Me” – The Story Deepens Ever Still

Last week, I was very interested in/concerned about the direction  Deception  was going to go, since it seemed like there was nothing more the show would be able to do aside from enter into the denouement. But, Monday’s episode, "Stay with Me," proved me wrong–somehow, there’s still some story left to tell. Color me impressed. Edward’s confession:  This is what I thought would seriously be the death knell for the show. But, it just served as the catalyst for even more drama. Edward putting Robert and his drug company on the spot like that not only put the company in serious trouble, but it also brought out the real Robert, the Robert we’ve only been getting hints at. Now, to paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, the Game is, indeed, on. READ MORE...

Deception Review: Along Came Haverstock

" Tell Me " certainly attempts to tell a cohesive story, but the episode just ends up being a mess with three wildly different plots that never really bother to stitch up together. Mostly, the episode is forty minutes of filler and three minutes of story. First and foremost, is Haverstock. I’m still enjoying his character, and his interaction at the party with a bunch of drunk or stoned teenagers certainly had some charm to it; however, the way he went about telling Mia he’s her father lacked any tact at all. Read More... //

Deception Season 1 Review “Tell Me” – More Mysteries!

Phew! I was afraid there wasn’t going to be enough steam to propel  Deception  forward! Thankfully, we do have some new things revealed to us in "Tell Me." Will it be enough to keep things fresh? I don’t know yet, but at least we now have something new to work with. Here’s what we learned tonight: Audrey’s being pimped out:  I think this is way too much to do for a job to find out the scoop on a competitor’s drug, but whatever. I do like the fact that Audrey’s mission to find out more about Lyritrol is the parallel to Joanna’s mission to find out who killed Vivian. Both are working undercover and both are working Julian over to see if he’ll tell them anything of value. They might as well work together and kill two birds with one stone. But anyway, I’m kind of sad to see Julian get played by both Joanna and Audrey. Soon, he’s going to think he can’t trust women. But he’s not very trustworthy himself–he’s now confirmed as the son Robert goes to to get the enforcer-type stuff done. Once again, some suspicion is thrown on him. READ MORE...

Deception Review: Plan B

It’s always good to have a backup plan, and it’s exactly what the Bowers’ and everyone in their immediate vicinity did as the reveals kept flying in " Don't Be a Dummy ." The biggest reveals tonight came way of Haverstock, but before getting to Haverstock’s role in everything I have to commend Deception on slowing bringing Haverstock to the forefront. It’s been a very slow burn, and Haverstock came along in small doses until we found him in the center of things. Plus, who doesn’t love John Larroquette? Read More... //

Deception Season 1 Review “Don’t Be a Dummy” – Kimberly Yeager’s Killer Revealed

I haven’t looked at the actual ratings for  Deception , but according to Entertainment Weekly, the show isn’t really getting a sound footing. I hope the show does find its audience if it hasn’t already; all the episodes in this show, including "Don’t Be a Dummy," are written pretty well (except for one fear I have, more about that later), the acting’s solid and the overarching mystery is engrossing. I will say that in this episode, Joanna’s undercover skills are the most suspect they’ve ever been. But, this is the episode in which we finally get the ball really rolling on uncovering the Bowers family’s secrets. Edward finally realizes that it’s up to him to defeat his father and try and somewhat salvage his family. He and Julian helped us, as the audience, uncover a lot of big secrets that have been fueling the Vivian Bowers murder mystery from the very beginning–the identity of Mia’s father, the Kimberly Yeager case and what Robert has to do with all of it. Joanna managed to figure out that Mia’s father is actually Haverstock, but Julian and Edward found out that Robert never went after Haverstock–who should have been charged for statutory rape with a then-16-year-old Vivian–because Haverstock hid the murder weapon from the Yeager crime scene . The weapon was Edward’s golf club. READ MORE...